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 Haunted Children Desert roswelldebris


For an event that the U.S Air Force, along with its parade of citizen critics, the crashes at Roswell never happened, there was enough high security intimidation, threats and hood- winking that was brazenly incongruous concerning witness stories about those crashed UFOs outside of Roswell, New Mexico on July 2, 1947.

“Moving quickly to kill the story, the U.S. government used a combination of appeal to patriotism, claims of ‘national security,’ bribery, threats of long prison sentences, and outright thuggery in the form of death threats to contain the story…Except in time of war or under conditions when Martial Law has been declared under the Constitution, the U.S. military has no direct authority over the civilian population. The military could keep its own house quiet (the men of the 509th Bomb Group stationed in Roswell and up the chain of command), but how to keep he civilians from exercising their God-given Bill of Rights – guaranteed freedom of speech?” (pp. 59-61)

On September 23, 1947, Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining signed a secret memorandum, upon the Pentagon’s approval, that was sent to Brigadier General George Schulgen, chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division (AIRD), stating that the “phenomenon was real.”

Major General Laurence C. Craige, director of Research and Development in Washington,  issued an order creating the first official U.S government investigation called ‘Project Saucer”—than designated Project Sign on January 22, 1948 as a branch of the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright Patterson which housed all the UFO debris.

That same morning the “weather balloon” hoax/explanation was banner headlines across the nation. Military police, intelligence agents, and other American soldiers were searching every crevice of possible hiding places. The White House resembled a ‘war room.’

The original UFO debris was discovered by W.W. ‘Mack’ Brazel on the J.B. Foster ranch, and he was only the first citizen, in a long line of citizens, that became harassed. And whose “saucer fragments” eventually disappeared.


Haunted Children 41G2OOpVagL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_


(THE CHILDREN OF ROSWELL: A Seven-Decade Legacy of Fear, Intimidation, and Cover-ups, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, The Career Press, Inc, 12 Parish Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470,, 2016, 255 pages, $16.99)




The Roswell/ Corona, New Mexico crashes were a two-prong monster: confiscation of fragments accompanied by threats to witnesses. Former Project Bluebook Director Captain Edward Ruppelt stated in his unrevised book Report on Unidentified Flying Objects in 1956: “By the end of July [1947] the UFO security lid was down tight. The few members of the press who did inquire about what the Air Force was doing got the same treatment that you would get today if you inquired about the number of thermonuclear weapons stockpiled in the U.S. Atomic Arsenal.  At ATIC there was confusion to the ‘point of panic.’ (p. 45)


Captain Ruppelt book eabd223ad729029d65dcb889aa559217


Mack Brazel not only discovered the original UFO debris on the J.B. Foster ranch on July 3, 1947, was also one of the ‘souvenir collectors,’  as he stuffed a piece in his saddlebag, light as balsa wood, resembling plastic but wasn’t, and couldn’t be marked with a pocket knife. His ‘collection” was kept in a cigar box, only to have them confiscated by the military in 1949. Air Force Captain Emerson Armstrong was accompanied by three non-commissioned officers (NCOs): “You have something we want, and you will give it to us,” Armstrong ordered.


Haunted Chidren Debris dufo_roswell3


While Brazel was contending with the military, his granddaughter Fawn Fritz witnessed soldiers ransacking their ranch house and cattle shed, cutting open fed bags to locate pieces of the UFO.

Jo Ann Purdie, daughter of J.B. Foster, told how her father also was threatened by the Army.

Wife Shirley Brazel told how husband Bill would exhibit one piece of wreckage at dinner time, showing its strange and indestructible qualities. Their home also was ransacked with an assurance that no fragments remained.

Charles Wood was one of the souvenir-finders, and on James Wood’s sixth birthday in 1952, was presented with a gift of a piece of a ‘weather balloon” that turned out to be indestructible “memory metal.”

James discovered the artifact could be used in a ‘magic act’ with a finale’ in which the artifact, rolled into a ball, would “unravel and softly float to the ground.” The magic act ended after ‘someone’ broke into James’s wooden shed and “whisked away the physical evidence of a flying saucer crash.”  (p. 155)

Twelve-year-old schoolgirl in July 1947, Frankie Dwyer, whose father was crew chief with the Roswell Fire Department, visited her father at the fire station the day that patrolman Robert Scroggins stopped at the firehouse, presenting some foil-like material in his hand crumbled into a tight ball. Scroggins dropped the ball which silently formed out into a “perfectly smooth piece of paper-thin material in a matter of seconds.” Franke Dwyer said it had magic qualities and would “flow like water” each time it was crushed and then dropped.

A few days later, she and her mother, Mrs. Dwyer, were visited by a rather muscular, uniformed MP. He wanted to talk to ‘Frankie.’ The mother was escorted into another room. The soldier was well-aware of what this girl had seen. “You did not see anything,” he told her. “Do you understand? If you say anything, not only you will be killed, but we will come back for your family.  There’s a big desert out there. No one will ever find you.”  As he spoke, he slammed a Billy Club into an open palm.

The ominous figure was later determined to be Arthur Philben, a security officer with the 390th Air Service Squadron (ASS), a part of the Roswell Army Airfield’s 509th Bomb Group in 1947.

C.M Woodbury was a member of the 752nd Tank Battalion as well as a good friend of RAAF commander Colonel William H. ‘Butch’ Blanchard. Woodbury approached Dan Dwyer and Lee Reeves at the fire station about their surveying a crashed ‘egg-shaped vessel’ carrying small humanoids.  “You are not to say another word about the crash,” Woodbury threatened.




The public information officer (PIO) from Roswell Army Airfield, First Lieutenant Walter Haut (confessed to having seen the retrieved crashed craft), along with wife, ‘Pete,” described 30-years of threatening phone calls. They named one caller “the Norseman,” another “the Shadow.” Other victim-witnesses also said their lives were in jeopardy if they continued to talk about the incident.


Further Secrets Schulgen images

Brigadier General George Schulgan, chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division
“The Phenomenon is Real”


Sergeant Lloyd Thompson of the RAAF 393RD Bomb Squadron, who accompanied the alien cargo abroad a B-29 out of Roswell to Forth Worth Army Airfield in Texas, was one of several participants who also had many years of harassment. There was a threat on an unlisted telephone number, which the FBI listed as also a death threat.

A 27-year-old female executive secretary at the RAAF military hospital in 1947, Miriam “Andrea” Bush, was corralled by her boss and hospital administrator, Lieutenant Colonel Harold M. Warne, to assist him in a hospital examination room where she observed several small bodies on gurneys. The event led to several heavy-handed threads that would put her in a state of dark paranoia. She was closely watched over the years, and she would express her fear and dread to her sister-in-law, Pat, and her sister, Jenny. She expressed this fear again in December 1989 to Patricia Bush that “someone was spying on her.”

Miriam registered into a motel in Fremont, California about 1989. She registered using her sister Jenny’s name and was unaccompanied. The coroner said she had wrapped a plastic bag around her head to suffocate herself—which is very uncharacteristic: “…there were fresh scratches and bruises all over her arms.”

Trinidad “Trini” Chavez was one in a group of boys that observed from a hill the military cleanup operation on the Foster ranch crash-site. Dan Richards kept a piece of the ‘‘memory metal” under a floorboard in a shed. Eventually, the military came and retrieved this artifact.

“Both ‘Trini’ and his father were warned, say the authors, “as were young Dan Richards and his parents to remain silent — or else!”




John G. Tiffany said that his father was stationed at the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell in 1947 and his father was commissioned to Texas to pick-up a large metallic cylinder that resembled a giant thermos bottle.

The object was off-loaded at Wright Field by trucks that soon departed, “…the flight was debriefed by a high-ranking official who told them the flight had never taken place.” (p. 102)

Even before the Roswell crashes in 1947, retired Colonel and later doctor, Randy Lovelace, helped establish the Lovelace Medical Foundation in 1947. The nurse said Lovelace was quickly dispatched to Roswell and stayed for a couple of days but “refused to comment” on what he knew other than “[it] … was a new species.”

Jesse Marcel, Sr., was called to a mysterious convention in Washington, D.C.  Marcel, due to previous threats, went alone, but suspicious, along with ‘other witnesses.’  It was called the Conference of May 1990.

After the meeting Marcel went to a second at the Capitol Building and was introduced to a Dick D. ‘Amato, a staff member and senior senatorial counsel to Senator Robert C. Byrd.

“Roswell is true, but you know already know that,” D. ‘Amato said. “The problem: it’s buried deep within the black budget, and government funds have been spent since 1947 to keep that truth from coming out. Whenever someone gets too close to the truth, they are immediately discredited.  All of the main witnesses remain on their radar scopes.”




The book is peppered with discovered episodes of persons directly or indirectly involved with the crashes of Roswell 1947.

Names such as Timothy ‘Dee’ Proctor, Pete and Mary Anaya, Arthur Farnsworth, sheriff George M. Wilcox, Barbara Duggar, Frankie Dwyer Rowe, Sergeant Melvin Brown, Dr. John Kromschroeder, Mary Ann Gandner, and scores of other Roswell witnesses will pass before the readers’ eyes in a panorama of 1947 events.

Typical was the story of Ralph A, Multer, a purple-heart recipient, who told about his UFO incident at the Timken Company of Canton, Ohio.  His company had a metallurgical blast furnace of more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Multer told of a special cargo from New Mexico that arrived at the Timken plant in 1947, and the whole operation was overseen by the FBI. “Something had to break the material’s Molecular Code, and Timken could blast it in the furnace,” say the authors.

It was in 1990 that daughters Violet and Sundai spoke out about the “lightweight metallic, silver-grey material that Timken couldn’t dent, damage, or melt.”


Randle'sRoswell Nitinolimages


Other books by Carey and Schmitt on this topic are Witness to Roswell, Inside Area 51, UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson, among several others.



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   Steve Erdmann – Investigative Journalist

When the Family is Terrorized

The Hidden World of Domestic Tyranny


Steve Erdmann

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Iamtheeyeinthesky OCTO download


(“Each book in my True Crime Files series has a central theme, although the human beings involved act out their own variations on each theme in ways that continue to amaze me…deals with love and what people will do for what they define as love…Many acts are committed in the name of love, and love can mean many things: caring, passion, sexual obsession, friendship, jealousy, companionship, ownership, loyalty, tenderness, and – for some people – cruelty and revenge…”  In the Name of Love, Ann Rule, 1999, Pocket Star Books.)




Said Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy: “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.  Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite…If you wanted to control the nation’s manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful socialist government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors.  If you want – a worldwide monopoly, you must control a world socialist government. That is what the game is all about…Communism is an arm of a bigger conspiracy to control the world by power-mad billionaires (and) brilliant but ruthless academicians who have shown them how to use their power…” (Concord Press, 1971.)


Image result for Photos and depictions of lawyer destruction of family by Communist,


Allen described these “robber barons” that are willing to fix prices, rig markets, establish monopolies, buy politicians, exploit employees and fire them the day before they are eligible for pensions, but are also planning to rule the world and even use Communism “as the striking edge of their conspiracy.”  That “striking edge” became Jack the Ripper in America on Wall Street in 2008 when monstrous greed and cunning Power brought America, indeed, the world to the brink of financial destruction. That vicious inclination to destroy and corrupt, however, had been manifested many times before, in all varieties of slavery, control, and prostitution’s over the centuries. One such victim has been the family unit which has been taken over by the Legal Industry for profit (much like Scrooge in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol novel); children held ransom as hostages! It is, furthermore, a legal industry that exists as the living viral cells that permeate our whole existence as an evil, controlling Brotherhood of maliciousness for capital gain.




“The decline of the American family has reached critical and truly dangerous proportions…The breakdown of the family now touches virtually every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the government…the erosion of marriage, out-of-wedlock births, divorce, and fatherless children are now mainstream problems that threaten the general society.”  (Taken Into Custody, Stephen Baskerville, Cumberland House, 2007) 

“As we will see,” said Baskerville, “the astonishing but incontrovertible fact is that with the exception of convicted criminals, no group in our society today has fewer rights than  fathers…parents summoned to these courts have entered a nightmare world where children are abducted and exploited and even  abused by government order; where parents are forced to stay away from their children, prevented by the police from protecting them, incarcerated without charge or trial, and driven into bankruptcy and poverty, and where the Bill Of Rights may as well not exist.”

He continued: “Far from merely exploiting family breakdown after the fact then, domestic relations law has turned the American family into a game of ‘prisoners’ dilemma…willingly or not, all parents are now prisoners in this game…In short, state officials now possess the power to break up families by imposing divorce on happily married parents…Harsh as it may sound, it cannot be denied that these officials are united by one overriding interest; having children separated from their parents. Without the power to remove children from their parent – and most often the father – this industry cannot thrive, and these officials will have no business…put simply, the first principle of the divorce industry, the basic premise without which it has no reason to exist, is the removal of the fathers from the family. Once this is accomplished, the state is free to assume control over mothers and children as well.”

Baskerville quoted Rabbi Lapin in The American Enterprise in Lapin’s quoting of Adolf Hitler: Hitler said, “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasury of the people. As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty.”

Comparing Child Support enforcement to institutionalized Marxist principles (“from each according to his ability, to each according to her need….”), Baskerville said child support has nothing to do with “justice” but is interwoven in a long panoply of unusual punishments and punitive measures in a regime were the father is forced “to finance the filching of his own children,” becoming the subject of a national demonology as officially designated villains whose “guilt is assumed unquestionably by politicians, press, and public alike…Not since the collapse of the Weimar republic have the top leaders of a major western democracy used their public office to verbally attack millions of their own citizens.” As an example of ‘Soviet Logic,’ Ronald Henry said that coerced child support is not predicated on uniting children with Fathers but keeping them apart: “…despite the touchy-feely language about family and stability and relationship, such decisions have nothing to do ‘with enforcing anything other than financial obligations.’”

Walter Olson wrote in The Litigation Explosion: “Lawyers have more power to ruin your life in America than they do in any other advanced country…..power without responsibility.”  “The legal system is increasingly run for the enrichment of lawyers and not the public,” wrote columnist Robert Samuelson. “The idea that American courtrooms strive toward justice is no long taken seriously…the courts are greatly feared for their ability to ruin…” said the Wall Street Journal.

Family law today is the largest and fastest-growing sector of the civil judiciary, accounting for at least 35 percent of all litigation. It is estimated that, as a percentage of the state cases filed between 1984 and 1995, family cases grew by 70 percent. Much of this growth is self-generated. “Child-support enforcement is now a $4 billion national industry in terms of the money expended,” said Baskerville, “in terms of the money it aims to collect, it is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise with targets upward of $100 billion.” 


JFKCurious Alien shutterstock_300249131




(“Surely, if we have learned nothing else, this war has taught us pity – pity for those witless souls that suffer our domination,” H.G. Wells speaking of the war in his time and comparing it to the Martians that attacked and almost destroyed the earth in his story The War of the Worlds.)          

Some 24 million American children or about 34 per cent live in households without their fathers. For African American children that figure is 66 percent. Nearly 2.5 million children join the ranks of the fatherless each year. Since automatic wage garnishing has been mandatory for all new child-support orders since 1992, the question aroused as to how so many fathers allegedly avoid their payments. The principal method was by being unemployed. Sherri Heller, OCSE Director, said that about two-thirds of the debt and about two-thirds of the people who owe it earned less than $10,000 last year. It appeared that extremely poor debtors owe most of the debt


Photos Extra PAS book 15621847_100272607139952_7527858729628842366_n


Most men and parents are generally warm, caring, kind people who see the more elitist and aristocratic areas and people of society as the truly evil elements. The real witches cackling about the cauldron may be closer to home and even more deeply implanted. Concerning the “common poor person” (and I am one of them, by the way), as paraphrasing John F. Kennedy: “We breathe the same air; have blood in our bodies as well as the next human, a beating heart, and the pains and hopes that all other humans do.” They have feelings of love, passion, fear, and hunger as other life forms that we call “human beings.”

“As least as a federal prosecutor for 10 years under nine different U.S. attorneys in three districts across the country, I was taught, and I taught others, that if you don’t have a solid case, don’t turn somebody’s life upside down and literally ruin their lives and that of their families just because you want to try to notch your belt with somebody’s scalp or get your name in the newspaper or whatever,” Powell said.
Quote from the below article:



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Steve Erdmann – Investigative Journalist

Nitehawk Passes: Revolution Radio Founder Moves On to Higher Ground


It was with deep sadness that we have received the news of the passing of Mike “Nitehawk” Ringley, the owner, founder  and moving force behind Revolution Radio, the largest listener sponsored radio station on the Internet.

This is how I came to know Mike Ringley.  

As some of our readers know, I have had a regular radio program on Revolution Radio since June 2017, when I was invited to host “The Morningstar Report” and “The Sounds of New York City News” every Sunday through on Mike’s Internet broadcast station  “,” which molted into the global Revolution Radio that year.


12:22 AM

Thank you for the photo…

I’m a bit shocked since I ha never seen a photo of Nitehawk prior to tonight, and I realize now that on Friday morning (several hours before I learned of Mike’s passing) that as I slept (around 5 a.m.) I had a brief visitation from a spirit whom I mistook to be my college friend Charlie Fielding who passed away a year ago. This was in a Lucid Dream state, and so it came and went in a short flashes of friendship, fellowship and and warm feelings (of seeing “my old dead friend” again and I was taken completely by surprise. My friend Charlie came to a rough end last October 9from cancer), and when I saw this benign spirit I said : Hey, “Charlie” … Great to see you. I know that was a tough end you went through but you look great, all that pain and anguish is gone now.. and forever! You look Great.” then we hugged as long lost brothers would have upon reunion. But I noted that I did not did recall “Charlie” as being so tall. Of course, I realize now that is because it wasn’t “Charlie.” it was Nitehawk. I would ask those friends who knew Mike face to face whether not they would agree that Mike looked like my friend, Charlie Feilding, who like Mike was a dedicated and talented musician and composer. Here’s a FB photo of Charlie, sporting a beard. This as weird as “Merlin’s Beard.” ->

UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

UFO Similar to Soldiers & Sailors UFO - Slant view

UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s)

Over New York City

By Robert D. Morningstar
(Copyright, 2019 , R. D. Morningstar – All rights Reserved)
The Soldiers & Sailors UFO Passage
June 1st, 2019
I am the Editor/Co-Publisher of UFO Digest and I’m writing to share with you a very special event that happened in New York City on June 1st, 2019. 
On that afternoon,, my friend <name withheld> and I had a close UFO encounter of the 1st kind while waiting for our Tai Chi class to start on the South Plaza of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. 
Photo composite image above rendered by Robert D. Morningstar showing     the shape and relative size of the UFO as it passed by in flight.
The Date was June 1st, 2019.  The Time was 4:10 p.m 
and the weather was clear with 7-10 mile visibility
I was sitting by the flagpole on the South Plaza if The Monument with my friend when my attention was drawn to the sky by the roaring sound of a low flying jet on its way to La Guardia when I suddenly saw a large round object rising to fly beneath and across its flight path. I picked up the UFO object visually with my peripheral vision as I was watching the airliner on it way to LaGuardia Airport.  I saw the UFO rise slowly, anda almost vertically after appearing from behind a large tree,  and making me think: 
“Dang! hat’s the biggest balloon I’ve ever seen New York City!”
The object rose up above the the 15 story building rising another 100 feet above it, passing by us at about 200 to 300 feet AGL, and I estimate the size to have been about 50-60 feet in diameter and sporting a typical Flying Saucer shape. or, as they use to say in the 1950s, it looked like a “flying pancake.”
As the UFO cleared the building, it rolled slowly and much to my amazement, it changed shape from spherical to a lenticular or “pancake”  shaped disk.
spherical to disk ufo
Photo composite UFO image above
rendered by Robert D. Morningstar
During it slow roll over when it flipped over for horizontal flight.  There was a strange glimmer or shimmering light surrounding it during it’s transformation.
  The UFO flew by at a relatively slow speed for UFOs, giving me time to take in details of the craft and relative position oto local landmarks.I estimated its speed to be about 120 mph, or the speed of small plane like a Cessna Skyhawk or Piper Warrior.  As it flew toward the west  and after making a turn around The Soldiers & Sailors Monument, it flew off, oscillating right and left as it flew on a straight course against the wind over Manhattan, crossing the Hudson River to disappear into clouds heading toward Teterboro Airport, New Jersey
By comparison with the airliner’s speed (approximately 250 mph in the LaGuardia ATC control zone), I estimate that the UFO’s speed was about half that speed, 120-125 mph.  
I’ve often heard that UFOs, when flying at slow speeds, tend to wobble or oscillate like falling leaves at times.  This UFO presented  such characteristics  .
This UFO had a regular period of oscillation,alternating one side up and the other side down, vice versa throughout its straight line flight.  This characteristic provided a perfect view (during its transitioning from one side to the other) to see the roundness of the body of entire disk turning into a planar convex lens form then back to round disk.
The wavering motion also permitted me to see both top and lower surfaces of the craft several times.
It was a beautiful sight to see as well as puzzling (for a pilot) trying to understand propulsion and control elements of a “Flying Pancake.”
This is the 7th time that we ( Tai Chi students & I) have had UFO flybys and close approaches at this site, the Soldier & Sailors Monument, which is “Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors Who Fought to Preserve The Union.”
Since 2007, 6 people in our study group, including me, have seen saw a total of 7 UFOs pass by The Monument as we were practicing Tai Chi Ch’uan.   
In April 2007, one large UFO made a slow approach toward our group as we watched it,  at first hovering over 97th & West End Avenue.  It appeared to come down West End very slowly just above the building on West End Avenue, advancing slowly till it sopped  till it stopped and hovered (as if looking at us) just 50 feet above the building adjacent to the North Porch of the Monument at 90th Street.  It stayed there about 1-2 minutes, then it slowly disappeared behind the building heading East. The entire episode lasted about 5 minutes.
Another spectacular UFO event event occurred when a solo Tai Chi student and I were practicing Tai Chi in late August 2011.  I use the word “spectacular” because the display that we saw was a spectacle of UFO activities, a large star-like UFO suddenly appeared in the West.  the sudden appearance and the sight of it that made me experience cognitive dissonance for a moment as I paused, first, to consider whether or not it really was “bright star” (but then I asked myself: “A Star?  Visible at 11 a.m. in the morning?). 
However, it was not that easy to explain or to dismiss what our eyes were seeing.
At first my rational mind was baffled and tried to explain it away logically as a star or “The Planet Venus” … But again, my mind objected saying: “What? At 11 o’clock in the morning and in the West?”  That theory was soon forsaken when Claudia, my Tai Chi partner, and I observed intense UFO activities taking place around “the star” hovering over New Jersey about 7 to 10 miles away.
Multifarious spots of light (scout ships) began darting hither and thither in all directions. Some UFOs zoomed off to the North others to the South, and some went off to the far West of New Jersey disappearing in the distance and then zooming back to the “star ship.”  
Their activities were so quick and so intense that I had to coin a new name for this type of UFO and dubbed it “A Hive UFO” because the activities around the main craft reminded me of a beehive or a hornets nest, hence, (BeeHive UFO.  The date was August 24th, 2011 and Hurricane Irene struck New York & New Jersey the very next day.
I’m reminding readers of all this because I have been part of the US Navy UFO Disclosure Initiative for many decades, starting in 1969 when I was studying psychology at Fordham University.  This US Navy Initiative has been part of a secret war between the US Naval Intelligence against the Deep State and the people who assassinated  JFK, who had been a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence since WW II.
In 2008, as co-editor with Dirk vander Ploeg of UFO Digest, I was invited by a representative of the Pentagon and the US Navy to become part of a UFO Disclosure Initiative team effort that the “US Navy brass” spurred by trying to achieve a limited  UFO Disclosure through the auspices of the United Nations.  The original USN UFO  Disclosure Team was comprised of Clay and Shawn Pickering, Richard Theilman, and me.  Clay, Shawn and I handled news and publication while Theilman acted as liaison with the Us Navy, the Pentagon, and an ad hoc UFO Disclosure committee formed secretly inside the United Nations with the goal of effecting UFO Disclosure through the United Nations General Assembly.
That initiative was thwarted by the Deep State’s stooges within the UFO community who took it upon themselves to be”gate keepers” of UFO secrecy and acted as counter-disclosure operatives within the UFO community.  However, although our attempt was  stalled before completion, the mass media’s silence and cover-up had been broken.  Most importantly, major news companies most notably, CNN’s Larry King LIVE (and later Fox News) began to cover the UFO topic seriously with less and less skepticism and derision shown toward witnesses and investigators over the next few years.  Today, after the exposure of the ATTIP, and with the public testimony of several US Navy aviators who gave chase to the Tic Tac USOs, it is a “Given” that UFOs are Real.
The important inroads that we made then (2008-2010) continued to branch out throughout TV, movies and mass media, and finally succeeded in a breakthrough on December 16, 2017 with the US Navy/Pentagon revelation of UFO Reality through the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) stating UFOs exist, UFOs are REAL, and as Cdr. David Fravor plainly stated, the unidentified craft that he chased, quote, “…were not of this world.”
There will soon be another big national event related to UFOs and it is important to be ready for a major paradigm shift. mentally, emotionally and psychologically.
Final Question:
Why is President Trump establishing a US Space Force?
Dr. Carol Rosin
Carol Rosin
My friend`and colleague, Carol Rosin, who worked directly under Werner Von Braun in NASA during the 1970s & 80s, was forewarned by Dr. Von Braun that The Deep State was planning to stage an “alien invasion” as a false flag event to create a national crisis in order to declare and implement Martial Law across the country and later by extension to the world.  Carol Rosin warns us not to be fooled or frightened into believing in a government staged “alien Invasion” or to permit the militarization of outer space with nuclear weapons or new Tesla technologies now being developed and implemented.
Many people will have difficulty dealing with such a prospect; those who are psychology prepared will be more adaptable to a new and perhaps shocking global UFO paradigm.
CBS captures UFOs over New York City October 13th, 2012

Manhattan Reported More UFO Sightings Than Any Other Borough


Most notably, regarding the UFO flyover of June 1st, 2019, this event marked the 7th time since 2007 that we, my Tai Chi classmates and I, have had UFOs make low and slow approaches and flybys during our Tai Chi classes, and all of them on or near the Soldiers & Sailors Monument. 
Four (4) of these UFO events occurred at the beginning of morning Tai Chi classes circa 11 a.m. in 2007.   On Labor Day weekend 2007, specifically, Saturday September 1st, a a couple of minutes after 11 a.m., my student “Z” and observed 2 spherical (White Pearl) UFOs, identical to those captured in the CBS News video linked below, approached the Monument at slow speed from the North at an estimated speed of 25 mph, which was determined by comparing its speed to local NYC traffic on the Henry Hudson Parkway, over which it flew and which averages 50 mph.  On eUFO flew within 100 feet of us and then climbed out to meet up with another identical UFO that remained stationary over the Hudson River at an altitude of approximately 800 to 1o00.  The 2 UFOs met up, separated and remaining in the same positions (about 20 feet apart) for about 15 seconds.  Then they climbed higher at a 45 degree angle to the horizon at slow speed and continuing toward a low hanging cloud (at about 4000 fee AGL) which they reached in about 5-6 seconds.  The UFos flew into the cloud  disappearing as they merged with the cloud, becoming “white on white.”
On September 19th, 2009, while doing some astronly and viewing the Moon through a telescope, 2 of us had a night sighting of a UFO that appeared to be chased by a very low-flying NYPD helicopter.  This incident involved telepathic contact with the UFO (if not its “operator”) and will be detailed in a separate report.
A numerologically significant UFO flyby occurred around 11 a.m. on January 1st, 2011 -> (1/1/11)! 
A spectacular UFO event occurred on Friday August 26th 2011 at 11 a.m. when a “Hive UFO” was seen operating over New Jersey in the region of Teterboro Airport.  I dubbed it a “Hive UFO” because of the aerial activity of small and brilliant spherical UFOs that I determined to be UFO scouting ships (or drones) being deployed from the “HIVE SHIP” that was to be seen surrounding, darting to and from, a brilliant object which appeared suddenly.
When I first saw the object, I was surprised by its brilliance ad luminosity and position in the sky well above he horizon so early in the morning.  Because the Sun was behind us, my mind sought for a “natural explanation,” and so I first considered it to be the Planet Venus, but that theory was soon dismissed when we saw what appeared to be frantic aerial activity of the scout ships shooting off in all direction over New Jersey from the South to the North and out to the West (but not to the East, in our direction), as the large UFO remained perfectly still on the other side of the Hudson River, at a distance of 7-10 miles.
I must mention that the day was partly cloudy and the idea of “cloud seeding activities” occurred to me as a possible explanation for the frantic actions of the Hive UFO.  On the following day, August 27th, 2011, Hurricane Irene struck the New York New Jersey area with a vengeance.
Robert D Morningstar
Editor & Co-Publisher
New York City
August 4th, 2019


Dear Neighbors: Smart Meters are Dangerous, Can Cause Fires & Adversely Affect Your Health … WE can Opt-OUT!

Dear Neighbors:
Smart Meters are Dangerous because they can cause fires & adversely affect your health, well-being.  WE can Opt-OUT!  Time is limited, please read the following facts immediately.
A few weeks ago, large postcards were sent to our building from Con Edison announcing that Smart Meters would be coming to our building soon.
This is the time to research and act quickly.  Below is information on this issue.  After a great deal of study, I have concluded that it would be a very wise action to delay the installation of Smart Meters in our building.  This can be done easily because there is a grace period to OPT OUT for at least six weeks after that post card is sent.  The more people that participate the better, to ensure the health and safety of the people in the building.
Following is some of the information that may be helpful for you to know.  Please feel free to ask any further questions.
Purported Reasons for the Smart Meters:
1. Con Edison and other power companies would like to be able to read the gas and electric meters remotely and eliminate the jobs of the meter readers.
2. The Power Companies claim that the current analog meters are not as accurate as the new technology and that therefore they are losing money.
3.  Con Edison has received a tremendous sum of money (perhaps as much as two billion dollars) of Federal stimulus money to change the meters as part of a national and worldwide effort by multinational interests to create “smart cities,” a smart grid and a society run by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the name of “energy efficiency.”  If Con Edison does not complete the installation by the due date they must return the money.  Con Edison started this process in New York City in 2017 and plans to complete by 2022.
4.  Power companies state that it will be a benefit to people to be able to know their energy usage from moment to moment .  They also would like to  communicate digitally to their customers in emergencies; and to monitor and
even to have control of our energy usage, as they deem necessary. 
Saskatchewan plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units.

Smart meters linked to 13 fires in Ontario, Fire Marshal says


The Central Issues

Good Reasons for Public Concern about Smart Meters:
1. Power companies do not explain that “smart meters” represent a new technology that has not been tested adequately for concomitant health hazards.  Smart Meters  employ more than one kind of radiation to function, and concentrate that radiation in an unprecedented manner.
They operate employing continuous pulsing microwave radiation, reading and sending thousands of times per day incessantly, and are able to read information from other smart devices in the home (a privacy concern); and they connect with other smart meters in the area, creating a radiation grid.
Smart Meters utilize cellphone tower technology at present and will be part of the proposed global 5G Network that is also being promoted.
Unless people and their representatives become more active in preventing it, dangers emanating from the kinds of radiation that will be employed are well- established in the scientific literature.
However, Con Edison will say that the radiation usage is similar to a cell phone, but that is a statement that needs a lot more details as to the context of it.  Also, there have been a great many reports of immediate and severe negative health effects experienced by people in close proximity to the meters, especially the electric ones.   Court cases are in process across the country and many counties have won the fight with their power companies and can now declare that they are smart meter free.
2.  Most of the time, Con Edison will send subcontractors that they hire and different ones to change the gas and the electric meters.  This may help to insure that they can avoid litigation (that often follows smart meter installation).  There have also been concerns expressed by many as to the professionalism of the installers.
3. The so-called “smart meters,” like many other products, are made in foreign countries with different methods and different standards.  The high safety standards for US products, most notably the UL standard, is not present on many smart meters.
Also, actions were taken to lower the standards to facilitate the smart meter rollout.  The most common complaint re the smart meters is spontaneous combustion as parts burn sometimes after only one years time.  This seems to be due to lack of surge protection, lack of grounding and other issues in re to how they are made and designed to function.
4. Other safety concerns that have not been adequately addressed as of yet involves the risk of explosion due to the interaction between radiation based technology and gas in certain concentrations such as in contained gas emergencies.  This is especially important in buildings that have gas boilers, as ours does now, close to the large banks of meters.
Also, the electric meters operate with a battery actively utilizing electricity and the static electricity this generates can also lead to explosions in certain “gas leak ” situations.  The meters are not designed to detect and/or automatically shut down in the presence of unsafe concentrations of gas. And they cannot be shut-off remotely by Con Edison during a gas (or other) emergency.
Related image

Mokena,IL Natural Gas Meter Rupture Fire/House Fire

5.  Con Edison has petitioned the state for a $9.95 per month charge for those who opt out of smart meter installation (imposition is a better word.
Con Edison will not explain to customers that this is because the cost of energy with the smart meters will be higher and not close to that same amount.
Instead Con Edison is trying to make that added cost a deterrent.
However, the legality of this is being questioned by some of our good state lawmakers and the Public Utility Law Project.
They also plan to charge close to $200 dollars to remove smart meters after they have been installed and return the analog meters, which are still working well, safely and on passive systems after decades.
6. It is not that easy to find information about this issue.  Over the past few months, I contacted the offices of our elected officials at the city, state and federal levels and staff members knew nothing of these issues.  Our newspapers and radio and television stations have hardly mentioned this radical change that is stealthily occurring in our city. 
You can Google some websites with helpful information like Stop Smart Meters NY, and Smart Meters Harm.   There is an excellent documentary on YouTube produced by Josh Del Sol called Take Back Your Power, available at some sites free of charge.  One can also look up the work of William Bathgate and find some good presentations.  And a few independent, internet based radio programs have had excellent broadcasts and archives may be accessed.  Also, some other individuals on social media or You Tube channels can be helpful.
7. In only certain buildings, like ours, individuals alone have been given the right to opt out of smart meters.  The process requires a little work but it may well be worth the effort.  Con Edison will try to discourage you along the way but they will do what is right in the end.

You can only do this by phone call to Con Ed to start.  The number especially for this opting out is: 800-576-2005.

You do not have to give them reasons though they will ask.

They will then give you options for completing a simple form.  However, when you send it back to them, make sure you have proof of it.  They may follow up with a phone call.  If they do not, it is good to call and make sure everything has gone through completely.
If enough people do this, they may set aside our building as long as possible or at least until the concerns regarding the technology have been adequately addressed.  Please share this information with your friends and others who may be able to help with a large scale New York City effort.
Image result for smart meter fires


Robert D, Morningstar
New York City

“UFO PERSPECTIVES: From the World’s Top Experts

UFO Similar to Soldiers &amp; Sailors UFO - Slant view


From The World’s Top Experts

(From Maccabee to Friedman)

By Chad Glapion

(Copyright 2019, Chad Glapion – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert Morningstar>


In January 2015, a retired police officer and U.S. Air Force veteran witnessed a flying object while traveling down a foggy nighttime road.

As reported by UFO writer Roger Marsh, the witness stated he saw:

“Three white lights in a backward triangle, possibly a boomerang shape.”

The object did not appear as any aircraft the witness was familiar with.  The witness watched the slowly moving object until it sped up and vanished into the foggy night sky.

Later that year, Stephanie Wilkerson sat outside of her Pennsylvania home when she caught sight of a large circle of flashing lights in the night sky.

“I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn’t moving. I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors,”

Wilkerson stated according to ABC News. Wilkerson contacted 911, a police officer was dispatched. This officer witnessed the lights as well.

And from 2014 to late March of 2015, US Navy pilots, along with ground and ship radar support, documented what the military calls unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP).


F/A Super Hornet pilot, Lt. Ryan Graves, and four other Navy pilots, part of his squadron were performing maneuvers between aircraft carrier USS  Theodore Roosevelt and Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia when hey encountered multiple UAP-like objects performing extraordinary physics-defying aerobatics at hypersonic speeds.

Encounters with unknown aerial phenomenon are not unique to the 21st Century, in fact such accounts date far back into ancient antiquity.  One purported event involved Alexander the Great during a campaign in Tyre, which is in modern-day Lebanon. 

As reported in the books Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards, and UFOs in Wartime by Mack Maloney, Alexander’s forces saw and, depending on what account you believe, were either harassed or helped by fiery “flying shields” that came from the sky.

Historical accounts of the event are dubious, but when comparing Alexander’s encounter to modern reports there is one obvious difference: technology.

Have UFO encounters increased in the 21st Century, or do we simply have better means of recording such encounters?

Furthermore, should we take sightings accompanied by footage and photos at face-value, or open the door to deeper scrutiny?  Ever since the term “UFO” first came into existence, researchers and investigators have been trying to obtain conclusive evidence for this elusive phenomenon.

Jan Harzan

According to Jan HarzanExecutive Director of MUFON (i,e, The Mutual UFO Network),  the objective remains clear:

“The goal is to find hard evidence for the existence of UFOs whether that be metal fragments, landing pad marks, conclusive photographic evidence, or some other hard evidence.”

With a background in nuclear engineering, Harzan worked for IBM for 37 years and was key in creating MUFON’s Case Management System used for reporting, tracking and investigating UFOs.  MUFON is the largest civilian UFO investigation organization in the world.

Optical physicist and UFO researcher Dr. Bruce Maccabee also emphasizes the need for hard evidence:

 “There must be testimony that can be investigated as well as any “hard evidence” that is part of the sighting (photo. video, landing traces, other effects); interviews of witnesses must produce a consistent history of the sighting.”

Dr. Maccabee began his research into UFOs in the late 1960s, having conducted countless investigations into some of the most well-known UFO events for nearly fifty years and is without question one of the world’s leading authorities on UFOs.  As with any analysis that takes place after an incident in question, UFO investigators must utilize a wide variety of techniques and methods to best formulate a hypothesis.


Chase Kloetzke

According to private investigator and UFO researcher Chase Kloetzke, it is imperative to remember to remain investigators first and foremost.

“With so much more in our skies that is man-made but can appear unusual, it’s more difficult to identify known objects.  The known objects make up about 95-98% of all witness reports.”

Kloetzke is a MUFON field investigator/Star Team member and the former Director of Investigations for MUFON. Kloetzke describes how the integrity of evidence must be held to the highest standard, similar to robbery or homicide investigations:

“The evidence collection is done with forensic rules and controls. We follow all Institute of Justice policies and guidelines.”

Chacon (Interview)

Christopher Chacon

Kloetzke’s views on investigative high standards mirror that of UFO Close Encounter researcher and anomalist Christopher Chacon:

“It is essential that all information surrounding the witnesses and the encounter be properly collected under the strictest of controls, with the widest ranging scope as possible, even if some data might not seem relevant. Of the various categories and types of encounters reported, while the majority of general witnessed reports investigated were determined to be explainable (circumstantial, environmental, psychological and even physiological), it is still imperative to maintain an objective impartial approach when collecting and assessing all information, being mindful not to rush to conclusions.”

Part of Chacon’s intensive investigative background is the result of his many years with a private scientific think tank.

With an incomparable array of technology, resources and logistical support at his disposal, Chacon has been investigating UFO reports and close encounters around the world for nearly forty years and continues to do so, confidentially working with all manner of clients.

While views toward the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrials continue to change, not so much the actual encounters themselves, according to Chacon.

“For the most part the preponderance of actual experiences have not changed all that much, with the majority of encounters over the course of the last 70 years possessing many of the same intrinsic qualities, further supporting the validity of the experiences as a whole.”

Harzan also confirms that UFO reports over the years “remain the same. We still get lights in the sky and daylight discs being reported.”

Among the critical tasks that researchers, investigators and UFO groups like MUFON have to face is determining how best to investigate UFO reports, especially when they are of an extreme nature.

When evaluating UFO encounters, the degree of strangeness or peculiarity is a key feature and a deep-dive into the literature will reveal many cases that fall into the far end of the spectrum and boggle the mind.

To properly deal with these extreme cases, in addition to the traditional methods, Chacon utilizes a variety of innovative methods and approaches:

“Of those encounters that involve highly extraordinary characteristics, an appropriate assessment can often require analysis that goes above and beyond what is typically conducted, sometimes analyzing every possibility imaginable, as well as thinking outside the box. The conclusions or lack thereof can still often defy our present understanding of the laws of nature and physics.”

Stanton Friedman

 Stanton Friedman

In Memoriam

Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and world renowned UFO researcher, recently passed away on May 13th, 2019, on his way home after having just completed giving one of his UFO lectures.

According to the late nuclear physicist and UFO investigator, these highly extraordinary encounters demand a more in-depth analysis:

“While These extreme physical trace cases and abduction cases and radar cases give far more evidence than others, they can also be the most challenging in trying to scientifically analyze.”

After working  for some of the most prominent companies exploring the applications of next-generation nuclear technology for fourteen years, Friedman left in 1970 to pursue full-time the scientific investigation of UFOs and was one of the key researchers behind the investigation of the Roswell Incident.

Starting in 1970, Stanton Friedman published countless papers and given hundreds of lectures on UFOs across the U.S. and around the world. 

As reported by the New York Times in 2017, recent studies in the U.S. suggest that people are becoming more open to the existence of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena as religiosity decreases.

According to Pew Research, absolute certainty in God’s existence dropped from 71 to 63 percent amongst Americans.  Pew Research shows Americans who are irreligious or lack belief in God are about two times more likely to believe in UFOs.

A 2018 poll conducted by Chapman University states that 41% of Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited earth in the past, and 35% believed we’ve been visited in modern times!

To better gauge the ever-growing sentiment, an in-depth 2018 Marist Poll, revealed that 68% of Americans believe there is intelligent life on other planets, an increase of 52% from 2005.

However, the percentages globally are much greater and significantly more complicated, as belief systems in other countries and cultures are often interfused into one another and participation in accurate studies can be challenging.

That said, studies do indicate a growing belief in UFO’s and extraterrestrial life globally.  “The general public is looking for confirmation that these things are real”, confirms Harzan.  The diligence of UFO investigators and the revelations that occur from government disclosures and even depictions in the media reveal that UFOs never quite “go away,” it is only the perception of them that changes.

This changing of the guard can only bode well for the future of Ufology, yet despite advances in technology and openness to the UFO phenomenon, the laborious task of collecting, analyzing, and reporting encounters in an objective manner remains the same as stated by Harzan:

“Well certainly equipment has improved. A quantum leap in measuring equipment as well as new tools like Night-Vision goggles and GPS to name a few, but the mission and processes for investigation remain the same.”

As UFO researcher Peter Davenport notes:

“In many respects, the job of a UFO investigator is still the same today as it was 70 years ago.  The investigator still has to contact the witness, he or she still has to conduct an on-site interview, and the collected data has to be analyzed, and then presented in a formal report.”

Peter Davenport has been the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) since 1994 and has investigated some of the most compelling cases in North America since 1965.  The top luminaries in Ufology agree that even with the incredible advances in technology to aid in investigations, the process and methods involved with collecting eyewitness interviews and testimony remain crucial, as emphasized by Dr. Maccabee:

 “A good sighting, with or without photo/video must have a convincing testimonial report consistent within itself and consistent with any photos or video.”

A mere cursory glance through government documents regarding UFOs reveals there are rational explanations for many encounters, though whether these rational explanations are feasible still remain up to the reader or UFO investigator.

This means that not even “explained” encounters should be discounted outright.  Especially since, despite stating the opposite for years, the government recently admitted they did indeed investigate UFOs.

Furthermore, over 700 reports within the government’s own Project Bluebook remain officially unexplained.

mars attacks (1)

Witnesses of UFOs and “little green men” were once the punchlines of jokes, but a simple Google search on “UFO beliefs” shows a stunning amount of recent think pieces arguing it’s time for the public to take the matter seriously.

Despite continued encounters and the views of many Ufologists, some researchers feel that there’s been a significant decline in the more extraordinary type of UFO encounters.

“It seems that the sightings are not as robust as they used to be,” Ufologist Kevin Randle considers the many reports over decades, back to the 1950’s.

“We had sightings with movie footage, EM effects, occupant reports and multiple witnesses. UFOs were coming close to the ground, landing, and leaving traces behind. There were sightings with the attempted intercepts by jet fighters.  Today, with all the technology available, we just don’t have those sorts of sightings in the same numbers we had before.  Too few sightings with anything other than witness testimony today.”

Randle has authored more than 80 books, many on UFOs, with his works on the Roswell Incident regarded among the most influential. In addition to being a retired lieutenant colonel, having served in the U.S. Army and Air Force, he is also a professional science fiction novelist/writer.

It was during war and post-wartime in the 20th Century that UFOs became a cultural phenomenon.

Haunebu - 9 frames

During World War II, various pilots reported encounters with “Foo Fighters” — unknown flying aircraft.  Allied forces believed the craft were German or Japanese, while the Axis thought they belonged to the Allies.

In 1947, two years after the end of WWII, UFO sightings seemed to surge.

According to Friedman, 1947 is the year that private aviator, Kenneth Arnold had a stunning sighting of nine (9) unknown flying objects while in flight near Mount Rainier in Seattle.  Following this sighting, Friedman adds, another thousand sightings were reported later that summer that further propelled the UFO phenomenon into the forefront of public awareness, including “multiple witness radar visual cases, physical trace cases, abduction cases and serious investigation with much government data being withheld.”

According to optical physicist and UFO researcher, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, these reports and cases were initially taken very seriously.  But once the government and scientific community dismissed the reports claiming they were not real, quote:

“… the press began to disparage the reports and treat them as entertainment. However, the Air Force did treat seriously the reports by pilots but did not tell the general population of their concern. Nowadays there’s still a ‘giggle factor’ associated with UFO reports, but it is not as ‘giggly.’ ”

robert morningstar &amp; bruce maccabee - reduced - nov 12-07 washington dc

Dr. Bruce Maccabee (right) & Robert Morningstar (left) attending The National Press Club Conference on UFOs, Washington  D.C. with USAF Col. Charles Halt (background, left) on November 12th, 2007

Dr. Maccabee began his research into UFOs in the late 1960s, having conducted countless investigations into some of the most well-known UFO events for nearly fifty years and is without question one of the world’s leading authorities on the UFO phenomenon.

Dr. Maccabee, Harzan, Davenport, Randle, Friedman, Chacon and Kloetzke all agree that technological advancements since the 1950s to the present, like the Internet and high definition photography and video, directly tie to the better reporting and educating of UFOs.

While UFO reports to MUFON and NUFORC (the two leading UFO reporting organizations in the world) have been on the decline for several years, this does not necessarily mean that fewer encounters are taking place. On the contrary, both UFO researchers as well as social psychologists have theorized a myriad of possible explanations for the perceived decline in reports. Two of these are the control and suppression of reports and witnesses/experiencers and various types of psychosociological phenomena that could be responsible in changing cultures.

For the first, Davenport has suggested the possibility that UFO reports are being intercepted and suppressed, whether that is by one or more governments or private interests and the agenda behind such control is yet unknown.

For the latter, Chacon mirrors the views of social psychologists describing several phenomena, similar to the bystander effect, that would impede an experiencer or witness from acting,

“Depending on the types of experiences, who is affected and the country of origin, people can have highly varied emotional responses, taking into consideration belief systems, cultural and socio-economic factors. Some emotions of experiencers, more specifically, emotional distress, shame/guilt, anxiety and fear to name a few, can directly influence whether or not they will report an encounter. Emotions can influence the behavior of witnesses and experiencers — and can also affect the actions of other people around them. I’ve dealt with countless situations where reluctant witnesses/experiencers were only discovered because of the investigation process, many still choosing to be uncooperative”

As cultures and technologies change, can we reasonably conclude what the future of UFO reporting, investigation, and research holds?

If recent developments are anything to go by, it appears the UFO/UAP field will continue to balloon until it either becomes mainstream or reaches a point of disclosure.

Davenport describes a global shift in attitude that is now open to the possibility that:

” … our planet may be being visited by representatives of other civilizations in our galaxy. A broader acceptance of that issue can only lead to a stronger inducement in witnesses to record incidents they’ve observed, but for which they have no adequate explanation.”

Similarly, Chacon observes:

“Due to changing sociological and cultural views over the years and the affects that social media and technology has had, it seems that there is now a much greater global population that is quicker than ever to either dismiss or to believe in reports before all relevant evidence has been considered. Taking this observation into account, there are also many UFO researchers that seem to have revised their views as well.”

Randle notes:

“People are more sophisticated than they were.  They are more familiar with the world around them and what they can expect to see in the sky. Many UFO investigators have changed their perspective, their bias, from believing all they are told to checking it out.  The Internet has been a significant help in running down data that are relevant to an investigation and I think many investigators realize that sometimes people just want to see their names in the news.”

American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology

American Cosmic

In American Cosmic, a 2019 book by philosophy Professor D.W. Pasulka, the changes in UFO research and one interpretation of beliefs are greatly detailed.

In the book, Pasulka details her research alongside noted astronomer and computer scientist Jacques Vallée, as well as biotech mogul “Tyler” who claims ideas for his 40 biotech patents were given by non-human intelligence. Pasulka’s book presents the argument that the growing “religion” of UFO-dom can be thought of as a “religion of technology”.

As with many controversial topics and events throughout history, there are those who interpret and react in an extreme and fanatic manner at both ends of the spectrum.  Just as with the cult of conspiracy theorists that still believe to this day that the moon landings were a hoax, it should not be a surprise to anyone that the dramatic stories surrounding the many UFO incidents and close encounter events would have produced extreme followings.

D.W. Pasulka image

Professor Diane Walsh Pasulka

According to people like Pasulka, one only needs to look at UFO cults like Heaven’s Gate, or religions like the Raelians, or even the Space Brother phenomenon of the 1960s to see that UFOs and the effects of such a possibility has caused profound deep-rooted cultural aberrations.

As Arthur C. Clarke once stated:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Unfortunately, conflating these rare extremes with the UFO and extraterrestrial topic as a whole gives them less credence among those who are still on the fence for believing.

Whether skeptic, believer or on the fence, UFO encounters continue to be reported. Within the last couple years several high profile UFO encounters were documented by dozens of witnesses that included state authorities, government and military officials.

Among these encounters included an event on October 25th, 2017 in the busy airspace above northern California and Oregon that involved several private and passenger planes, as well as air traffic control centers and two F-15s that were scrambled from Portland.

A few months later, on February 24th, 2018, in the skies above Arizona, a UFO encounter took place that involved American Airlines and Phoenix Air passenger jets at 30,000 feet.

In both cases, all manner of rational explanations were ruled-out, including drones, military aircraft, weather balloons and natural phenomena.  With these and other recent compelling encounters and with the ongoing efforts of UFO researchers and organizations, people around the world are embracing the possibilities of UFOs and extraterrestrial life more than ever before.  And with more people than ever looking to the skies documenting UFO events, up-and-coming generations have also begun to ask the same provocative questions that previous generations have asked.

Perhaps this is why 50 years after the official closure of Project Bluebook, authorities have finally admitted another secret program existed.  On December 16th, 2017 the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) became public.

The AATIP program was started by former U.S. Senator Harry Reid in 2007, allocating up to $22 million until its “closure” in 2012.  The exact reasoning for the program’s discontinuance and its public disclosure has not been confirmed.

For Ufologists and UFO researchers, another secret program is not a huge revelation. Dr. Maccabee, Friedman, Davenport, Randle, Harzan, Chacon and Kloetzke all voiced similar acknowledgements and sentiments toward the disclosure.  Kloetzke stated:

“It is something that didn’t surprise Ufologists, we’ve known this for at least 2 decades.  Today, we are not called crazy or conspiracy theorists when these programs are discussed.  It also has provided a dose of legitimacy,” 

According to Kevin Randle, the revelation of the program is just another example of authorities lying to the public:

“I have known there was a secret project to collect data for years. When Project Blue Book closed, we learned that Project Moon Dust, which had a UFO component, lasted until 1986 when the code name was compromised. We learned that the code name had been changed and that the investigation continued from that point. To learn the latest project to recover data is not surprising, given the history of distortion that has been fed into the public arena for decades.”

Harzan feels that the disclosure of such a program is actually a public disclosure and acknowledgment that UFOs are real:

“The fact that after 70 years of denial the Pentagon finally admitted it has been studying the UFO Phenomenon and had a classified program to determine what they are, and how they work, screamed from the rooftop of the Pentagon that “UFOS ARE REAL.”

Harzan goes onto say,

“Bottom line, I think the floodgates have been opened and it is now safe for scientists and engineers to study this phenomenon and do so without fear of ridicule and losing their job.”

Not all researchers see the revelation of AATIPs existence as a net positive or same-old-story within the field, however.  As Peter Davenport notes:

“I am not yet convinced that all the recent breakthroughs will lead to anything significant in the field of UFO research. 

The U. S. government still controls the data that it certainly has collected over the past 72 years, and probably longer than that and government officials who are in the know about the UFO phenomenon have had abundant opportunity to share that information with the American People, had they been predisposed to do so. 

I find that their implacable propensity to “shield” all of us from what the government knows is even more worrisome to me than the apparent presence on our planet of alien spacecraft, and their presumed occupants.”

With both privately and publicly funded attempts to investigate UFO phenomenon continue to gain support perhaps the UFO field will reach a “Horse Shoe” compromise.

Stanton Friedman was hopeful, stating:

“I hope much more data will be released by governments around the world. Analysis of alien wreckage and bodies for example. There have been over a dozen Ph.D. theses, room for plenty more.”

Dr. Maccabee is cautiously optimistic:

“I expect more of the same – slow acceptance that something strange, possibly associated with non-human intelligence is, and has, been happening.  Of course, slow could change to fast if the government makes positive statements, but I’m not holding my breath.”

Kloetzke feels that more disclosure is coming:

“We will see more “ownership” of what some of these programs can offer and why their existence continues with major funding even after decades of perceived failure or their method has provided no there, there.”  Harzan goes even further, “I see more scientists, engineers, psychologists and other professional people getting involved in UFO research on the technology side as well as the human side of things.”

With revelations of the AATIP program and the multiple provocative UFO encounters by the military, several congressional members and staffers, including Senator Mark Warner, the vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, have been taking classified briefings with Navy officials on how to deal with these encounters, including gaining a better understanding of potential threats to aviators and to the U.S. national security as a whole.

Perhaps in a few more decades, full disclosure will finally find its way into public space and the world as a whole.  Harzan envisions this and a scientific, technological revolution of sorts:

“It’s going to be an exciting next 100 years for all of us, and I do mean all of us, because there will be breakthroughs in interstellar travel, including human bases on far off planets; breakthroughs in human physiology and human life extension; as well as communications breakthroughs never imagined. I see a golden age ahead of us and much of it will come from the study of UFOs and the wonder and technology they have been showing us since the beginning of mankind.”


Peter Davenport

National UFO Reporting Center

Surprisingly enough, in contrast to the long controversial history of public governmental dismissal, the degree of acceptance of these “unidentified aerial phenomena” has reached an eye-opening level.

Or, at the very least, we shall live Peter Davenport’s “take”:

“My dream is that in the future, a person will be able to sit in his living room and watch any UFO flyovers on a computer monitor, in the same manner, that I presume personnel at the U. S. Space Command and the U. S. Naval Space Surveillance system do today.”

Until then, we can only follow closely the works of dedicated researchers and investigators and see where perception takes us.

Chad Glopian

July 4th, 2019



Corridors of Secrets


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Steve Erdmann

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Irena Scott and Bill Jones are two of the few ufologists that worked for the Defense Department and also the Battelle Company, and had security clearances allowing attendance on the Wright Patterson Air Base (WPAFB), the inner sanctum of numerous rumors about alien artifacts and stored alien bodies. Scott and Jones attempt to shed light on some of these mysteries with their own research and intimate contacts with WPAFB and other sources.


Exploring Sacred Wright-P aerial-768x518

Aerial View of Wright-Patterson AFB


“They cover the inside story of Blue Book and detail its turning point, demise and examine how this occurred,” says Scott. “It delves deeply into the many mysteries associated with it. For example, it explores who the people that did the actual research on SR-14…we not only have found many such smoking guns, but unlike many, we can document these finding. We have also found much chicanery, fudging, lying and other ways to misrepresent UFO phenomenon.” (pp. 256-257)

Dr. Irena McCammon Scott, PhD, has worked for the Dense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Battelle Memorial Institute, and the Aerospace Center in satellite photography. Scott has received Top-Secret security clearances and was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).


Exploring Sacred Irena-McCammon-Scott

Irena Scott


(SACRED CORRIDORS: Secrets behind the Real Project Blue Book, Wright Patterson AFB, Roswell, Battelle, Memory Metal, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and UFO Cover-ups, Irena McCammon Scott, PhD, Flying Disk Press, 4 St. Michaels Avenue, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England WF8 4Q, 2019 pages, $17.95)


Exploring Sacred 51UkFIhqVsL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_


Multiple researchers, such as Anthony Bragelia, Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt (Inside the Real Area 51), Robert Collins (Exempt from Disclosure), and Irena Scott and Bill Jones, have focused on the mysterious vaults, subterranean tunnels that are suspected to exist throughout WPAFB.

The following are some summations of their findings:

  • WPAFB, originally called Wright Field (WF), is often referred to as another Area 51 because of its “High Security.”
  • Area A contains what was called Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in the past; it housed the official studies which included Northwestern University Astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
  • The legendary and largely mythical Hanger 18 was, in effect, actually a group of hangers near runways in Area B, collectively called Building 4 A-E; Hanger 18 would be 4-B.
  • Specially created crates were transported in a B-29 Transport and unloaded in the hangers right off the old WF runway.
  • Debris and bodies were unloaded in the WP Area B, which contained the Avionics Laboratory and Building 18 known presently as the Aero Propulsion Lab (previously designated as Hanger 18), but in actuality a complex of buildings A,B,C onto G, as Buildings 18-18G housing the Power Plant Laboratory Complex.
  • One of the Building 18 structures connects to a Building 23 that is either the Aero Propulsion Lab or the Power Plant Laboratory Complex called Buildings 18 A-D with one of the Buildings actually called Hanger 23 and now called AF Research Laboratory-Sensor-Directorate-Target- Signature Branch. Building 18-F on the east side of Building 23 is rumored to have contained cold storage with refrigeration equipment on the eastern half with connection to a power plant transformer.


(Mimicking Tattoo on the Television Series Fantasy Island)


The aforementioned researchers also take us on a written journey of WPAFB and the suggested underground “vaults.”

Robert Collins talked about an “underground, massive” structure called the T-Building at the Mound Nuclear Plant at Dayton, Ohio near WP (Exempt from Disclosure).

  • Carey, Schmitt and the late Stanton Friedman said that the WP Nuclear Test Facility and the Avionics Building had such vaults (also called Building 620, connecting with Building 739). They told us that there is a north entrance on the west side of the building an Avionics Tower.
  • Double vaulted doors in Building 620 led to a second set of vaulted doors and freight-sized elevators and stairs with a tunnel to a major vault under the north parking lot of 620 (Robert Collins and Richard Doty).
  • Robert Collins reported that one such vault is where Building 739 connects with Building 620 behind thick glass door and a six-inch-thick Bank Vault door. Building 450, the Flight Dynamics Lab, had a second basement and a tunnel going in the direction of Building 30, connecting by a small vault to Building 29 as a VIP viewing section.






Exploring Sacred Seige 9780449236543-uk-300


Our list of researchers was well-aware of the “infamous Blue Room,” described as an “Inner Sanctum.” Researchers Leonard Stringfield was told by an informant that the mysterious “museum” containing crashed saucer “artifacts,” and even “cadavers” retrieved from Roswell, was in a converted “blue” aircraft hangar adjoined with a “small locked room” with “large aquariums each containing a small body with grey skin, over-sized cranium, huge eyes, and no hair.” (p. 31)


Exploring Sacred Stringfield ufo_7

Researcher Leonard Stringfield


This building complex housed the AMC headquarters, the Technical Intelligence Division of the AMC at WF with Project Sign in 1948 (then called ATIC), it held Project Blue Book before it became the FTD building; eventually it became the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).

In 1959, the Air Force renamed ATIC the Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center, and in 1961 the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was established.


Exploring Sacred exopolZZZZZZZI_12


Lieutenant Colonel Hector Quintanilla, the last BB director, said that BB was completely separate from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Dense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

According to researchers Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt, John G. Tiffany spoke about his father who had worked at WF and who had been dispatched to retrieve the Roswell materials and perhaps space alien bodies at Fort Worth. “Tiffany claimed his father picked up metallic debris and a large cylinder,” says Scott, “that reminded his father of a huge thermos bottle.”

In WITNESS TO ROSWELL, authors Carey and Schmitt mentioned that Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Exon, who was stationed at WF in 1947, came out and said that “Roswell had been the crash site of a spacecraft and that alien bodies were recovered,” but Exon was never interviewed until December 1994.


Exploring Sacred Exon in Blue

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Exon


“He said he also had flown over the area of the crash several months later,” says Scott. “He said he observed two distinct crash sites and gouges in the ‘pivotal areas.’”

Exon also spoke about a “UFO controlling committee,” says Scott, “made up chiefly of very high-ranking military officers and intelligence people. His nickname for these people was the ‘The Unholy Thirteen.’”

Battelle, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, was also involved in examining “Roswell and other debris.” It had its own research facilities, and also helped manage many of the atomic discoveries at national laboratories of the U.S Department of Energy, as well as the Livermore, Oak Ridge, and Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Battelle has had a long association with UFO phenomena as when UFO debris was sent to WP and other agencies. “Battelle had some of the world’s best metallurgists and if anyone,” says Scott, “were an authority on metal it would be found here.”

Blue Book and Battelle did an extensive study of UFO phenomena, a “massive statistical analysis” in a report SR-14, and “the most significant collection of evidence that UFO phenomena represent something real.”




MJ-12 is the legendary “code name” of an alleged special committee of scientists, military leaders and other officials created by executive order of President Harry S. Truman in 1947 to investigate hard UFO evidence and various aftermath Roswell scenarios. The committee has also been called MJ-12, MJ-XII, Majority 12, Majic 12, Majestic Trust, M12, but the general consensus was that the story was a hoax or a disinformation campaign (as it is usually told) on the part of the U.S military or intelligence.

However, there is a suspicion that this legend had a basis in fact, such as Arthur Exon’s reference to a “UFO controlling committee” such as the “Unholy Thirteen.”

Scott refers to such “secret studies” that may have also been part of clandestine operations as mentioned in the book FORBIDDEN SCIENCE (p. 304) involving the McDonald-Douglas Company, and the Astropower Company: “This indicates that a secret UFO study had continued in Washington.”

Similarly, a CIA-FOIA 2-9-55 spoke of Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell, CIA Assistant Director for Scientific Intelligence, that revealed a CIA “consulting group” that seemed to indicate an organization that existed across the Eisenhower Military-Industrial-Complex (p. 191).

Further insight was gained by Jennie Zeidman and Mark Rodegheir’s article “The Pentacle Letter and the Battelle UFO Project”:

“In the epilogue to FORBIDDEN SCIENCE, Vallee calls the Pentacle Letter an ‘intellectual scandal.’ He believes that science was betrayed when the Robertson Panel, meeting in January 1953, was barred from access to the research of Pentacle and his group. This panel’s recommendation was responsible for down-grading of BB and the demise of any serious overt government interest in the UFO phenomena after 1953.” (p. 57)


Exploring Sacred Pentacle Letter pent_memo


The Pentacle Memorandum was a classified, secret letter dated January 9, 1953 addressed to Miles E. Goll at WPAFB as acting chief of the Analysis Division of T-2. Jacques Vallee believed that the memo alerted that “a secret project did indeed exist above and beyond Project Blue Book.” Top people including the head of Battelle signed it, with Clyde Williams (who was the head of Battelle) making positive statements about the study.

“Having worked for the government,” says Scott, “I have noticed that this is a normal way to hide something. Put someone who knows nothing about it in charge, or convene a panel of big wigs that do not understand anything about the subject they are addressing. This is how the government can bring about the results they want and convince the public of things that are wrong.” (p. 69)


Exploring Sacred Hanger 18 952276





Irena Scott and Bill Jones discover that UFO material had been studied at Battelle and other sites.

Noted Battelle personnel favored the study of the UFO phenomena and materials, as selected by Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt who headed BB: Clyde Williams, Linus Pauling, Vannevar Bush, Major General Curtis E. Lemay, James Bryant Conant, and Donald Douglas (President of the Douglas Aircraft Company.

John Center, a Battelle metallurgist, said he had worked on alien material at Battelle.  Elroy John Center had told researches that “he was responsible for a project that required him to study ‘parts’ that were represented as retrieved from a flying saucer…was taken to a large forge in New Mexico where they attempted to break it and melt it. They failed…” (p. 97)

In May of 1992, the authors found a former Battelle employee who had dated Center’s daughter, Kathy, and they learned that Elroy Center had studies material from a “flying saucer” with writing on I-beams.

Center’s work concerned new techniques in the micro-analysis of new titanium alloys. The employee, “Nick” Nicholson, told researcher Anthony Bragalia that “Center told…him that UFO crash debris was stored in a secure safe and that some of the material contained the element boron.”

Metallurgist Howard Cross also worked at Battelle and knew Center; Cross was a chief titanium metallurgist and was the “point person” in Battelle’s UFO studies for BB in the 1950s. Other possible scientists connected to UFO metallurgical studies were Arthur Westerman, Gustavus (Gus) Simpson, Robert Livingston, and A.C. Eckert.

Anthony Bragalia said that these scientists did “hands-on” studies of UFO materials that resulted in an invented material called “nitinol,” a “memory metal” of nickel and titanium of very light weight, having a “high fatigue strength,” able to withstand extreme heat and “remembers” its original shape: none of these metal attributes, however, duplicated the rather supernatural and bizarre characteristics of the original Roswell debris.


WhenUFOsCrash Nitinol Metal Rubber (A)


Scott had been told that scientists Vernon W. Ellzey delivered some of the UFO debris from WP to Dr. Allen Hynek. Ellzey later committed suicide. Ellzey may have written the first draft of the Pentacle Memo.




The Vanadium Corporation of America (now called Shield Alloy) was involved in the metallurgical analysis of the UFO debris in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Metallurgical supervisor at Vanadium, Robert Orndoff, mentioned the material as being Roswell-like, but as if scooped-up from a “gouge” explosion, and was a “shiny, clean and can change shape.”  The material, according to Orndoff as told to his son, contained silicon, magnesium, cobalt, chromium, aluminum, steel, nickel, vanadium and titanium—“at that time people may not have combined that many materials into one alloy.” (p. 182)

A Summary Technical Report of Division 18 document seemed to indicate that the Vanadium Corporation, U.S Steel, and the Battelle Memorial Institute investigated the properties of nickel and titanium, resulting in “nitinol.” Some of the same scientists seem to have been involved: C.B. Voldrich, P.J. Rieppal, Dr. H.W. Gilliet, C.H. Lorig, Clyde Williams, Vannevar Bush, and James B. Conant.

In the summer of 1947, truck drivers for Timken Roller Bearing Company in Canton, Ohio, told of helping to being three trucks of strange “brushed aluminum material” to be melted by the new Timken furnace, which, was unable to melt the metal. The whole operation was supervised by men claiming to be from the FBI.




Ufologist Jacques Vallee in his 1992 book FORBIDDEN SCIENCE disclosed the Pentacle Memorandum or Letter. The letter is dated January 9, 1953 and is addressed as a secret document to Miles E. Goll at Wright-Patterson AFB on behalf of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt of BB and acting chief of the Analysis Division of T-2 at WPAFB. Signed by six major scientists and Battelle metallurgists, the memo recommended larger scientific studies and jet aircraft “scrambles” when needed.


Exploring Sascred Corridors Vallee pent_vallee

Scientist Jacques Vallee


Project Bluebook Special Report No. 14 (SR-14) was the “best done of all UFO studies and it produced very strong and powerful positive results…I appreciate the meaning of the statistics that were used in SR-14. It would make one’s hair stand on end…SR-14 is a report that would curl one’s toenails – that a person would be unlikely to read even with a gun to the head.” (pp. 82-83)

The study used sophisticated Chi Square tests in which p-value that reflect the strength of evidence against the null hypothesis, and “that there is substantial evidence that the objects are something different than earth’s normally observed air traffic (less than 1 chance out of a 100).” (p. 83) The study concluded that “less than one chance out of a billion is what SR-14 gave us against the possibility that good UFO sightings represent conventional objects…a very well done credible study that very strongly showed that UFO phenomena exist.” (p. 63)

The infamous “Robertson Panel” was commissioned by the CIA in 1952, before the conclusions of SR-14 on May 5, 1955, and was composed of personnel skeptical of UFO reports and knowing nothing about UFO phenomenon, and was “…done by the CIA to close off the UFO study.” (pp. 69-71)

The same could be said of the 1969 University Of Colorado Scientific Study Of Unidentified Flying Objects Condon Report. “…revealed that UFOs were significant phenomena worthy of study, but the published conclusion was that nothing significant was found.” (pp. 71-72)




Government UFO studies also went by several other special names: Project Sign, Project Saucer, White Stork, Golden Eagle, Project Bear, The Pentacle Letter or Memorandum, the “Unholy Thirteen” (Exon), Project Blue Book, Project Grudge, and the 1948 Estimate of the Situation.

Scott recalls and summarizes her own experiences with censorship and other “heavy-handed” government actions while she worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), with the eye of the CIA, to debunk good photographic evidence (pp. 198-208).

“I also think this obstruction to the report of our DIA section, apparently came from the CIA,” says Scott. “It was obvious that some high-ranking portion of the government was involved.” (p. 203) “This inside-the-DIA-experience certainly made me think that the government was involved to cover-up activities. In fact, it even made me slightly wonder if aliens were running the government.” (p. 201)


Exploring Sacred Top-5-Alien-Things-Learning-From-The-Betty-and-Barney-Hill-Abduction




Exploring Sacred Hynek pent_hynek

The Late Dr. J. Allen Hynek


Scott has a large collection of photographs of various mentioned sites at WPAFB as well as photos and diary notes from the personal files of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek showing private letters and comments. Scott does her best to give added insight into Hynek and why he, possibly, was hoodwinked by the Silence Group.

Irena Scott covered several major UFO incidents: the April 17, 1966 Ohio “UFO chase,” the March, 1966 “Swamp Gas” UFO case, the 1973 Coyne UFO helicopter event, the October 11, 1973 Pascagoula Abduction, and others.

“But BB is still filled with many mysteries,” says Scott. “And we still know nothing about major questions: why do the cover-ups exist? And what are the UFOs?’  (P. 257)


Exploring Sacred 19-aliens-22.nocrop.w710.h2147483647




Steve Erdmann, June, 2019, St. Louis


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