ALIENS, GOD & THE BIBLE – A New Book by Rev. Dr. Joel Curtis Graves

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Aliens, God, and the Bible:

A Theological Speculative Study of the Bible’s Alien Mysteries

 This remarkable book hwill help you bridge the “Christian religion-Science gap” as The Reverend Doctor Joel Graves explores what the Bible says, what it means, and what it might mean—especially in the near future.

This theological speculative study of the Bible takes the reader into the nature of the universe and how it works scientifically, the problem with evolution, the Neanderthal, Sasquatch, even the presence of space aliens and where they come from.

The Bible describes a great starship—1,380 miles to each side—on its way to Earth: learn about the size, composition, method of travel, possible purposes, and most importantly, when it will arrive. Discover the great war between ancient alien factions—who they are, where they came from, their future plans, and the role of humans caught in the middle.

Examine the mysteries, facts, clues, and allusions found in the world, but especially in the Bible.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 31 color images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 978-0-7643-5356-7 | Binding: soft cover | $17.99


About the Author

The Rev. Dr. Joel Curtis Graves is an Anglican priest in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). In his new book, Aliens, God & The Bible, Dr. Graves tackles some of the Bible’s hardest questions and shares ideas about ancient alien factions and how/why things have happened in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Joel Graves has been theologically minded since a youth and attended Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

After a long break, he finished seminary at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Tacoma, Washington, where he earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry in Leadership. 

Joel served as a hospital and hospice chaplain before starting an Anglican church in Lacey, Washington, from which he retired in 2012.  He has been married to Rena for over 40 years, and loves to paint, read, write, golf, go to the movies, spoil the grand-kids, and travel.

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Joseph Farrell’s Hidden Empire Trilogy

Joseph Farrell’s Hidden Empire Trilogy


Steve Erdmann

Joseph P. Farrell has written many interesting tomes on the occult, esotericism and mysterious happenings, and equally fascinating is his trilogy on the emergence, continuance and conquest by Nazism as revealed in  (1) Nazi Fourth Reich: Nazi International: The Nazi’s Postwar Plan to Control, Finance, Conflict, Physics (2008), (2) Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations (2012), (3) Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations (2016), Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, $19.95.

Joseph P. Farrell


  Extraterritorial Nazi State

 Part I

His Nazi International analysis centers on how various high-ranking Nazi officials—particularly Martin Bormann—envisioned a long-range plan for control in the form of World Corporate socialism.  Patterns of incestuous relationships existed between American corporate elites and Germany, involving companies such as Morgan Stanley, Standard Oil, and DuPont Chemical, I. G. Chemical and the German I.G. Farben Company, whereby Prescott Bush had business dealings with German Fritz Thyssen.

Under codename Akton Feurerland (Operation Fireland), such an elite movement created underground vaults and U-boats to connect to the far reaches of Argentina.  In 1942, Bormann’s Project Bernhard created $600,000,000 of counterfeit British pound notes.  Such tactics were all a part of Bormann’s Auslands-organization, a Fifth Column Network utilizing dummy corporations, finance agents, lawyers and research ventures.

SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Ing Hans Kammler headed a think tank harboring German secret weapons research and a slave labor pool of about 14 million people.  One of the suspected inventions was a revolutionary device called The Bell.  Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Johann Friedrich Scheid (Hermadorff & Schenburg Company) headed a secret conference where he coalesced and aligned many major firms of great importance as far as Spain South America and the Middle East.

A strange relationship existed between Bormann, German military intelligence mastermind Richard Gehlen, and Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles of the law firm involved in the eventual forming of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Martin Bormann next to Himmler


Farrell gives concern to increasing pro-Nazi movements around the world in Arabia, Eygpt, Italy, and many other locations (pp. 193-200).

A typical case was that of German Intelligence agent Andreas Strassmeir who worked undercover for U.S. intelligence.  Additionally, Strassmeir was seen in the company of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.  He was arrested once, and every effort was made to release him.  The German GSG-Security Force was deployed to protect him.  Strassmeir had joined white supremacy religious activities in Oklahoma and he trained groups in survival and guerilla operations.

Coordinated efforts by Gehlen’s spy organization used double and triple agents, along with a computer system called the Thule Network.  The bundesnachrichtendienst smuggled Nazi personnel to safe havens in Latin America and the Middle East.

Scientific endeavors by the Reich were typified by Cornelius Jan Bakker, a leading nuclear physicist working on the Southern American Huemel Island, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the political endeavors by Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld of the Netherlands, a founder of the mysterious Bilderberger Group.  Bernhard was a former Nazi SS solider, employee of the I.G. Farben, and official in Butch Oil.

Continued Reunification and Plans

I.G. Farben conducted exotic technology of a laser isotope enrichment facility: the Bariloche Fusion Project.  Argentina’s Juan Peron supposedly owned fusion power.  Likewise, German scientist Ronald W. Richter researched advanced shock wave research, the A-bomb, high spin nuclei, levitation, a torsion bomb, space-time energies and The Bell.  German scientists, along with Walther Geriach and Kurt Drehner, experimented with deuterium in convergent shockwaves beyond hydrogen bomb technology.  Dr. Jose’ A. Balseiro spoke of the use of magnetic field production with lithium-7 and radio frequency generators.

Farrell cites Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s Dark Mission which speaks of deep occult practices that the Nazis similarly operated under.  Lunar landings of 1967 and 1972 happened on Hitler’s birthdate, April 20.

Carlos Miguel Allende wrote letters to Dr. Morris Jessup (1955-1958) speaking of a Philadelphia Experiment, Albert Einstein’s unified Field Theory, and anti-gravity.  A Varo edition talking of the experiment, tells of how Wernher von Braun connected to the German Burkhardt Herm and his theory of sixdimensionalspin and fullquantized spacetime.

A Torbitt document spoke in 1970 of Wernher von Braun and his connection to the John Kennedy assassination.  It was New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison that uncovered in 1967 the Nazi connections to the assassination.  Clay Shaw, a major player in the assassination, vetted Operation Paper Clip Nazis. Operation Paper Clip was an induction of Nazi scientists into America as well as the U.S space program: a front to cover deeper and more crucial technological space programs secretly advanced behind the scenes.

J.P. Morgan and also Nelson Rockefeller were paying big dividends to Martin Bormann through American banks as late as 1967.

Hidden Finance and Technocrats

 Part II

Farrell’s second book in this trilogy, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, speaks of the further advancement of the Fourth Reich.

Farrell speaks of discovered multi-billion dollar slush funds of counterfeit currency described as gold bonds but encoded to mean drugtrading in trading coups used to finance revolutionary technologies such as The Bell and flying saucer experiments.

The trading coups ran under many names.  Operation Golden Lily, Japan’s M-Fund, Foundation X, Operation Bernhard, the 57 Bond, Federal Reserve Bonds, Operation Morganthaus, Federal Reserve Bonds, and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), among others.

Described as a Breakaway Civilization mixing in with special secret technology, this cabal utilized intelligence agents such as Edward Lansdale, whose CIA and intelligence training preceded his, once again, going back to the Philippines to oversee the recovery of the Golden Lily loot.

Lansdale was interfaced with the UFO phenomena, Nazi-CIA International havens, Allen Dulles, and various front organizations, such as Permindex Corporation and World Trade Centers throughout the world (similar to Clay Shaw’s International Trade Mart [1948-1985]).  It became known as The Enterprise.

Clay Shaw’s New Orleans Trade Mart

The Enterprise engineered the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Such ability to accomplish such feats became known as full spectrum dominance.

“…control everything, everywhere, including the high seas, land, air, space and even cyber space…from the galaxy to the mind…to win a war at any level of violence including nuclear war.”  (Covert Wars, p. 215.)

What probably began as discoveries and inventions by the famous scientist of 1908, Nikola Tesla, had been developed by The Enterprise over the years to include weather warfare and various uses of Maser, Laser, X-ray, gamma-wave and scalarquantum potential weapons.  Catherine Austin Fits (former Bush administration assistant financier) said that this Breakaway Civilization had so much money and power that they would have no compunction to obey any laws and would not hesitate using such invisible weaponry.  (p. 272.)

The 1887 Airship Mystery was possibly borne out of the scientific minds of the Senora Aero Club and its parent Nymza from Germany.  The modern Nazi Bell was reminiscent of the Dellschan airships’ NB Gas.

“…what began in the nineteenth  century as a secret ‘Airship’ program,” says Farrell, “quickly morphed in the postwar era into a secret program…the development of technologies that could, to some extent, do double duty, but have the vast system of finance to achieve it.”  (p. 312.)

Several shutdowns and mysterious startups at various missile bases about the globe would indicate the growing advancement of this Airship Cabal, possibly using directed energy weapons—a further progression of fusion experiments in Argentina, and Dr. Ronald Richter’s lithium-7 fusion reactor of rotating plasmas, and zero-point energy.  This UFO phenomenon would indicate “a parallel group owing ultimate allegiance to something supranational,” says Farrell.

Vast Psychotronic Technology

A rogue and breakaway nation operated in esoteric, metaphysical and occult symbolism—vast ritual magic.  Scientist Dr. Jacques Vallee said that UFO sightings and some UFO abductions seemed to be “deliberately designed to be psychotronic technology.”  (pp. 349-350.)

United Kingdom subject Gary McKinnon indicated the vast nature of such a nation when he allegedly tapped into secret U.S. military databases disclosing an extensive, hidden space fleet and program.

Farrell talks about the true nature of this Breakaway Civilization that could “coordinate psychological operations on a truly celestial, cosmic, scale…whose lust for power of all kinds is virtually boundless…manipulation systems of a planetary scale…as the technological capacity of emulation grows, so too does the scale of finance and secrecy.”  (pp. 357-358.)

9/11 Coup d’état

Part III

The third Farrell book in this selected trilogy, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery, is perhaps the most climatic and fatidic tome in this triad:  Farrell centers on the infamous 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers of New York and, again, how the aforementioned Rogue Power used superior events to destroy and terrorize.

Writer Webster Griffin Tarpley is cited that this case, was an orchestrated coup d’état of sponsored synthetic terror.  Again, as mentioned, a Breakaway Civilization was exploiting secret funds, Axis loot, and vast war chests to fund exotic technologies—in this case, a Nazi and German International played a part in the 9/11 fiasco.

Questions Raised

The antics of the suspected hijackers of Flight 77, Mohammed Atta, al-Omari, and Hani Hanjour included erratically rented automobiles, heavily edited videos of themselves, the surprise discovery of their passports, their peculiar packaging of their luggage, suicide notes, and peculiar personal associations, all brought questions against the hijackers.

Mohammed Atta’s association with the Hoffman Aviation flight school was one such suspicious factor.  Rudi Dekkers, owner of the Hoffman Aviation, had a rather risqué criminal past, including smuggling aircraft into the U.S. over the Artic, despite radar tracking by American, British and Russian equipment.

Mohammed Atta had previous flight experience and even attended an International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base.  Hijackers Abdul al-Omari and Sajed al-Ghandi attended similar military flight training at Brooks Air Base in Texas and the Dense Language Institute in Monterray, California.  (pp. 22-23.)

Mysterious parties were leaking vital facts before the actual attacks on 9/11.  Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was aware of the pending attacks and told Washington.  Mubarak was a trained pilot and he also told Washington how impossible it would have been to perform a spiraling descent in which hijacker Hanjour was said to have conducted.

There was Operation Northern Vigilance, a simulation attack with false radar blips in the air traffic control system: these files had been purged.  The Hidden Players threatened that Air Force One was to be attacked next, and demonstrated that they had knowledge of top secret codes.  Apparently, the Pentagon’s five missile defense batteries had been shut down.

Witnesses claimed to have seen a strange aircraft travelling about 500 mph that made a sharp turn; one witness said it resembled a “cruise missile with wings.”  After the attack, data recordings and Black Boxes simply disappeared.  Air Traffic controllers said they saw the aircraft do a strange maneuver on their radar equipment, but Flight 77 transponders had been turned off.  An Amalgam Virgo drill was engineered, however, to produce fake radar blips.  A mysterious Flight X at the Cleveland Airport, according to researcher Michael Rapaport, showed slight-of-hand with passengers.

Wreckage of Flight 93 was strewn over eight miles, indicating it had been shot down while in flight.  There was no debris at the alleged Pentagon crash site.  A second smaller aircraft was witnessed near Flight 93.  One woman said it was a military aircraft.

The Pentagon Blast Site

Patsies and Players

The Bush family, the Bin Ladens (and their Caryle Group), had intimate ties to the CIA and all were used as patsies when Level Three Controllers turned the plans of all four inside out.

Delmart Vreeland appeared to have intimate knowledge of the Level Three Conspirators and gave knowledge of same in a sealed  warning containing shocking details of the 9/11 attacks well before the attacks.  Vreeland was suspected to be connected to American Naval Intelligence.

Vreeland indicated that trillions of dollars had been taken out of the United States Treasury, and he spoke of the Bush’s, the Clintons, and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The use of doubles indicated a higher level of planning. Hanjour al-Hazini and al-Mihdhar were in San Diego through the month of August up to September 8, 2001.  However, they were contradictorily seen on the opposite coast, crossing back to Las Vegas, returning to Baltimore and spending days in Newark.  Likewise, there appeared to be a Ziad Jarrah #1 detained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, while Jarrah #2 was in flight school in Venice, Florida.  (pp. 124-125.)

Farrell says that 46 drills existed closely aligned to the 9/11 events. Researcher Webster Griffin Tarpley said: “Terror events were largely camouflaged, assisted, conducted, and bootlegged through these drills.”

Russian economist and member of President Putin’s inner circle, Dr. Tatyana Koryagana, said that this rogue network, beyond al-Qaeda, had access to a financial war chest of approximately $300 trillion.

Mohammed Atta, through the Carl Duisberg gesellschaft, the I.G. Farben cartel, appeared to be a part of a postwar Fascist Breakaway Empire.

 The ‘Enterprise’ and 9/11 Crimes

More than $100 million in illegal transactions were rushed through the World Trade Center computers before and during the 9/11 disaster.

One such bank was Deutsche Bank (along with Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Jardine Matheson, UBS and HSBC).  Mohammed Atta and many of the 9/11 hijackers, the bin Laden family, the Bush’s, and many others, had kept accounts with Deutsche.

Farrell refers to this polycentric network as the Enterprise which housed hidden code names and words that engineered a slush fund to the tune of trillions of dollars which were used to fund highly secret black technologies.  The Enterprise could hide all trades, all traces, with the use of modified PROMIS software, as everything would become off the record and invisible.

Researcher Laurent Guye’not mentioned that Bryan C. Jack, a Pentagon worker responsible for various aspects of accounting for the American budget, was on board the Pentagon-hijacked-flight.

9/11, Directed Energy, and Mega Rituals

There were several murder weapons used on 9/11, says Farrell, but the ultimate weapon would appear to be some form of directed energy with electromagnetic beams.  While normal explosives and Nano thermite may have been used, the ejecta and plumes from the destructed Tower show something extraordinary was utilized.  There was the disappearance of about 1100 victim-bodies.  There was the matter of a high percentage of nuclear fusion/fission material: barium, yttrium, chromium, tritium, strontium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, and the subsequent cancers to victims (pp. 195-196).

JosephFarrell'sHidden Photo of Tower Plume

Directed Energy


Secret Technology of 9/11

Nazis may have inaugurated this exotic science in March, 1945 at Ohrdruf, Germany using plutonium 239 of extremely high purity with deuterium and tritium to boost yield: chemical laser isotope enrichment technology.  Only Level Three Players could obtain such technology.

Dr. Judy Wood concurred with this in her book, Where Did the Towers Go? (The New Investigation, 2010).  Farrell talks about masers, interometry, and approximately 90,000 tons of concrete converted to a homogeneous mixture consisting of sub-100-micron particles of pyroclastic clouds.  The clouds appeared to be five times the volume of the amount of the original building.  Farrell says about this: “Indeed, ‘intergranular melting’ seems to describe a process where the molecules of steel themselves were exploding internally.”

Destruction of the 9/11  Attack

Farrell speculates about sophisticated phase conjugation in the microwave range of the spectrum using conjugate mirrors of great ability to breakdown material and recombine it again.  He says some unknown spacebased technology was used.

Versions of PROMIS software had been given around the globe to numerous defense contractor networks, such as the Financial Criminal Enforcement Network (FINCEN) and the U.S. Treasury.

The Ultimate Deep Black Magic

Farrell sees 9/11 as the ultimate deep black magic, an alchemical wedding of high technology, mega ritual, and some subconscious Group Mind of the Masses.

The Desolation of 9/11

Farrell quotes at length researcher S.K. Bain’s exposure of 9/11 as ritual magic—the Twin Towers of the Masonic pillars of Jachin and Boaz, Egyptian gods, Pillar of Hercules, the veil of Isis, the Sixteenth Greater Trump of the Tarot Tower, the Twin Towers of Deutsche Bank in Frankfort, and president G.W. Bush’s reading of the story at Booker Elementary, My Pet Goat, symbolizing Baphomet, the sacred androgyny god Pam.  Farrell compares many structures and constructions as C.G. Jung’s meaningful coincidences.

Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koryagina spoke of this Network, Enterprise, and Breakaway Civilization as having access to over $300 trillion, lending to (in the words of Peter Levenda) “a massive magical ritual of human sacrifice” and “technology in the form of exotic means of destruction of the Twin Towers.”

A Player That is Everywhere and Nowhere

Farrell sees this continuation and rise of fascism as “jingoistic plastic patriotism.”  He says:  “Finance of terrorism…technologically sophisticated cyber warfare to exotic weapons of destruction…sacrifice of innocent lives for ultimate evil.”

He continues (p.262):  “Money, power, occult knowledge, exotic technology, and financing in the trillions of dollars, do signify a much deeper player, a player with an unrecognizable center of power, a player everywhere and nowhere.”

The Destruction of 9/11


Farrell owes much credit to numerous researchers who are cited throughout his books: Webster Griffin Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan, Jay Kolar, Daniel Hopsicker, Nafeez Mossaddeg, David Ray Griffin Michael Rupport, E.P. Heidner, Mark H. Gaffney, Eric Hufschmid, Laurent Guyenit, Jim Hoffman and Bonnie Faulkner, Rodney Stich, Peter Lavenda, S.K. Bain, Peer Dale Scott, Gladio Cottrell, John O’Neill, Catherine Austin Fitts,  Michael Busby, Dennis Crenshaw, Richard M. Dolan, Ross Bellant, Martin A. Lee, Jim Marrs, Henry Stevens, Rich C. Hongland, Anthony Sutton, Dr. Judy Wood, and several other dedicated authors.


Steve Erdmann, June 2017, St. Louis.


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The Mysterious Destruction of the Towers




Joseph P. Farrell




Destruction at the 9/11 Site





The Destruction of 9/11




The Desolation of 9/11




The Pentagon Blast Site








Himmler and Bormann




Clay Shaw’s New Orleans Trade Mart



JFK Funeral 11-24-53_1

JFK Funeral Rotunda – November 24th, 1963




By Patrick O’Carroll

(Copyright 2017, Patrick O’Carroll – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


Opening Glossary

“The Beast” is a nickname drawn from the Book of Revelation for the English monarch, which heads the system of organized crime you live in. The Beast has been lucifer’s own representative on earth since 1517.

This nickname turns out to be highly appropriate because, if one takes the Book of Revelation as a pastoral letter written to Christians of every age and generation, then it follows that every age has its own Beast. And, indeed, the LateGreat Britain still observes the ritual outcry “The Beast Is Dead, Long Live The Beast” to commemorate this very fact and to ritually declare that lucifer controls the Beast of the next age, just as lucifer controlled the Beast of the former. The Beast is also the creepy luciferian patron of all worldwide Freemasonry, known to many as the Capo Di Tutti Capi, and it signs into effect laws of its own design while keeping up the joke pretense that it has “nothing” to do with real politics. Many were fooled by this joke pretense.

Executive Summary

We need to see past the question of who pulled the trigger and treat it as being a secondary issue, so that we can focus instead on who gave the go-ahead to assassinate JFK. It will become clear that JFK’s assassination could only have been ordered by the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild). Any other ideas must be ignored or regarded as yet more deception or deceit being deliberately heaped by lucifer, the greatest deceiver of all, on top of an already confused landscape.


We live in a system of organized crime controlled by three wholly-sovereign criminal enterprises:

The City of London (including the Bank of England), which is an offshore crime organization that pays no taxes to anyone or anything. It owns the US Federal Reserve and is thus the sole financial controller of the USA and, today, virtually the outright owner or controller of Wall Street and the S&P 500 (thanks to the relatively new phenomenon called “the Fed’s Trading Desk”. The world’s “Establishment” comprises a loose confederation of the London-New-York power-elites at the top, with supporters, worshippers, devotees, hangers-on and adherents on all continents of the conquered world. The Bank of England and the City of London were directly involved in initiating all major genocides and wars in the world since around 1700.

The House of Rothschild, which owns or controls all the world’s war-making and financial-crisis-creating central-banks in a system of central control via the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. Note: The term “central bank” is an Orwellism (or deliberate misnomer) for an entity that has very little to do with banking and much more to do with creating artificial wars or with pre-designing major world financial crises, the very simple name of the game being to enslave whole countries into paying the Rothschild-controlled central banks compound interest in perpetuity. Along with the staged “cold war”, the staged Korean “war” and the staged Vietnam “war”, the House of Rothschild was directly involved in initiating all major genocides and wars in the world since around 1800.

The Beast’s family, which retained title to the resources of its empire after it pretended to decolonize those countries post-1945, but still owns all mineral rights under the topsoil of many continents such as all diamond and gold wealth in South Africa, Canada, Australia, North America etc. In reality, the Beast’s empire did not disappear after 1945, it just went underground. The Beast continues its empire-building today and regularly awards medals and honors to all those who help it in its heinous cause, e.g. to General Norman Schwarzkopf for helping the Beast re-expand its underground empire deep into Iraq, to Mikhail Gorbachev in gratitude for putting the Russian Bear to sleep (of course only temporarily, in line with the Beast’s secret agenda after it ended its phony, staged “cold war”), or to vaccine-genocider Bill Gates in service to the Beast’s published genocidal agenda that calls for maintaining the world’s population below 1 billion. The Beast’s family was directly involved in initiating all major genocides and wars in the world since around 1600.

The latter three organized-crime outlets might loosely be referred to as “the London-New-York-Axis”, the “London-NY-Axis”, the “Nylon-Axis”, or simply “the World Establishment”. Each of these terror entities is wholly sovereign and can therefore never be touched, even by the very courts of “international law” by which they themselves convict “war criminals” and “terrorists”. Thus, even if the London-NY-Axis is foolish and fails to cover its tracks by arranging plausible deniability for its crimes, it still has its total sovereignty and it cannot be touched by the long arm of the “law”. Each of these three sovereign crime organizations has whole armies of tuxedo assassins, mumbo-jumbo attorneys, terrorists in pinstripes (e.g. Tony Blair or GW Bush) working for it — not to forget its terrorists in blousons (many air-force personnel falsely rationalize their genocide of innocent men, women and children as being somehow non-luciferian). The Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild even have indirect control over the world’s most powerful semi-private empire-building army known as the US Military, which is the international enforcement agency of the Zionist “new world order” under the London-NY-Axis.

Together, these three criminal terror entities stand accused of a very long lost of crimes, including the following:

Since around 1600, the genocide of a grand total of between 400 million and 650 million human beings;

The deployment of all major secret services (in particular the Beast’s MI6, the US CIA and the Rothschild-Zionist Mossad) as tuxedo-assassins in operations creating false-flag terror (most true terrorists actually wear pinstripes and sit in the regimes controlled by the London-NY-Axis, famous real terrorists having included Tony Blair, GHW Bush, Winston Churchill, the Ironing Lady, FDR, Psych Eisenhower etc.);

Owning or controlling all the world’s war-making and financial-crisis-creating central-banks in a system of central control via the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.

Engineering and starting WW1, WW2 and WW3 (the latter using advanced weaponry in the coordinated attacks on New York City on 11 Sept 01 which were orchestrated by the London-NY-Axis, mostly carried out by Rothschild-Zionist Mossad, but covered up so shoddily that most now know the truth. In his Jul 2012 article entitled “Demystifying 9/11; Israel and the Tactics of Mistake”, US Army College Professor Dr Alan Sabrosky explained in detail how Rothschild-Zionist Mossad orchestrated the attacks for the London-NY-Axis, but had not acted alone, i.e. help was at hand from the other tuxedo-terrorist agencies including MI6, the FBI and the CIA). In a 2010 interview Dr Sabrosky stated: “I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period … I showed them an interview with a Danish demolitions expert named Danny Jowenko, and it shows the third building at the World Trade Center going down — WTC7. And they looked at that, and I said, “Now you understand that if one of the buildings was wired for demolition, all of them were wired for demolition”. And that’s it. That’s the tipping point … And what Americans need to understand is that they did it. Mossad did it. And if Americans understand that, Israel’s going to disappear. Israel will flat-ass disappear from this earth … 9/11 has led directly to 60,000 Americans dead and wounded, God knows how many hundreds of thousands of people in other countries that we’ve killed or wounded or made homeless, and it’s an ongoing sore … you know, if Americans ever know that Israel did this, they’re going to scrub them off the earth, and they’re not going to give a rat’s ass – forgive my language – what the cost is. They are not going to care. They will do it. And they should. And they should … It’ll be a bloody, brutal war – and they’re gone. I mean, it’s not even going to be a close contest. And they know that. What they understand, I think, as well, is that their leverage is on the political appointments. Their leverage is not in the uniformed services … the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done … The thing that’s necessary is to tell people: three buildings went down; the third was not hit by a plane, it was wired for controlled demolition; and therefore, all of them were wired for controlled demolition”. By pure “coincidence”, the motto of Rothschild-Zionist Mossad is “Make War By Deception”;

Controlling all major criminal activity on earth, including human trafficking, drugs trafficking (transported into the USA and Europe mostly on NATO military planes, with the DEA and similar agencies in reality deployed to stamp out any small competition for the London-NY-Axis), money laundering, insider trading, smuggling, assassination and “regime change”;

Owning or controlling between 40 and 50 percent of the world’s wealth while simultaneously preaching “Crime Doesn’t Pay” through its monopoly-media and keeping its Babylonian central-bank-controlled debt-slavery system in place so as to retain supreme wealth, distance/indifference and thus control (as George Orwell once epitomized: “if it once became general, wealth would confer no distinction”);

Easily being in a position to engineer the next major war between countries or even continents, to pre-contrive the next world financial “crisis”, or to eliminate by bullet, drone or ridicule any and all opposition to its heinous agenda for world domination;

From Chatham House London, secretly controlling all “governments” of the world (in reality puppet talk-show parliaments) so that they too become killers of mankind (government is always to blame, not some spurious “terror” group, made-up “enemy” or lunatic “anarchist” or “lone gunman”). In reality, government is really by secrecy because the power-elite view humanity as their herd, that has zero Need To Know what is really going on. In other words, government does not have the function of “helping” its people. Quite the opposite in fact, the job of government is to keep the herd duped and trimmed in accordance with power-elite requirements. This is borne out by the very long, genocidal record of the London-NY-Axis. Although, all sane people are well aware that the most intelligent way forward is to decentralize all power and to trim all government-interference to its bare minimum so as to prevent it from doing any more harm, instead the London-NY-Axis wishes government to expand and increase in size every year until it exceeds 70 percent in all leading western economies so that communism can be installed as its final world-control system. In communism, the livestock in the power-elite’s herd are classed as being either Nomenklatura or Proletariat. Hence, no one should ever be so naïve as to believe that the emerging “two-class society” was some coincidence that happened spontaneously. It was the London-NY-Axis plan all along, even before London’s elite banksters trained Marx in the 1840s. In his great books, Professor Antony Sutton’s single most important core finding was that “BANKSTERS SIMPLY LOVE BOLSHEVIKS AND SOCIALISM”;

Being the first to deploy every new low in depravity in the history of warfare such as the first concentration camps, the first terror-bombing of civilians, the first atomic warfare, the first biological warfare and the first chemical warfare. The London-NY-Axis often accused enemies of plotting world domination but never had any quarrel with its own plot for world domination, no that was never even an issue.

In the twenty-first century, the agenda of the London-NY-Axis, widely published across the internet, is to cull the human population to less than 1 billion and to confine these to domed city states. This agenda is progressing according to plan while humanity sleep-walks through the maze of deception and deceit repeated and inculcated by the monopoly-media. Major methods of genocide currently being deployed include vaccines, GM foods, microwaving by cell-phones and cell-phone towers, excitotoxins in food, geo-engineering, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, suppressed cures for cancer, suppressed cures for cardiovascular disease and suppressed cures for other cash-cow “diseases” maintained for depopulation, suppressed cheap-energy and a very broad and expansive deployment of lucifer’s army of Freemasons;

This monolithic axis of evil known as the London-NY-Axis (aka, The Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild) is precisely what President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was referring to in his famous so-called “secret society speech”, delivered on 27 Apr 1961 to the Association of Newspaper Publishers, when he stated:

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

Just over 30 months after giving this speech, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy himself would become probably the single most famous Silenced Dissenter in the entire history of this Axis of Organized Evil. This article is dedicated to his memory on the centenary of his birth (29 May 2017). With many of his assassins still breathing, let us pray that JFK’s death was not in vain!

It is this Axis of Organized Evil that intelligent people everywhere must begin to seriously question, so that the world can finally start freeing itself from a luciferian agenda that foresees total bondage and slavery for its proletariat for ever. And although the earth confers an excess of overabundance for every human being, including energy costing less than one percent of its current price, and although this is widely known by leading scientists, the London-NY-Axis (or “Nylon Axis”) wishes instead to keep its stranglehold over humanity and prevent it from enjoying the fruits of overabundance planned by the Creator.

On 12 Nov 1963, ten days before his assassination, JFK made the following reference to the fact that the London-NY-Axis had even infiltrated the presidency:

“The high office of the president has been used to foment a plot to destroy America’s freedom and before I leave this office, I must inform the citizens of their plight”.

Here, JFK was pointing in particular to the cases of Wilson (who in 1913 sold out the USA to the Federal Reserve, owned by the London-NY-Axis), Roosevelt (who reconstituted a bankrupt USA in 1933 and placed the Fed under the Bank for International Settlements, also controlled by the London-NY-Axis), Truman (who in 1945 obliterated most of Japan’s Christian population in the Nagasaki bombing) and Eisenhower (who in 1945-46 murdered up to 2 million disarmed German soldiers in his Rhine-Meadow concentration camps).

Once you understand the significance of JFK’s assassination, that will open the door to understanding everything that has happened since. JFK’s assassination was a coup d’état that basically silenced all high-level dissent against the establishment of a totalitarian “new world order”. With this understanding comes the responsibility to work against the joint conspiracies of apathy and silence.

If your mindset is “for the system”, then you really need to start questioning whether you yourself are a part of what JFK was referring to as this Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy, i.e. whether you are a part of the problem. If, by your silence, tacit consent or sheer abject apathy you implicitly support it, then you are definitely a part of the problem and you really need to wake up soon because time is of the essence.

How we know for sure that Freemasonry is Luciferian?

The writings of top Freemasons such as Albert Pike and Manly-Palmer Hall expound in great detail on how the Freemasonic godhead is in fact lucifer. The female luciferian trio comprising Madame Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Annie Besant also confirmed this fact separately in their own writings. There is really no need for any further explanation given the hundreds of thousands of links across the internet proving this. If low-level Freemasons (maligned by senior Freemasons as “porch monkeys”) are unaware of this, they only need to spend a few minutes web-searching it to confirm.

How do we know for sure that JFK was definitely NOT a Freemason?

In his 2014 book “Freemasonic Super-Lodges” (“Massoni; Società A Responsabilità Illimitata; La Scoperta Delle Ur-Lodges”, Gioele Magaldi, an Italian grandmaster and a major world authority on Freemasonry, confirmed that JFK was not a Freemason. In this seminal and extraordinary book, Magaldi describes a grand total of 36 luciferian super-lodges operating over all of world politics (over all parliaments, prime-ministers and presidents in the world). He also details the founding in 1964 of the luciferian super-lodge CARROLL OF CARROLLTON in the USA and states that it was to be a “democratic-progressive lodge instituted in honor of Catholic non-Freemason John Fitzgerald Kennedy”. The super-lodge is named after Freemasons of the Irish-Catholic O’Carroll family, who signed all major US founding documents for the state of Maryland, played a significant role in the American “revolution” and later gifted the land for Jesuit Georgetown University to Washington DC. Magaldi named the two most prominent members of this luciferian super-lodge as Senator for Massachusetts Edward Kennedy and Robert-Strange McNamara, secretary of defense, president of Ford and later president of the World Bank.

All other US presidents, even Ronald Reagan, were luciferian-Freemasons. This is not least because, as a matter of course, US presidents are automatically raised to the 33rd degree toward the end of their presidency. In some cases, they are raised even earlier to that degree, such as was for instance the case for DirtyHarry Truman, who went from 32nd degree to 33rd degree after he dropped the atom bomb on Nagasaki, an act that killed most of Japan’s Christians, the chief and ultimate aim of luciferian-Freemasonry having always been the destruction of Christianity and the sacrificing of Christians. Because JFK had never reached the end of his first presidency in Jan 1965, he never got the offer of being inducted into Freemasonry and, if he had, he probably would have declined. Gioele Magaldi’s testimony giving us conclusive proof that JFK never joined lucifer’s army.

Washington DC was originally called Rome and was located on the Virginia-Maryland border, which prompted some to suspect that DC’s luciferian-Freemasonic architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant had deliberately designed a “Rome-Virgin-Mary” connection into American history and folklore.

What Did JFK Know?

In a nutshell, JFK knew, and made speeches about, his key understanding that government (even in the US) was never even by the spurious concept of highly-indirect “democracy” BUT ALWAYS BY TOTAL SECRECY. JFK fully realized that the purpose of all wars was to kill millions of people, traumatize humanity, increase public debt and private central-bankster profits, and to make “world government” seem essential for achieving “peace”.

In more general terms, JFK knew much of the real history and story of the USA:

From his father and many other top power-elite insiders, JFK knew well that the USA is in reality controlled politically by Chatham House London (RIIA) which gives its orders to the CFR (located in the Harold Pratt House mansion on 58 East 68th Street and Park Avenue in the ritzy Upper East Side of Manhattan), and that the CFR takes these orders, Americanizes them and then relays them to Washington DC.

JFK also knew well that the USA is in reality controlled financially by the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild through their complete and outright ownership and/or control over the private New York Federal Reserve Bank and thus over the whole Fed, most of Wall Street and the S&P 500.

JFK was also well aware that the USA is in reality controlled culturally by the Tavistock Institute in London which designs and controls world culture and public opinion. Tavistock has control over Hollywood and over all media forms, from cultural, communicational, advertising, broadcasting, news, print, publishing through to music or recording media. Examples of Tavistock’s control include Cultural Marxism, including Political Correctness which is an Orwellism for gagging free speech under the guise of “politeness”, and Tavistock English, which manufactured most Orwellian terms since WW2 such as “Conspiracy Theorist” (a 1960s Orwellism for any sane person who questioned the ludicrous official-truth “lone-gunman” narrative for JFK’s assassination. Of course, because conspiracy never had anything to do with theory, there never has been a conspiracy theory in all of history, which gives the lie to this nonsensical Tavistock term).

JFK may well have known that the “cold war” was a total fake designed to milk the taxpayers of both eastern and western blocs for decades in payment for military apparatus which may well have remained totally untested, and designed to pummel western society into readiness for world communism under the UN. We all know now that the enemy threat or menace was a total fraud and that all steps of the “cold war” were choreographed by the London-NY-Axis and its puppet organization, the UN. If, in truth, JFK did not know that the “cold war” was staged, then he must have been genuinely duped. But if he did know, then during the staged Cuban missile “crisis”, he must only have been acting out a pre-scripted role, and that would have been the only case in which his loyalty to the American people may not have been completely beyond reproach.

The Cuban missile “Crisis”

In his 1968 book, “Dagger in the Heart”, Mario Lazo made it clear how absurd the Cuban missile “crisis” (or said movie production) had been. In 1962, the US had a fleet of Polaris submarines, any one of which could have delivered more destruction than all WW2 bombs combined. But the Russians did not have a single nuclear submarine. Furthermore, the US had over 600 B52s that could have struck Russia with nukes, whereas the Russians (at that time) did not have a single bomber that could have reached US shores. In other words, in 1962, the USA had a first-strike capability but Russia had none. Hence, the idea that the Russians would play a “game of chicken” over missiles in Cuba was totally ridiculous because, if war had erupted, it was a given that Russia alone would have been turned to toast far more quickly than the USA, and that the US would have at least survived (albeit in the midst of a nuclear winter presumably affecting all of Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America). The Russians knew that, so let us all agree to call the Cuban missile “crisis” and the “cold war” itself what they really were, i.e. artificially contrived non-events. If anything, the Cuban missile “crisis” only served to scare the world half to death and reinforce the belief that citizens needed to keep paying more interest to central-banksters and more money to London-NY-Axis arms manufacturers who would promise in return to “keep them safe”. In reality, the whole “cold war” was luciferian-Freemasonic deception at its very best.

Today, North Korea is the current “controlled-opposition” puppet the London-NY-Axis is deploying to stoke up yet another war for the S&P War Economy, to which most western economies have become addicted. Because North Korea was a child of Chatham House and its staged “cold war”, the whole world knows that it follows logically that North Korea is controlled by the London-NY-Axis. Even North Korea’s leader wears costumes designed by Tavistock, which still ape Mao Zedong (a London-NY-Axis agent picked and placed in power by the Skull & Bones organization called Yale In China). The world needs to stop this madness immediately. Surely the Christians of America can demand their leadership end America’s economic dependency on having yet more artificial foreign wars created to generate business so as to keep lazy and uninventive corporations from having to face harsh market realities!

What did JFK try to do?

In a word, JFK tried to save humanity from enslavement to the “new world order” under the London-NY-Axis. In broader terms, JFK tried to establish a “New Camelot” in which all voices at the round table of true democracy would have an equal say in “Camelotian Affairs”. But, in order to establish for the very first time a system of true democracy in the USA, JFK knew that he would have to go against the monolithic Axis of Organized Evil known as the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild) and against its ancient luciferian Mafia-like system of centralized control. Was JFK the last man in history who could have foiled lucifer’s totalitarian “new world order”? And did he give his life to foil it?

In more concrete terms, JFK did four things, all of which angered the London-NY-Axis severely:

JFK went against the CIA: On 29 Nov 1961, JFK fired CIA director Allen Dulles. JFK knew well that Dulles was a long distance above him in the real power hierarchy structure because Dulles had even coordinated WW2 for the London-NY-Axis from Bern, Switzerland. JFK also fired CIA deputy-director General Charles Cabell and CIA reconnaissance officer Richard Bissell. JFK was also angry at how the CIA was associating with the very mobsters he was trying to put in jail. Some of JFK’s confidants stated that he had also threatened to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” but this remained unverified;

JFK went against the Fed: On 4 Jun 1963, JFK signed executive order EO 11110 which obliged the US Treasury to issue silver certificates, thus threatening to remove the Federal Reserve’s money-printing monopoly and strip it of its power. JFK knew that the Fed was clearly illegal under the USA’s constitution, being yet another a private central bank. However, because the Fed is owned and controlled fully by the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild) and because the Rothschilds in particular did not wish this monopoly, as one of the biggest artificial cash cows in all of human history, to get destroyed, the London-NY-Axis gave the go-ahead to have JFK assassinated;

JFK went against Zionism: On 5 Jul 1963, in a letter to the new Israeli prime-minister, Levi Eshkol, JFK demanded that the USA get to inspect Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility and stated that he wanted it dismantled. This, most of all, angered London’s House of Rothschild which had launched Zionism and which owns or controls Israel (having started to buy up land in Palestine in 1829) and which deploys Mossad as its own private mercenary squad of terrorists. Mordechai Vanunu later fingered Israeli defense-minister David ben-Gurion as having played a key role in the plot to assassinate JFK;

JFK went against the S&P War Economy (also known as War Incorporated): On 2 Oct 1963, JFK ordered US forces to begin withdrawing from SE Asia and to complete their withdrawal by the end of 1965. This put paid to London-NY-Axis hopes for the war they desperately wanted to expand, both for genocide and profit (with the promise of a major oilfield located off the Vietnamese coast too);

By challenging the London-NY-Axis so blatantly on all these core and central issues, JFK had already thrown caution to the wind and he must have sensed that he was not long for this world. Some have theorized that JFK may have known his own chronic lower-back illness was terminal, but that always sounded a bit farfetched. None of JFK’s successors ever made a sound about going against the CIA, the Fed, Zionism or the S&P War Economy.

The Unaltered Z Film

The original unaltered Z film is in the possession of the major mil-intel agencies.

In it, driver William Greer takes a very wide turn onto Elm Street. Then, JFK is first hit in the back and stands up to shout “I’ve been shot”.

Next, JFK is hit in the neck but is probably still alive because all the other 14 bullets missed him. At this point, the assassins have almost failed so they are obliged to play their final card, although they had never even bargained with having to play it. The next thing the unaltered Z film shows is a CIA operative walking down the middle of Elm Street holding up his left hand giving Greer the sign to stop.

So Greer brings the limousine to a complete standstill at a point painted on the curb (still visible today).

From Zapruder’s standpoint, the limousine is now completely stationary behind the Stemmons Freeway sign.

Next, Jack-Alan Lawrence fires the final headshot from the storm-drain, Greer looks back to confirm and then guns the engine to drive off. One truly nasty aspect about the power-elite’s animated Z film was that it tried to paint Jackie in almost a bad light.

One amazing frame from an intact segment of undoctored Z film (discovered by Robert Morningstar in 2013) shows Jackie heroically engaged in a full embrace of her dying (or already dead) husband. This frame and as many as 100 other were deleted, omitted completely.

Its omission was ordered to give Jackie the appearance having acted in a fear and “panic” to escape the slaughter.

This newly discovered “Z frame” actually shows Jackie fully embracing her dying husband.

This scene and other reactions are deleted from the doctored version of the Zapruder Film.


Why all the Luciferian symbolism?

In any case, in true luciferian style, the London-NY-Axis organized JFK’s assassination to take place publicly on the 33rd parallel (in Dallas), on 22 Nov (where 22+11=33). Of course they could have poisoned him privately, it would have been much easier. But a private or even slow poisoning would never have given the assassins the triple effect of traumatizing (and thus mind-controlling) the public, of warning all current or future insiders never to step out of line and of reaping all the benefits in terms of economics, politics, mockery and alchemical sorcery.

They even sent the Umbrella Man, intended both as a signaler and a send-up of Neville Chamberlain, to mock the dying JFK (for his father Joseph’s appeasement views as US ambassador to the Late Great Britain from 1938 till 1940).

Jay Parker, who was raised in a luciferian family in Arden Delaware, stated that he overheard his parents, both practicing luciferians, talking about the assassination afterwards and saying that “their” main luciferian conspirator on the ground in Dallas on that day had been none other than limousine driver William Greer of Stewartstown Ireland, but not revealing the source of this knowledge. Of all the conspirators, it does have to be acknowledged that Greer did undeniably play a crucial role on the day.

If it had not been for the fact that Greer stopped JFK’s limousine at a point painted on the curbside (still visible today), so that Jack Alan Lawrence could shoot JFK in the head from the storm-drain roughly just 15 feet away, JFK might actually have survived.

The key to understanding this is the knowledge that the doctored Z Film was a fake film and that JFK’s limousine was actually stationary when the headshot arrived, just as fifty eyewitnesses had indeed testified.  But if JFK had survived, who knows what additional killers would have been waiting at the hospital, among the personnel “guarding” him, in an ambulance, in Air Force One, or weeks later in DC or elsewhere?  The real assassins were so powerful that they would get many opportunities.  They only had to get lucky once, whereas poor JFK had to be lucky every time.

Clyde Haygood - Dallas PD 11-22-1963

Officer Clyde Haygood, a patrolman from JFK’s motorcade, parks his motorbike to look down into the storm-drain from where he had just heard the final headshot being fired by Jack Alan Lawrence at JFK, who was around 15 feet away, riding in the stationary presidential limousine

Apart from assassinating JFK on their Freemasonic ritual 33rd degree parallel, the luciferian-Freemasons also decided to commit the atrocity in accordance with luciferian-Freemasonry’s “Killing of the King” rite from its single most important piece of mythology, the murder of grandmaster Hiram Abiff in the midday sun by three “ruffians” who deliver blows to his throat, his chest, and a final “hammer blow” to his head.

Like Hiram Abiff, JFK was shot three times and given the very same wounds.  The official-truth narrative for JFK’s death was an extremist reenactment of this mythology, at the end of which one “ruffian” exclaims:

“What shall we do?  We have killed our grandmaster, Hiram Abiff”.  

Considered the “birthplace of Dallas”, Dealey Plaza features an obelisk, a Freemasonic monument, which had been erected in 1940 and is topped with a “torch of illumination” to represent their “godhead,” namely, Lucifer.

They laid the symbolic metaphors on “very thick,’ using a big Freemasonic trowel, because the photograph of the “three (3) hoboes” gave a clear message to all the insider luciferian-Freemasons who were watching.

All Freemasons would have immediately recognized their “three ruffians” from the very same rite of Hiram Abiff.

The message was at once one of triumphal celebration and a severe warning to all members of their hierarchy never to step out of line.  

This ritual symbolism is the unmistakable calling card of luciferian-Freemasonic murder.  It is the appearance of Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum, the three (3) “unworthy craftsmen” of temple burlesque “that will not be blamed for nothing”.

The Freemasons deemed this ritual-luciferian symbolism necessary for purely emblematic reasons in order to accomplish their alchemical intention, which was the “Killing of the King of Camelot”, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

More symbolism can be seen in the name Oswald, Oz being the diminutive of Oswald and a frequently used designation in military intelligence because, to them, Oz signifies “divine power”. Since luciferian-Freemasons are crazy about the number three, they included more threes in the official-truth narrative than the law of averages could ever have come up with:

The triangle of streets on Dealey Plaza, the three shots in the “lone-gunman” narrative (though we counted up to twenty, with LH Oswald probably never even firing), the Plaza sitting on a three-acre plot, the triple underpass, the nearby Trinity River, the third year of JFK’s presidency, and, of course, the “three hoboes”.

One more possible ritual or emblematic symbol was the spooky number plate of JFK’s limousine, which was GG-300. This might well have been a calling card from the Committee of 300, still headed today by the Beast in London.

However, because JFK’s assassination was enacted by luciferian-Freemasons, its ultimate purpose cannot be viewed as having merely to do with just politics or economics, because it had just as much to do with alchemical sorcery.

The control of the dreaming mind and the marshaling of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation.

Something died in the American people on 22 Nov 1963; some call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence. But the transformation and enslavement of human minds by this sorcery was the very reason or ultimate motive behind the assassination, which was the signpost for humanity’s entry into savage new times of total enslavement to the “new world order” under the London-NY-Axis.

This same alchemical sorcery is what luciferian-Freemasons use in all their businesses designed to turn “nothing into something,” which is their equivalent of turning dull lead into gold. Alchemical sorcerers are nothing but Kabbalistic black magicians, and the Kaballah is essentially a system of black magic for creating something out of nothing. Kabbalists believe that magic controls reality. Famous business sectors and projects based on sheer alchemical sorcery to create “money for nothing” have included:

Deceitful Advertising (generating sales for what many people do not really need);

Deceitful Marketing (artificial markets for things few people really need);

Money Printing;

Banking (amateurs rob a bank, professionals found one);

Central-Banking (to create artificial wars and financial “crises” so as to enslave nations into paying interest in perpetuity to central-banksters);

Pump-and-Dump stock and forex scams;

The whole Financial System;

Financial Derivatives (un-indemnified financial obligations);

Synthetic Medicine (except for dentistry and for necessary, i.e. non-elective, surgery);

Pseudoscience (including psychiatry, fake scientists and dubious “laws” of thermodynamics);


Television (hypnosis to maintain support for the totalitarian system);

the Monopolized Media (never even a mention of the CFR, Chatham House or rule by total secrecy);

the Sovietized “Education” System (including all common-core “standards” for killing common sense);

Movies (no end of happy endings or of celluloid Big Macs);

Movie Stardom (somewhere over the rainbow …);

Mickey Mouse & Co;

Celebrity Gossip (total preoccupation to divert attention from the real deal);

Pop Music (so many deceitful lyrics);

Pop Stardom (“… money for nothing and your chicks for free …”);

Fast Food and French Fries;

Coca Cola, Pepsi and other soda dispensers;

Soccer (the dumbest “sport” ever standardized by Freemasons, with spectators brainwashed into acting excited by its “statistically most-probable latest score-line” which is nil-all, 0-0 or double-goose-egg);

TV Sports and the Olympics (escapist distraction);

The Tax System (let us cut this “magic” to the bone);

Government interference (let us also cut this “magic” to the bone);

Red Tape and superfluous Legal Regulations (designed to drive small firms out of business);

The War Economy (an oxymoron, as Frédéric Bastiat’s Paradox easily demonstrates);

The UN (peace is possible by scrapping central-banks, thus preventing usurers from creating wars);

The entire Freemasonic political system (Tweedledum versus Tweedle-Dumdum);

PNAC’s “magical” Sept 2000 call for a “New Pearl Harbor” and, of course, …;

Larry Silverstein’s “magic” WTC Insurance Policy (listed last but, by no means, least).

The magician’s fingerprints are all over these deals and ventures.

Perhaps the biggest magician’s trick of all was to convince people that they actually need magicians controlling them in the first place. But they do not!

If you work in any of these “magic” sectors, then it now occur to you that you may be engaged in conjuring business and more shades of green for the Great Magician, the Wizard of Oz. Or was that job a form of useless labor having no real relevance whatsoever in a truly Christian economy?

It’s all perception management!

It is all perception, and luciferian-Freemasons prefer perception to be managed. As Orwell put it: “All rulers in all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers”. luciferians even rationalize that their audience really WANTS to be deceived because it is such a willing participant in its own deception. But, in any case, the luciferian-Freemasons know well that the magician’s trick will only work properly if the magician can himself properly manage the audience’s perception. So enter the “official-truth narrative” for JFK’s assassination.

By framing the whole narrative down to the highly oblique question of whether a “crazy lone gunman” had acted alone or not, the luciferian-Freemasons managed to create a kind of Keystone Cops Tragicomedy with a magic ladder having only one false step after another. Behind the scenes, the real assassins were like an alchemical riddle several orders of magnitude above the ordinary pedestrian. Various books and movies were launched by the CIA in the scope of its Operation Mockingbird to send the public on a decades-long wild-goose chase about the “lone gunman”, the “magic bullet”, Castro, the KGB, the mob, the Z Film, the Texas rightwing, dozens of suspects and no end of empty speculation. But these only served to mislead, deliberately confuse and demoralize people all the more.

So was a true word ever spoken about JFK’s assassination, if not directly, then perhaps indirectly?



The Clue of All Clues from the Movies

The movies Godfather I (1972) and Godfather II (1974) were not only controversial for making blunt statements such as “You Can Kill Anyone,” they were also revolutionary in revealing very many inside details about how the world’s political system (also known as organized crime) really works.

If the viewer can somehow see past their often quite violent aspects, these two movies are truly priceless for their highly accurate depictions of real world politics. Very few films before or since have ever revealed so much about how the world power system operates, making the first two Godfather movies possibly the best movies of all, but the viewer also needs to participate and do some contemplating.

The Clue of All Clues

Let us focus for one moment on that part of the second Godfather movie where Michael Corleone confronts Hyman Roth in Cuba over the assassination of a politically prominent member of the Corleone family known as Frank Pentangeli. The (abridged) dialogue goes something like this:

Michael Corleone: Who had Frank Pentangeli killed?

Hyman Roth (hesitates): The … Rosato Brothers.

Michael Corleone: I know. BUT WHO GAVE THE GO-AHEAD?  I know I didn’t!

Hyman Roth (vexed): … when [my good friend] Moe Green turned up dead [probably murdered on your order], I let it go … I didn’t ask who gave the order because it had nothing to do with business …

Video clips from “The Godfather” are here:”&gt;”&gt;”>

Although this movie clip is very short, it does manage to openly reveal two absolutely vital details about JFK’s assassination if we follow it carefully and simply reflect. Both screenwriters, Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola, were well aware of the world’s biggest organized-crime syndicate called the London-NY-Axis because their fathers had both worked directly for the Italian mob, which was only ever just a tiny part of this much larger system. The two vital details the screenwriters reveal here are:

In any system of organized crime since time immemorial, a member cannot simply take it upon himself to assassinate a prominent person who is higher than he in the hierarchy, unless he first gets the green light to do so from a hierarchy level above the prominent target in question.

In any system of organized crime since time immemorial, the insiders could care less who actually pulled the trigger because that is about as interesting or relevant as the name of the nag that won the last 3 o’clock horserace they fixed.

The first detail shows us that minor players, who have been speculated upon for decades, must actually be eliminated from any blame for giving the order, even if they still may have participated in the events in Dallas on that day. That means Lyndon B Johnson, Richard Nixon and GHW Bush, although closely tied to JFK’s assassination, could not have given the order because they did not outrank JFK.

Fidel Castro, a 33rd-degree luciferian-Freemason controlled by the London-NY-Axis, could never have given the order for the very same reason.

The fact that the Kennedys went against the Italian mob was also fairly irrelevant. That was just something that mob bosses would have to grin and bear on account of their relatively low level within the London-NY-Axis crime system.

In order to assassinate a US president, whose position in the hierarchy is very high not least because of his worldwide prominence, you first need to get the green light from the very top, i.e. from the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild.

It could ONLY have been the London-NY-Axis that gave the order to assassinate JFK. He had shown too much guts and determination in standing up to them. Any rational, knowledgeable or intelligent person can draw no other conclusion but this, and no other conclusion under the sun. There is just no other answer to the question!

Implicitly, screenwriters Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola put the following words in Michael Corleone’s mouth: “Do NOT try to tell me that a prominent member of our hierarchy could be assassinated without prior approval from above!”. And Hyman Roth does not even argue the point.

The second detail shows us that all insiders were well aware that the “lone gunman” story had been deployed as a red herring to keep attention off the far more important question of who gave the order. But just as Michael Corleone could care less who actually pulled the trigger on Frank Pentangeli, all insiders knew that LH Oswald’s nonparticipation or participation in the assassination of JFK was a footnote detail which was totally irrelevant in the much broader context.

If the mainstream-media had claimed that Tony Curtis dressed as Marilyn Monroe had pulled the trigger, it would scarcely have made any difference. The whole LH Oswald story has to qualify as one of the cleverest diversionary tactics deployed in the whole twentieth century. It could only have been dreamt up by lucifer’s own command-post in London, which has controlled the USA outright since 1913. But the conspirators knew well that the “lone gunman” story simply HAD to stand as the last line of defense in preventing unpleasant questions from coming their way. The actual shooters were drawn from among the various groups that were already gathered in Texas, Louisiana and Florida at the time: disaffected Cuban exiles, mobsters, friends of Nixon (Ruby), friends of Lyndon B Johnson (Malcolm Wallace) and very many operatives and friends of the CIA.

In the decades following the 1960s, at least two Mafia capos testified on record that NO ONE could assassinate a US president or congressman without the express permission from the Beast and “the other High Contracting Powers”. Countless other Mafia people stated the exact same off the record. This was yet more confirmation from insiders who had a grasp of the system of organized crime in which we all live. It is really beyond any question or doubt that those who gave the order to assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last uncontrolled president of the USA, could ONLY have been the London-NY-Axis. They were the only ones who had the power or authority.

Because first impressions last, the power-elite deployed a large army of luciferian-Freemasons to disseminate, instill and reemphasize the “lone gunman” story which was successfully uploaded into the public psyche thanks to (or piggybacking on) the trauma caused by the shock of JFK’s death. These luciferian-Freemasons included:

Walter Cronkite of CBS, whose voiceover is still used today for the luciferian human-sacrifice ritual called the Cremation of Care held in front of a 13-meter-high stone owl called Moloch (the luciferian god of war in Freemasonic lodges such as Skull & Bones) by the coven of warlocks called Bohemian Grove that meets in Monte Rio, Northern California, every July for the ritual and whose member Jack London attested to eating human flesh there;

Don Pardo of NBC;

Abraham Zapruder, who gave his film to be doctored by the power-elite so that they could present a fake narrative and who got raised from 32nd degree to 33rd degree after recording his Z film;

Jacob Leonard Rubenstein (Jack Ruby);

Lyndon B Johnson, who was one of the conspirators; Lyndon B Johnson had foreknowledge and he hit the deck the second his own limousine turned onto Elm Street. Johnson got promoted to president in the immediate aftermath of JFK’s assassination;

Richard M Nixon, who had ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion;

A very long time ago, the CIA itself verified that false narratives are most easily or most successfully uploaded as “truth” into people’s minds in the moments while they are being subjected to trauma. This is the vital key to so-called trauma-based mind-control (such as the MK-ULTRA program carried out by the NSDAP and its successor organization, the CIA). They know well that, in any false-flag attack, it is better if the “official-truth narrative” is already finalized in those moments and hours when the public is at its most traumatized, because the public can then be most easily deceived because deception is so easy to slip into the traumatized human mind. If Walter Cronkite, Don Pardo and many other luciferian-Freemasons around the world had not had the finalized “official-truth narrative” ready immediately after the assassination, then the conspirators would have certainly failed to upload the bogus LH Oswald story convincingly into the public psyche when they did. Similarly, on 11 Sept 2001, the trauma caused by the London-NY-Axis attacks on New York City (carried out by Rothschild-Zionist Mossad) was also a key element deployed (or piggybacked upon) to upload into the public psyche the fake but finalized “official-truth narrative” relating to box-cutter-wielding Muslims, many of whom later showed up alive, but none of whom ever made it to the FBI’s Most Wanted lists.

It has also been rumored for many decades that an untarnished film of JFK’s assassination exists, professionally recorded on the day by very many cameras at very many angles, allegedly by the FBI. Furthermore, these rumors maintain that this “pristine film” is shown to every US president after he is freshly sworn in, so as to reiterate the power-elite warning never to step out of line. Countless leading researchers, including Jim Marrs, have stated that their mil-intel sources confirmed both the existence and purpose of this “pristine film”.

How We Know that the World’s Intelligence Agencies Work Together?

All major intelligence agencies of the world are united under the Omega Agency which is another London-NY-Axis control mechanism. The master-plan of the London-NY-Axis provides that the Omega Agency is to be the sole intelligence agency under a world government, i.e. if a soviet takeover by the UN or the Technocratic World Union ever succeeds. The Omega Agency answers ultimately to the London-NY-Axis and it includes the LateGreat Britain’s MI6, the USA’s CIA, France’s DGSE, Germany’s BND, Israel’s Mossad, China’s MSS and Russia’s SVR, which are currently all working together and slated for disbandment after the intended soviet takeover. In addition to the latter seven agencies, most of the world’s other intelligence agencies are tied in to the Omega Agency. Members of its council are known to have included GHW Bush and Alexander Haig (who blabbed “I’m in charge now” after President Reagan was shot on 30 Mar 1981). The boss of the Omega Agency goes by the cryptonym Zodiac. Another well-known member of Omega was dark-occultist Gene Roddenberry (cryptonym meaning “the gene of the red berry”) and its existence was publicly acknowledged by both John Glenn and Hillary Clinton.

The fact that the world’s great powers have been working together for over two centuries is evidenced from the strong presence of the Beast’s mil-intel in steering the Russian “revolution”, but also by cases such as General Reinhard Gehlen (also known as Hitler’s Superspy), who served not only in the NSDAP but also, after WW2, in both the CIA and Mossad. Gehlen spoke fluent Hebrew, was given the new identity Hans Holbein by the London-NY-Axis and he later went on to found Germany’s Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst (BND) in 1956.

Another key event in which multiple intelligence agencies were clearly working together was of course 11 Sept, with Mossad, MI6 and the CIA all proven clearly to have played key roles and the other agencies maintaining their silence thus far, although Putin recently threatened to play one of his trump cards against the west by telling the truth about 11 Sept. On the other hand, over the past decade, senior US officials, such as US Army College Professor Dr Alan Sabrosky, already acknowledged the truth by explaining in detail how Rothschild-Zionist Mossad carried out the attacks for the London-NY-Axis, but had not acted alone (i.e. MI6, the CIA and the FBI were also involved). Although this should have been the very trigger the world needed to collapse the London-NY-Axis house of cards, the Rothschild-owned-and-controlled monopoly-media have thus far managed to hide it.

By all accounts, Putin’s threat did scare the living daylights out of the London-NY-Axis because it would be the first time at least two centuries where a major power actually had the temerity to call the London-NY-Axis out on its own faked narratives and official-truth histories, a step not even Germany managed to take despite being crushed, enslaved and otherwise continually victimized by the effects of the first two world wars which, irrefutably, were both started by the London-NY-Axis. Few realize that 20 million German civilians were genocided by the London-NY-Axis after WW2.

What we now know for sure about JFK’s Assassination on 22 Nov 1963

In 2013, Robert D Morningstar, one of the world’s leading experts on the JFK assassination, delivered two major and quite astonishing clues that proved absolutely vital to finally solving of the riddle of JFK’s assassination: First, the Z Film was faked, and, second, Officer JD Tippit, whose nicknames on the Dallas police force had been “Jack” and “JFK”, had actually been initiated into the conspiracy as a shooter and as a dupe to play JFK as his “facsimile in death”.

Abraham Zapruder was a 32nd degree luciferian-Freemason (raised to the 33rd degree after filming) who was tied to the CIA and to George de Mohrenschildt, and who was allowed to make a fortune from the sale and resale of the Z Film although it was illegal to sell public evidence. HL Hunt bought the original from Zapruder so that the power-elite could transform it into an animated movie now known as “the Doctored Z Film”. In the doctored Z Film, the shadows of some people have a markedly different direction to those of lampposts. The doctored Z Film contradicts reliable records such as Mary Moorman’s photo. The doctored Z Film shows Mary Moorman herself enlarged by roughly 30 percent and a running woman in frame 312 having a height of around 7 feet when compared to the 14-foot lampposts. Frames are missing to omit driver William Greer’s wide turn onto Elm Street. The onlookers on the near side of Elm Street are totally motionless and do not match the persons shown in several genuine photos. These onlookers may well be covering up yet more CIA operatives.

According to French journalist William Reymond, in his 1998 book “JFK, Autopsie d’un Crime d’État”, French mil-intel has the unaltered version of the Z Film in its possession (probably HL Hunt’s original) which Reymond viewed and then testified that it shows much more than the doctored Z Film does. In the unaltered Z Film, Greer’s turn onto Elm Street is so wide that he almost hits the far curb, which apparently ruins the first shooter’s aim. Then, behind the Stemmons Freeway sign, Greer brings JFK’s limousine to a COMPLETE STANDSTILL for roughly two whole seconds.

Roughly fifty eyewitnesses gave testimony that they saw the limousine coming to a complete standstill. Some of these people were such an inconvenience to the official-truth narrative that the CIA had them promoted into the afterlife.

JFK has been shot first in the back, and actually stands up to shout “I’ve been shot”, and then in the neck. So, when the next shooter shoots, JFK may be already dead or is dying. Although the doctored Z Film shows the shot hitting JFK in the head from the front (at around the temporal lobe), this shot is now known to have come from a subterranean location, the storm-drain, and to have been delivered by Jack-Alan Lawrence who escaped through the Dallas sewer system and out through a culvert near his workplace.

A detailed testimony from Rich Dellarosa (who saw the unaltered Zapruder film in 1974 while a student at the University of Maryland) corroborated Reymond’s version of events. But because JFK had also been shot in the head from behind (at around the occipital lobe), the conspirators were forced to actually switch his body.

Enter Officer JD Tippit (whose colleagues nicknamed him JFK). Tippit had been inducted into the conspiracy but did not know his specific purpose as a double until, according to eyewitnesses, he was ambushed at 10th Street and Patton Avenue by two assassins who executed him surgically in accordance with the required bullet counts and shot angles, i.e. in accordance with the exact same configuration prearranged to match the official-truth narrative for JFK. That is why the autopsies at Parkland and Bethesda Hospitals (a week apart) were different.

JFK is buried at an unknown location, if at all, whereas Tippit is buried in Arlington Cemetery in his place. Bobby and Jackie Kennedy decided on a closed-casket funeral after the following exchange:

Bobby: “It doesn’t look a bit like him.”

Jackie: “It isn’t Jack. That looks like something you would find at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum!”

The eternal flame on the grave is more occult luciferian-Freemasonic mockery directed at JFK.

Most JFK disclosure-documentaries such as “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” (1988), and even Oliver Stone’s very-poorly-acted movie “JFK” (1991), were psy-ops (psychological operations) sponsored by the CIA to carefully steer the public toward the wrong conclusions and away from the entity that gave the order, which was of course the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild).

The Rogues Roster; The Middle-Management

In the organized-crime system in which we live, the black hats and white hats all do business with each other. Never in history was it any different. Just as the CIA has always seen past hiring Mafia hit-men, the very top brass of the system, the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild, are also just as involved in the criminal side of things as they are in their “philanthropy business” which they deploy to dupe the public into thinking they are good, with their monopoly-media reinforcing these joke pretenses.

Lyndon B Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, testified that the following men gathered at the home of oilman Clint Murchison on 21 Nov 63 to toast JFK’s imminent demise and to finalize details for his assassination:

Clint Murchison (oilman);

Lyndon B Johnson (arrived late);

J Edgar Vacuum-Cleaner (the USA’s biggest crook) and his homosexual escort Clyde Tolson, both of whom stood to lose millions they had invested in Murchison’s oil business if JFK lived (J Edgar Vacuum-Cleaner also knew that JFK wanted to replace him as head of the FBI);

Thatcher Brown and James Brown (the two Brown partners of Brown Brothers Harriman);

Clifton Carter (advisor to Lyndon B Johnson);

John Connally (Texas governor);

Ralph Yarborough (Texas senator);

Joseph Civello (Dallas Mafia boss);

Earle Cabell (Dallas mayor and brother of General Charles Cabell, a CIA officer fired by JFK);

John Jay McCloy (head of Chase Manhattan Bank);

Carlos Marcello (New Orleans Mafia boss);

Jack Ruby (Dallas nightclub owner who had worked for Nixon in 1947 as an informer);

Richard M Nixon (puppet working for and financed by Prescott Bush);

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (HL Hunt), (oilman);

Amon G Carter (Texas publisher);

Malcolm Wallace (main sniper in Texas School Book Depository, 6th floor, worked for Lyndon B Johnson, with Billie Sol Estes claiming that Lyndon B Johnson had had his sister, Josefa Johnson, murdered on 25 Dec 1961, perhaps with Wallace’s help).

The latter crew might be considered the middle-management team involved in JFK’s assassination. The money for the hit-men was to come from the oil firms so that there would be no way of tracing it back to the mob or to the CIA. Each hit-team was to have a main sniper, a radioman and a backup-sniper who could take over if the main sniper wanted to back out at the last moment. Each team was to be guarded by more assassins, mainly Cubans, who would make sure that the teams did not get interfered with.

The Rogues Roster: The Lower-Management

The lower-management team involved in JFK’s assassination included the following assortment of black-and-white hats working together:

Allen Dulles (CIA director);

Major General Edward Lansdale (CIA officer);

David Atlee Phillips (CIA officer);

William King Harvey (CIA head of Executive Action, the CIA’s assassinations unit);

Agent Emory Roberts (who ordered Agent Henry Rybka to stand down when he tried to take up position to guard JFK as he drove into Dallas. That opened JFK up to a field of fire from almost all directions);

Harry Weatherford (Dallas deputy sheriff who guarded the sniper on the County Records Building);

Jack Crichton (oilman);

GHW Bush (member of CIA Operation 40 and oilman, who parroted the “official-truth narrative” on dozens of occasions and for decades BUT TO NO AVAIL);

General Charles Cabell (CIA officer fired by JFK, brother of Dallas mayor Earle Cabell);

Richard Bissell (CIA officer);

George Lumpkin (Dallas police chief);

Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmayer (Texas army-intelligence);

Richard Cain (radioman and spy in the Chicago police force for Mafia boss Sam Giancana);

Charles Voyde Harrelson (sniper and “hobo” on the grassy knoll, father of actor Woody Harrelson);

Gerry Patrick Hemming (US mercenary who later said he was offered money to assassinate JFK);

Ignacio Novo Sampol (Cuban hit-man, located in the Texas School Book Depository);

Guillermo Novo Sampol (Cuban hit-man);

Pedro Luis Díaz Lanz (Cuban pilot);

Jean Soutre (French OAS paramilitary, also known as Michel Mertz and Michel Roux);

Lucien Sarti (Corsican assassin);

Antonio Veciana (Cuban assassin);

Orlando Bosch Ávila (Cuban CIA operative);

E Howard Hunt (“hobo” on the grassy knoll, CIA agent who gave a deathbed testimony without remorse);

Tosh Plumlee (CIA pilot who flew several of the assassins into Dallas Love Field);

David Ferrie (getaway pilot and driver);

Clay Shaw (New Orleans businessman prosecuted by DA James Garrison);

Guy Banister (FBI agent);

Eugene Hale Brading (criminal working for HL Hunt);

Rolando Masferrer (Cuban guerrilla leader);

Rolando Otero (Cuban criminal);

Jack-Alan Lawrence (sniper in the storm-drain);

Curtis LaVerne Crafard (backup-sniper far behind in the very compact storm-drain);

Frank Sturgis (sniper on the grassy knoll);

Officer JD Tippit (sniper on the grassy knoll);

Charles Nicoletti (sniper on the Dal-Tex Building);

Milwaukee Phil Alderisio (Sam Giancana’s hit-man, sniper in the Texas School Book Depository);

Charles Frederick Rogers (“hobo” on the grassy knoll);

Bernard Barker (present on the grassy knoll to order people out of the area);

Eladio del Valle (sniper in the County Records Building);

David Morales (CIA operative, probably present on Dealey Plaza);

Johnny Roselli (CIA operative, probably present on Dealey Plaza).

The latter crew might be considered the lower-management team involved in JFK’s assassination. They most likely did NOT include Lee-Harvey Oswald, against whom the power-elite appear to have borne false witness for the longest time.

It is also important to note that some of these rogues later died under mysterious circumstances but that many of them got promoted within the London-NY-Axis crime hierarchy. This is very relevant because it is well known that luciferian hierarchies always require a major blood sacrifice in order to grant a major promotion as gratitude. The obvious gratitude-promotions were to presidents Lyndon B Johnson, Richard M Nixon and GHW Bush. Another gratitude-promotion was to Frank Sturgis, who also got to participate in Watergate on 17 Jun 1972. Allen Dulles was already sky-high in the real hierarchy (higher even than JFK had been). Hence, his appointment to head the Warren Commission could not really be construed as a promotion. Instead, Dulles got to gloat that his Warren Commission reinforced the nonsensical official-truth “lone-gunman” narrative which most people stopped believing decades ago.

The roughly sixty rogues just listed were only the lower and middle management teams involved in the assassination because they were all too low in the London-NY-Axis hierarchy to have given the order. As you might expect, those who gave the green light for JFK’s assassination had “the best of all alibis” on account of being thousands of miles away at the time.

The Assassins Gallery: The Top-Level-Management

The lower and middle management for JFK’s assassination comprised roughly sixty rogues have been named as having had direct involvement in JFK’s assassination. Although most people in the world fell for the deception that the Beast had somehow “ceded” control over the Late Great Britain and its colonies (including the USA) and took refuge in their “philanthropy business”, this was in reality one of the greatest deceptions of the last millennium. In actual fact, the Beast retained ownership of the law, it retained the right to validate laws enacted by its parliament, it retained the right to declare wars, it retained the right to dissolve parliament (hopefully one day in a vat of sulfuric acid) and it also retained the right to prosecute and hang anyone found guilty of treason (including criticizing the Beast’s family).

But now, after applying just a little logic and knowledge of how the world really works, we are already able to identify several of those who gave the go-ahead for JFK’s assassination. Let us have a look at the gallery of true assassins.

“The Beast”



Its Majesty the English Monarch

which signs into effect laws of self-serving design while keeping up the pretense that royalty has “nothing” to do with real politics.

The Beast’s luciferian husband, Philip, de facto controller of MI6 in 1963.

The Crown-Beast Charles takes, and seemingly without any protest, accepts a poke in the chest from one of its bosses, cryptic luciferian Evelyn de Rothschild, another JFK assassination schemer.


Luciferian kingpin Guy de Rothschild, JFK assassination financial advocate.


Jacob de Rothschild

Dick White - MI6 - 1963

Dick White, who in 1963 was head of the Late Great Britain’s MI6,

coordinated JFK’s assassination for the London-NY-Axis.


Who was Louis Mortimer Bloomfield?

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, an ardent Zionist, joined the British military and served in Palestine as an Intelligence Officer under General Charles Orde Wingate. A successful lawyer he worked for years at the law firm of Phillips and Vineberg in Montreal. He was also a major stockholder of Permindex, a corporation based in Switzerland, which was directly connected to Clay Shaw and the New Orleans aspects of the JFK Assassination.

In Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal (1970) William Torbitt claims that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was organized by Bloomfield and Permindex. Also involved included Defense Industrial Security Command, organized by J. Edgar Hoover and William Sullivan. Torbitt claims that Bloomfield was in control of the operation. DISC agents included Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby.

Read more about Bloomfield & Permandex at


Why JFK Forced The Resignation of David Ben-Gurion

Ben-gurion Resigns ‘for Personal Reasons’; Takes Country by Surprise

“Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion today took all of Israel by surprise in announcing, at the end of the regular Cabinet meeting, that he is resigning from his post “for personal reasons.” He followed up this announcement by submitting formally his resignation to President Shazar…”

Ben Gurion

Rothschild-Zionist “puppetician,” David ben-Gurion, the former Israeli prime-minister was exposed by Israeli atomic scientist Mordechai Vanunu as having played a key role in JFK’s assassination.

According to JFK researcher John Lear, Ben Gurion was forced to resign by President Kennedy’s threat to withhold foreign aid to Israel if Israel would not allow UN & US Atomic Energy Commission inspections of Dimona Nuclear Reactor and ordered Ben-Gurion to cease and desist from any further development of an atomic bomb at Dimona (or anywhere else)..

John Lear states unequivocally that when Ben-Gurion resigned his Prime Minister’s office in June of 1963, , Ben-Gurion flatly stated:

“We have to Kill Kennedy! I’m tired of him threatening us with inspecting Dimona  … It’s none of his effing business… I don’t want to hear anything more form Kennedy. You kill him!”

 Mossad (which had been formed by MI6 and James Jesus Angleton of the CIA in 1947) received Ben-Gurion’s final order to carry out the assassination after he had left the Prime Minister’s office.


Renowned Israeli Journalist Chamish Barry Exposed

Yitzak Rabin was in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963

Is it just a coincidence that the only languages that Jack Ruby spoke, other than English, were Russian and Yiddish?

Is it a simple coincidence that Jack Ruby, an ardent Zionist, claimed to have been acting as a translator for 2 unidentified foreign language_speaking newsmen on the afternoon of November 22nd 1963?

Is it simply a coincidence that Itzak Rabin was in Dallas conducting Israeli government business on November 22nd, 1963?

Israeli Mossad Did 9/11 and Assassinated JFK – John Lear


A Brief Look at the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve is a private Delaware corporation owned covertly by the Bank of England (the latter owned by the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild)) and owned overtly by fake nominee stooges. It is listed under the name Federal Reserve System Association, file number 0042817 and type non-profit (a likely tale). Since 1913, the London-NY-Axis has controlled the USA financially via this private central-bank.

In his great 1993 book “Secrets Of The Federal Reserve; The London Connection”, Eustace Mullins proved conclusively that the private subsidiary bank called the Federal Reserve System is in fact controlled by the Bank of England. In 1993, Mullins explained the precise mechanism of control as follows:

The alliance between JP Morgan (83 percent Rothschild-controlled) and Kuhn-Loeb (100 percent Rothschild-controlled) purchased the dominant control of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with almost half the shares owned by the “big five” New York banks under their control, who in 1993 were:

N1) First National Bank;

N2) National City Bank;

N3) National Bank of Commerce;

N4) Chase National Bank; and

N5) Hanover National Bank.

Control over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is effectively control over the entire Federal Reserve System of the USA because no one but New York has any real say. Only seventeen banks are allowed to operate as merchant banks in the City of London and all of them must be approved by the Bank of England.

Most of the governors of the Bank of England come from the partners of these seventeen banks.

The following five London merchant banks actually control the “big five” New York banks that are listed as having controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In 1993, these five London merchant banks were:

L1) Schroders Bank;

L2) Morgan Grenfell (the London branch of JP Morgan and actually JP Morgan’s dominant branch);

L3) Lazard Brothers;

L4) NM Rothschild;

L5) Brown Shipley Co (the London branch of Brown Brothers Harriman).

Apart from that, until 2004, the price of gold was fixed twice daily, at 10.30 AM and 3 PM, in a small room at NM Rothschild headquarters in Saint Swithin’s Lane in the City of London by banksters representing each of the following five London bullion banks:

G1) Samuel Montagu & Co;

G2) Sharps Pixley;

G3) Jardine Matheson;

G4) Mocatta & Goldsmid; and

G5) NM Rothschild.

We can now see clearly that the Late Great Britain still exercises the greatest financial power in the world today and that London remains the financial (and political) capital of the world.

By ending the Fed, which is clearly illegal by the US Constitution, the American people can still foil Lucifer’s totalitarian and absolutist “new world order”.

There was never any need for a private bank to issue interest-bearing currency. There was never any need for the Fed. The fact that the Fed is controlled by the London-NY-Axis (the Beast, the City of London and the House of Rothschild) means that the USA is not controlled by the US people.

Control by the London-NY-Axis means that the Fed’s major job has always been to plan the next foreign war and the war after next. Clearly, this ridiculous situation is surplus to requirements. But time is of the essence and each person needs to spread the word that the solution to very many problems in this world is to simply end the Fed. America did fine before the Fed and it will do fine again after the Fed has been ended.

How the Beast Subverted the USA

There are many who believe that the Beast never left, i.e. that the Beast actually retained control of the USA after 1776 and 1783 because of its supreme position as the patron of all worldwide Freemasonry. In its capacity as luciferian-Freemasonic patron, the Beast outranked all signers of the US Declaration of Independence who were mostly luciferian-Freemasons themselves. After US “independence”, the Beast retained title to vast areas of mineral rights and land in the fledgling USA. This highly plausible theory maintains that the Beast actually “freed” the USA voluntarily so that it would have a chance to become the world’s first Freemasonic country. Indeed, senior Freemasons still refer to the USA as the Great Experiment. The major question posed by the “experiment” was whether man could really “rule himself” and continue doing so indefinitely. Alas, in 1913, the Freemasons deemed this test to have failed, ultimately because US citizens had not paid sufficient attention to holding on to the freedoms they had been granted. Although the US Constitution does call these freedoms unalienable, the Freemasons believe that Freemasonry has the right to both grant or revoke freedoms as it sees fit.

Because the Beast dictated most of the terms and even insisted that the 1783 Treaty of Paris refer to it as the sovereign ruler of America (a title the Beast retains to this day), it would appear the LateGreat Britain actually had the stronger bargaining position, although it must also be stated that the treaty did indeed also make many concessions to the USA. After signing the Treaty of Paris, the Beast immediately proceeded to break it by reacquiring full control over the USA in three major stages (as well as in several smaller steps including acts and constitutional amendments):

The war of 1812 after the USA refused to renew the charter of Alexander Hamilton’s Rothschild-controlled First Bank of the United States modeled after the Bank of England. In this war, the Beast set the town of Washington and the US government buildings on fire;

The US civil war of 1861-1865, which was started by Abe Lincoln (a member of London’s Rothschild bloodline) with the Beast and the Rothschilds funding the Confederacy; and finally

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which destroyed US freedom forever and transformed the US military into a private, and almost continuously-deployed, empire-building force operating for the London-NY-Axis.

Thus, by 1913, the “Great Experiment” had finally failed and the USA was enslaved to the international banksters and under the total control of the London-NY-Axis.

If, as some say, the answer to 1984 is 1776, then it is high time Americans demanded the return of their freedoms and major reparations for these having been confiscated.

In reality, the USA’s “revolution” was not a revolution but another Freemasonic coup d’état. By “pure coincidence”, the USA’s “revolution” was started in Apr 1775 at the headquarters of the USA’s northern chapter of luciferian-Freemasonry in Lexington MA, and the Treaty of Paris was signed 8.5 years later in 1883. So why did the Freemasons choose the year 1776 as their special talismanic date to be placed in all the fake official-truth history books? Well, it is quite true that 1776 did not have any political or military significance whatsoever, except that it was one fairly uneventful calendar year to feature in the long-drawn-out affair that got labeled “revolution”. Freemasons, though, are devious numerologists and they hit on the idea that 1776 was twice 888, where 8 symbolizes the sun. 1776 is also 1600 + 160 + 16, which corresponds to 7 + 7 + 7 when you add the digits, where seven is the center of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

That does sound strange but people addicted to numerology are apt to make apparently strange choices.

Apart from numerology, they also love astrology, and 4 Jul 1776 was when the sun conjoined with Sirius and the earth was at its aphelion (farthest from the sun). So the Freemasons retrofitted history books so that the stone the builders rejected (1776) could become the cornerstone. And 1776 topped the first Freemasonic Top Ten charts to amply justify and dovetail with all their harebrained numerology and astrology. Freemasons could really care less if history books are full of nonsense from start to finish, as long as it makes for good showbiz with plenty of esoteric numerology and astrology for them to know and for all others (the profane) to find out. After the USA’s “revolution,” Paul Revere became grandmaster of the black luciferian lodge of Massachusetts (where the whole “revolution” had been hatched). Revere and Freemasonic “poet” HW Longfellow had a shot at mutually immortalizing each other, one by writing a poem, the other by serving as the poem’s subject.

And that’s what the history-forgers call synergy (and what history readers call …).

So the Sun was covering Sirius on 4 Jul 1776, when the USA’s Freemasons “declared” independence (or else retrofitted history books to state this). The sun was covering Sirius on 4 Jul 1848, when the USA’s Freemasons laid the cornerstone for the Washington Monument, a ceremony representing George Washington’s apotheosis or elevation to the status of Freemasonic godhead, the monument having sides of width 666 inches at the ground level and of height 6660 inches or 555 feet (an alchemical wedding of the hexagon and pentagon, although many such weddings can be found in the plans of Washington DC whose street plans have been shown to comprise an inverted pentagram atop a cube within an unfinished pyramid (i.e. having no pyramidion or capstone).

By pure “coincidence”, the Washington Monument has an extra 20 percent or 111 feet below ground level, so the total height of the obelisk is actually 666 feet. The all-spying-eye of Lucifer on top of the pyramid corresponds to the headquarters of Scottish-Rite Freemasonry, also known as the Supreme Council, also known as the Mother Council of the World, also known as the House of the Temple.

The Flower of Life also fits into the cube and a Templar cross is also featured. Sirius was also at its zenith when the words “the eagle has landed” from Stan Kubrick’s most famous movie “Apollo 11 Moon Landing” were broadcast on 20 Jul 1969. The “dog days” are so called because they correspond with the rise of Sirius (also known as the dog-star in Canis Major). Indeed, luciferian-Freemasons just love their astronomy, their geometry and the sadistic mockery of their victims.

In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was regarded as the most important star in the sky. In fact, it was astronomically the foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system. It was revered as Sothis and was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of Egyptian mythology. Isis is the female aspect of the luciferian trinity formed by herself, Osiris and their son Horus. Ancient Egyptians held Sirius in such high regard that most of their deities were associated, in one way or another, with the star. Anubis, the dog-headed god of death, had an obvious connection with the dog-star and Toth-Hermes, the great teacher of humanity, was also esoterically connected with the star.

In legal documents, the USA’s regime is frequently and accurately referred to as “the DC government”. The DC Organic Act of 1871 redefined the District of Columbia as a private corporation outside of the USA that pays its taxes to the Beast. In order to escape depression, it is rumored that the USA was forced to declare bankruptcy and reconstitute in Geneva in 1933 and then collateralized all its citizens against its debts. Here, we must print the rumor because the documentation has remained “classified” (Orwellism for hidden). Specifically, it is claimed that Roosevelt closed the Virginia Colony Corporation and opened a corporation called The United States Corporation.

The year 1933 had special occult significance for the London-NY-Axis and it used this year for three concurrent steps toward world communism:

First, they placed London-NY-Axis agent Adolf Hitler in power in Germany as national-socialist leader.

Second, they placed Franklin Delano Roosevelt in power in the USA as welfare-socialist leader.

And third, 1933 was the end of communist Russia’s first five-year plan so that their communist-socialist and London-NY-Axis agent in Russia Ioseb Jugashvili (of the luciferian Grand Orient Lodge, nickname Stalin) was able to announce the effective end of the Russian “revolution” because Russia had now returned to its 1913 level of industrial output.

These three steps prepared the ground for WW2, for the creation of the London-NY-Axis puppet called “the United Nations organization for world socialism” and for the staged “cold war”, a term invented by Tavistock and credited to Walter Lippmann for the post-WW2 plan of the London-NY-Axis.

The gold-fringed flag displayed nowadays in US courtrooms and public buildings symbolizes the USA’s acquiescence to admiralty law (maritime law) and to the authority of the Beast. The USA’s Congress adopted admiralty law in 1945 and smothered all evidence of its adoption into the framework of what is referred to in the USA as interstate commerce. That means that, in the USA, the law of the sea superseded the law of the land after 1945. So forget any ideas of the LateGreat Britain declining after WW2 because the London-NY-Axis actually consolidated its worldwide power in the post-WW2 era.

The motto “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “monopolization” was originally adopted by the private company that founded the USA, the Virginia Company (which in turn comprised the Plymouth Company and the London Company).

The Virginia Company was an absolute dictatorship that used and abused the first white slaves sent from England after the Beast Elizabeth I confiscated vast amounts of English common land under the enclosure acts (an area equivalent to over twice the size of Switzerland).

Its commercial flag had thirteen horizontal stripes to represent each original colony (or else each power-elite family bloodline, the symbolism of the thirteen stripes has multiple interpretations).

The Freemasonic blazing stars later replaced the Beast’s flag in the top left canton to form the star-spangled banner.

All states bordering with Canada that were incorporated into the USA after 1783 (the year when the Treaty of Paris was signed) were given a straight border to the Beast’s northern territories because, henceforth, both the USA and Canada belonged to the London-NY-Axis (Minnesota, incorporated in 1858, has the last uneven border with Canada, whereas North Dakota, incorporated in 1889, has the first straight border westward along the 49th parallel. Many white slaves passed through Charleston SC on the 33rd parallel which is ritually symbolic for Freemasons. Pennsylvania was known as the keystone state because a keystone conjoins two door jambs of six pieces each, with the keystone or thirteenth piece completing the doorway. And this symbolic doorway has always been the Beast’s portal to its plantation called the USA. Today, the London-NY-Axis runs the USA ultimately from London but locally via New York which was named “the empire state” in deference to the Beast’s empire. Politically, the London-NY-Axis passes its orders via Chatham House through the NYC CFR in Harold Pratt House, Manhattan, which then relays them to DC, where O’Bomber had to interrupt his golf game (the work part) to read his autocue and make it look like his own ideas (the acting part).

The Beast Elizabeth I wanted a Catholic colony into which its white English-Catholic slaves could be dumped. So it chose Maryland. The Beast made Catholic Cecil Calvert, second baron of Baltimore Ireland, the first proprietor and proprietary-governor of Maryland from 1632 until 1675. The terms proprietor and proprietary-governor both meant that Calvert actually owned all the white slaves populating his colony, these slaves having come first from England and Wales, and then later on from Scotland and then Ireland. The official-truth narrative whereby Africans were the first slaves in the Americas was yet another fabrication by the London-NY-Axis, as shown very clearly in the books of first-class historian Michael Anthony Hoffman II. Very many, but by no means all, early “settlers” were in fact white slaves. Quaker William Penn was founder and owner of Pennsylvania and all in it.

Financially, the London-NY-Axis owns the New York Fed outright, by far the biggest bank in the private twelve-bank federal reserve system. Although fake nominees appear as overt owners, the covert owners were always ultimately the London-NY-Axis. London and New York City also have twinned Freemasonic obelisks both called Cleopatra’s Needle, and both purloined from Egypt to be re-erected at their new locations. The London-NY-Axis runs Canada locally via Toronto, chosen on account of the fact that it is only about 350 miles from the Beast’s central North American command-post in New York City.

The World’s Major Powers

The following table summarizes more than anything else how the world’s current geopolitical situation was designed (the conspiratorial term) or came into being (the coincidental term):


Count                                                      Comment


3 – The Late Great Britain, France and Switzerland were the original three major Rothschild powers.


6 – The USA, Germany and Russia had been added (the USA via the private Federal Reserve System).


12 – Japan, Italy, Israel, India, Canada and Australia had been added.


21 – China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey added.


26 – Spain, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden added in the scope of EU enlargement.

Other major countries currently close to being added include Iraq, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

In 1945, the London-NY-Axis founded the UN as a private corporation ostensibly “controlled” by the victors of WW2, who were world’s first three Freemasonic nations (the LateGreat Britain, the USA and France) and the world’s first two Freemasonic-communist nations (Russia and China).

If you do not recognize the pattern, you probably need cult deprogramming from the “official truth” or detoxification from Rothschild-owned-and-controlled monopoly-media outlets (which by pure “coincidence” have been controlled for well over a century by the same London-NY-Axis).  After all, the system we have and which we call indirect democracy essentially means that citizens only get to delegate their God-given power to a bunch of luciferian-Freemasons, and it stands for a faith-based belief-system pounded into its victims from an early age by the mind-control propaganda of Tavistock for the London-NY-Axis.

It takes a lot of cult deprogramming before people even realize they first need to ask for proper direct democracy before solutions can even be suggested.

Currently, US democracy has still not progressed to become anything much better than Communist Russia’s “democracy” (in the USA, you get Freemason Tweedledum versus Freemason-Tweedle-Dumdum, compared to the “very different” Russian system where you got communist-Freemason Tweedledum versus communist-Freemason Tweedle-Dumdum).

This is all about poor JFK and what he gave his life to fight against.

Because time is of the essence, everyone, but most especially the citizens of world’s the last bastion of freedom in the USA, needs to realize the problem by rapidly upgrading their worldview using truthful sources.

Basic Reading Material

Anyone who wants to learn about the power-elite’s world agenda and the true course of history can start by reading these twelve books:

ANTONY SUTTON – Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976)

ANTONY SUTTON – Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974)

ANTONY SUTTON – America’s Secret Establishment; An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (1983)

EC KNUTH – The Empire of ‘The City’; The Secret History of British Financial Power (1946)

CARROLL QUIGLEY – Tragedy And Hope; A History of the World in Our Time (1966)

GARY ALLEN – None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1971, a great primer to Tragedy And Hope)

WILLIAM GUY CARR – Pawns in the Game (1958)

WILLIAM GUY CARR – Satan; Prince of this World (1959)

EUSTACE MULLINS – Secrets of the Federal Reserve; The London Connection (1993)

EUSTACE MULLINS – Murder by Injection; The Story of the Medical Conspiracy against America (1992)

JOHN COLEMAN – The Conspirators’ Hierarchy; The Committee of 300 (1997)

GIOELE MAGALDI – Massoni; Società A Responsabilità Illimitata; La Scoperta Delle Ur-Lodges (2014)


Patrick O’Carroll

May 25th, 2017


Image above courtesy:



By Cherry Hinkle

(Copyright 2017, Cherry Hinkle – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert Morningstar>


For fifty five years I have been trying to enlighten the world about the E.T./UFOs that fly across the skies of Earth and it has become obvious that the military forces of Earth care helpless against these beings. They can fly circles around in our military craft. The military Air Force of this world are limited to fly in linear paths – the UFOs are not limited that way they can make right angles in mid-air, instantly stop, or take off in any direction faster than you can blink your eye. (NOTE: this is a hint, so pay attention.)

The higher ranking men and women of military of Earth know the truth of the beings, and a few of the more mundane citizens of this planet sometimes stumble across the truth while doing UFO studies, when we do find the truth, we just stop and wonder why the rest of the world haven’t found it too. I believe it is because no one can believe anything so basic can be so real. The truth is fantastic, and beyond belief —- but real.

Image result for men in black

The problem is, every time a citizen accidentally finds the truth; “They” stop you from telling anyone. I am one of the citizens that stumbled across the truth, and I thought “can this be the big secret? This silly idea is the Secrets of Secrets?” I decided to send three copies of my idea to three well known UFO researchers, I sent the copies through the normal U.S. Postal service – the next day three men showed up at my door – I had barely had them inside my home and invite them to sit down and the produced the three letters I mailed the day before.

I was shocked, of course, but the important thing is I want to point out is that my letters to the researchers was still sealed – they didn’t open my letters – in other words, the letters hadn’t been opened and resealed, my letters never reached the researchers I sent to them, but one of the men told me exactly what my letters said – even stranger was the fact he also knew I kept my original letter and demanded my original letter too. I bulked on that one, and told them I wanted to keep my original letter and told them my letter belonged to me, and they have no right to claim my own letter and I refused to give it to them. (No one knew I hid my original letter inside a book) But one man walked straight to my stack of books opened the third book, took opened my original letter. It was then, that day I became afraid because I knew they knew you can’t keep a secret from the MIB.

That day – and all days since then, I found I can’t share the secret knowledge that I found strictly by accident. But it doesn’t matter if you found it by accident – the fact is that I DO know – and that seems to be detrimental to their lives. I am pressing my luck by writing this much – but the world needs to stop looking for a wild complex theory and think that will lead them for the truth – instead they just need to look for the basic simple most logical thought – and then will find the simple truth. “They” – the “MIB” refuse to allow the basic truth be told – so all I can do is give you a few clues – but before you start looking for the truth, please be aware that if you do guess the truth, your life will never been the same.

Image result for men in black

If you try to warn your friend even one person, and tell them what you suspect, it is too late and “they” will show up before you can tell your friends. When you guess the truth – “they” will show up and block you, they will give you a choice to live or die – I chose to live. But if you think you can out smart them, and find a way to sneak the truth out – think again, that day your life will be end, like several of my friends they had sudden heart attacks, or the sudden urge to commit “suicide” – or be “suicided” by the hand of the MIB. If you guess the Ultimate Game – keep your mouth shut and you will live on. I am speaking from experience.

Cherry Hinkle

April 29th, 2017


THREE OF MY ENCOUNTERS: Bigfoot, Reptilians & MIBs (Men In Black)


By Cherry Hinkle

 Bigfoot Encounter in the California Forest

I must admit I did experience a Bigfoot in the forest in northern California back in 1977, but I rarely want to talk about it because I was not supposed to be there anyway. I had been driving all day and had traveled by any side roads that were not highways. That made the trip from Lake Tahoe, Nevada to a California point that was in the northern part of the state. I was in the northern rugged mountains of that state, and deep inside a vast forest and beside a beautiful mountain river. There was nothing to see but mature trees and shrubs from all directions. Imagine a forest so vast it reminds me of huge waves of deep green trees – or like an Ocean of trees, nothing to see but endless tree covered mountains.

It must have been nearly late evening, but since it was summer, there was still a lingering hint of light in the sky. There was no way to hide my fatigue if someone found me, and I knew I was too tired to drive on to the next town because I was in need of a few hours of sleep, at least that my mood at exact at that time, too tired to explore, and too tired to open my cooler and eat a piece of fruit. I could only think of rest and how good the sleeping bag would feel right now.

I am usually careful and always abide by the laws of the land and do not knowingly break any laws or rules posted by the roads. I guess that night I didn’t care that I ignored the sign that said ‘no overnight camping,’ but that evening I just pulled into the very wide area. There must have been enough space to park 50 or 60 cars in that area, but I was alone when I pulled the car close to the river. It was a beautiful area, trees, smooth dirt roads, lots of beach-like sand beside the cold water in the wide river. Some of the beautiful trees grew so close to the water they provided a lot of shade that part of the river. The parking area if clear of debris, just tall Ponderosa trees and a few sparse boulders here and there near the river. If wanted to, I could have parked much closer to the river and I suspect I could have open the driver’s door and cool my feet in the cold water of the brisk water. But I parked about 10 to 12 feet from the water edge. I just wanted to rest, not swim or cool my feet.

I had a vague plan in mind that I’d just sleep for a three or four hours and then head up into Oregon, it couldn’t be more than an hour’s drive at the time, with me being so tired that idea sounded great.

I think it would be a good idea that I tell you about my car at this point. Back in the late 1970s my car was a station wagon and this car had the back seat folded down flat and had deep a foam pad under my sleeping bag and pillows. No one could be more comfortable that me than the cozy roomy area I fashioned for this planned long road trip. I even had hanging lantern type lights so I could read a little if I wanted to – but I used the lantern mostly to read the local maps to find the back roads and avoid the highways and freeways, it is a wonderful way to enjoy a leisure trip.

Before I left home that summer, I had designed blackout curtains in the back of my car, lots of pillows, and plenty of extra blankets to give me a cozy spot to sleep, safe inside the locked car. The crisp night air would drift under and over the curtains and it sure made sleeping a pleasure. Too, I had curtains on both sides and the back window, and between the front seat and the back the area was very private, so at night no one could look into my sleeping area. I felt comfortable and very safe back there.

On the night I encountered the gargantuan creature known as Bigfoot, I had a few items I needed to do before decided to sleep. I settled in the sleeping bag, plumped up my pillows, turned on the lantern for a few minutes to check the map. I looked for the next town on the map, making sure the route I’d follow in the wee hours of the morning was clear in my mind.

I had both the back side windows open about an inch or so, and the smell of the cool night breeze hinted of aged pine and maybe the scent of brisk cold water babbling along the river, I could hear the water splashing on the rocks a few feet from my car. It was so tranquil and peaceful to be there in the mountains, enjoying the fresh mountain air, so cool, so fresh – it was wonderful – until the sickening smell of skunk-like odor hit me.

It was also about that time I became aware of the well-defined sound of heavy footsteps slowly approaching. The steps sounded overly heavy and about 60 feet away. Judging from the sound, the steps were in front of my car, and near the river. The heard the distinct sound of brittle leaves crushed and the sounds of branches snapping under his feet as he approached my car. The clear and vivid sounds became closer and my heart started to pound in my ears. I listened carefully – holding my breath – when I realized he was sneaking up on me, very slowly, several seconds between each step. There is no way I could be mistaken on this; I could clearly hear his approach getting closer and closer! I sure didn’t like that idea one bit and I knew I might be in serious trouble. I felt my mouth getting dry and longed to drink deep from my canteen, but resisted that urge. I quickly turned off the lantern and fumbled around for a weapon I could use if I needed it, I found my car jack on right side of the car. Meanwhile the stench of the powerful odor got stronger with each step he got closer.

The smell was repulsive, and nothing you want to smell twice in your lifetime. This odor was overpoweringly strong and unpleasant, similar to a skunk. Not only the stench was very unpleasant, I kept thinking that the smell it’s self created a wave of fear. All these notions were in my mind as I lay there getting thirsty and afraid in the cool night air. I tried to allow reasoning take over and consider the idea but the thought refuses to believe this is not happening, because I love being outside, love the dark, the forest up in these mountains is dense and so beautiful I never fear the wonder of the forest at night. But this night, I felt a clear sense of sharp fear and an unreasoning fear that goes against everything I believe and felt all my life. I was never afraid at night in the forest and the sound of steps outside my window – they never bother me in the past, so I thought “this bad odor is creating the fear I feel.”

My normal methods to overcome fear refused or ignored and that night my apprehensive tactics did not win the battle. I knew had to escape and avoid the sound of the determined humanoid that was approaching my car! I pulled my keys out my jeans pocket, my fingers found the ignition key in the dark car and grabbed the curtains between the front the seat and ripped the curtains open fast, I quickly slid into the driver’s wheel position and started the car. My hands froze on the steering wheel, locked in position and ready to take off in a cloud of dust – but I couldn’t move. My eyes witnessed the spectacle of a huge Bigfoot standing beside the right front fender. My eyes too felt frozen in place, taking in the sight of too big non-human humanoid standing only inches from my car.

When I say he was huge you can really trust me on this one – he must have been 8 to 9 feet tall, and his body was covered with thick long fur on his very broad shoulders and face, I could see his wide chest, be was built like a powerful gorilla, with one hand he put his left hand on his chest and he looked like he was about to put his right hand on the fender of the car. In the light of the moon above I could see him clearly. I turned on the headlights, and I could see the auburn fur in the reflection of the headlights. He was so tall I couldn’t see all of his face, just his angular jaw and part of his wide dark lips.

All of this I saw it clear as a bell in the clear night, it takes a long time to describe all of it, but at the time it happened, it took only seconds, and I turned and looked once again at the smelly creature standing beside my car fender – and the overpowering fear hit the pit of my stomach. Meanwhile, I kept thinking this fear is not real, I am never afraid with animals, people, aliens – why do I fear this time? But the fear won, and I pulled the transmission gears into drive, stomped on the gas, and left the side if the river and the amazing Bigfoot still standing in place.

Sometimes I contemplate that amazing night, wondering why the fear was so unstoppable. Other times I wonder what might have happened if I conquered my fear and stayed beside that river. Would I be now one of the few humans that communicated with a Bigfoot? Or would I just be just another missing woman, another lady that the authorities assume I got lost in the forest? I’ll never know for sure because that night I didn’t stop my car until I found a town with street lights. I sat filled with fear, and I parked under the street light, and stayed in that position for another hour until the sun came up.


Reptilian Encounter in the Nevada Desert

By Cherry Hinkle

Henderson Nevada

The city of Las Vegas and well-known Las Vegas Strip with is their glittering casinos, as well as the communities of North Las Vegas and Henderson, fills this crowded desert Nevada valley.

Black Mountain looms over the desert community of Henderson, situated on the east slopes of the valley. That dark mountain is the home of many television towers and other towers on the top. It is the home of mines and caves that pock the sides of Black Mountain.
Today, there are businesses and homes, and a freeway that cut into the slopes of that mountain, but in the middle of the 1970’s just open desert from the middle of town to the mountain. More open undisturbed miles of desert until sparkling Las Vegas. With the building boom, homes and businesses crowd the once open desert.

In 1977, every kid in town knew the rules – do not climb or play on that mountain. All parents understood of the constant danger of the deep open mines and caves, but danger lures the younger set, and several deaths occurred on the slopes of Black Mountain.
It was on a pleasant day, and my thirteen-year-old son Marc and his friend Harry, roamed in the empty desert between my house, and the forbidden Black Mountain. Being adventurous boys, the chance to explore a cave and carry back a rock or two, and a lifetime of memories is enough to break the rules.

They hiked maybe the scant one mile across the desert and climbed the little hills in front of Black Mountain. On the backside of one of the little hills, Marc and Harry located a cave. They had to squirm into the narrow opening, and belly crawl through the cave to the larger room and turned on their small pocket flashlights. They saw a circular room roughly nine feet across. Near the back wall, they spotted a large deeper hole. They found several large branches that someone had dragged a couple large branches about a mile from closest tree, and tossed the branches into the hole creating a makeshift ladder to climb down into the lower pit.

The pit was roomy, with a short annex. Occasional debris littered the rocky floor, like a tin can or two, a battered teen magazine perched on a small outcrop of rock that served as shelf. The boys explored to main cave, then turned their attention to the short tunnel or annex.
Sounds carry in a cave, and the walls slightly vibrate if a loud voice reverberates throughout the small room. It was then, that the boys heard the sounds of a voices and maybe the distance humming of machines. Intrigued by the thought of they were mining nearby, the boys went a deeper into the tunnel. On the far end, they found a rusty metal door, and near the door a strange metal rod. The one-foot rod was lightweight and resembled aluminum, with a cap on one end and a few strange engravings on one side.

Marc weaved the rod in the belt loops of his jeans, focused the beam of his flashlight on the door, and tried the doorknob. He discovered a strong bolt secured the door from the reverse side. Harry shook the doorknob and pounded on it a few times. Startled, the boys heard the sound or guttural harsh voices talking, and the certain sound of approaching footsteps. They suddenly felt a wave of fear, knowing they were inside a forbidden cave, weaponless, and an angry animalistic growling voice attempted to open to the door any second.

Marc, the taller of the two, pushed Harry up the makeshift ladder and scrambled up the wood branch to the upper level of the cave. They heard the metal door clank and squeak loudly as the door it opened. The boys crawled as quickly through the narrow tunnel, and outside, the stood up and ran about the distance of a city block away from the cave entrance. They laughed at their dirty hands and faces, relieved the escaped from and the unknown man with harsh voices in the cave. They looked at the strangely engraved rod, trying to figure out what language might include circles, ovals, swirls and triangles.

Without a warning, they heard a loud threatening growl. Harry and Marc looked back at the cave entrance and to their horrified eyes; they watched as a very large greenish humanoid struggled to force his big body out of narrow cave. The boys screamed and started running down the slope of the hill, running top speed! They didn’t look back until they were near my back yard. They slowed down, breathing hard and glanced back to the mountain.

To their shock and fear, the huge humanoid was trotting towards them! They started screaming again put on a burst of speed and ran into the house; Marc locked the door screaming “MOM! MOM! Help us Mom! He’s going to get us!” Alarmed, I ran into family room, and both boys threw their arms around me, crying. They both were shaking, not just their hands, but also their entire body shook! Wet tears left muddy tracks across their cheeks. Marc begged, “Don’t open the door Mom, he going to get us!”

Meanwhile, Harry added, “He is big, and looks mean! Don’t open that door – please, please, don’t open that door!” Instantly I was furious with the man that generated such terror these young boys! At thirteen, boys are usually trying to impress everyone how brave they can be, so I know it took a lot of nerve to admit that much fear.

“Boys, you go get a drink of water and let me go talk to this man,” I suggested, but they tightened their grip on me, screaming “NO, NO, NO! That guy will kill you! He is not a man! Don’t go out there Mom!”

I managed to coax one arm free from each boy. I looked into their worried eyes. “Boys – nobody is going to kill anybody, and you know I won’t allow anyone hurt you! Now – what do you mean he is not a man? It’s a woman that is threatening you?”

“No Mom, it’s a man, sort of, he looks like a man, but his face looks like a snake or YEAH, like a lizardman! He’s ugly and he doesn’t wear anything. He’s naked, except a wide belt with stuff on it.”

I stared at my son, imagining some teenager wearing a Halloween costume. I laughed a little, and said, “Boys, it was just someone playing a joke on you!”
Both boys started protesting again, both talking at the same time. I could hear the panic in their voices rising again, and finally Harry said, “That guy couldn’t be wear any costume, he could barely squeeze himself out of the cave, he would have ripped he costume into pieces!”

“What cave? Did you go boys up on Black Mountain even when you knew the danger?” I asked.

“Mom – listen to me, it was a lizardman and he was naked. I’ve never seen a costume that shows EVERYTHING, he was naked Mom, and it was NOT a costume! You know what I mean Mom?”

With difficulty, I untangled myself from the tight grip boys, and looked out the window. I peered carefully out the widow expecting the spectacle of a lizardman, but nothing moved, not a child, not a man and no lizardman. I reassured the boys the danger is in the past and the man was long gone.

It was at that point, I noticed Marc was holding a strange metal rod. “What do you have in your hand son?” Marc glanced at the rod and threw it on the floor as if it would burn his hand. I leaned to pick it up but Harry grabbed my arm, warning it was dangerous, maybe a weapon. I picked it up reminding them they carried it from the mountain safely all that time, so it couldn’t be too dangerous.

The rod was approximate one and a half inch across, maybe a foot long with a slight indentation at one end and a plain gray cap on the other. I looked at the bizarre symbols engraved in a three-inch section of the rod. It was just symbols, from spirals, circles of different sizes, a few triangles, and a few unknown symbols. There were no levers or buttons, and the cap at the end didn’t seem to move. The rod, with its professionally created symbols and smooth to the touch, I knew it was not a toy, but nothing I recognized.

It was late afternoon, and the long shadows cast ominous shapes in the yard, I knew Harry was still too nervous to walk home alone. Marc and I walked the distance of two houses and made sure he was safe inside before we walked home.

That night, Marc was still nervous, peeking out the curtains often, expecting the worse. Marc played Scrabble with his sisters, anything to keep his mind busy. Near midnight, we went to bed.

It must have been around two in the morning when Marc shook me whispering harshly that someone is trying to get into his bedroom window. I hoped it was just a nightmare, or his nerves were still on edge. Quietly we slipped into his bedroom and listened to the sounds of scraping at the window edge! He was not mistaken – in the light of the moon I could make out the silhouette head and shoulders of a man.

I was alone with my four kids, no husband to protect us, so I grabbed my flashlight; suddenly tossed the curtains open to face the man. There was a glare from the flashlight on the window, but past glare that I could clearly see a large head with ridges on the top, other ridges on his cheekbones, and the glow of golden eyes. Marc and I stood still, unmoving, both fear and shock kept us frozen. The lizardman didn’t move either, his hand still poised in his attempt pry the window open. He hand was large, with webbed rough, gnarly looking fingers, with powerful claws.

After a couple minutes, not seconds, but long agonized minutes with our hearts pounding I knew I had to do something. One hand still holding the flashlight beam on his face and my eyes still locked into those golden eyes, I fumbled around in the dark with my other hand, hoping to find something to use as a weapon, is needed. He glanced at my hand, looked back into my eyes. He turned his head a little, as if he was asking a questioning, he slightly opened his lipless lips, displaying four of his pointed teeth, and suddenly he turned and ran off into the desert.

Marc suddenly closed the curtains, grabbed my hand and led my shaking legs to the edge of his bed. We sat there for a few silent minutes. We just sat there, trying to comprehend the incredible event, with little success. We started talking at the same time, and started checking the doors and windows repeatedly. His sisters were completely awake by then, and we all talked all night, going from windows to doors until full sunlight.

Later in the morning, we decided the reason the lizardman was breaking in the house was to reclaim that metal rod. Marc and I hiked back to the cave and placed the strange rod beside the cave entrance.
The lizardman never again attempted to enter this house, and for that, I am relieved.

After a few days, I went outside and looked at that window. It was then that I found that that bottom edge of that window is close to six feet high from the ground. It was a shock to realize the lizardman must have been very tall, over seven feet tall! Inside the windows are high, but about five feet high, from outside there is no way no one could look through this window – unless they were extremely tall.

This event is real. “Harry” is not the real name, but since I have been unable to locate him and ask permission, I used a pseudo name. Marc’s name is real, and he was my only son. Marc died in 1999. I still live in sight of Black Mountain. People living close to that mountain sometimes report underground rumbling at night when it is quiet. UFOs are often seen and photographed over Black Mountain, that shouldn’t be too surprising; we live not far from Area 51 in Nevada.


By Cherry Hinkle

(To understand the “why and where” I offer this pre-information regarding what happened in this case. *Thanks.*) {In 1978 I was in a car accident that torn the muscles in my back, it left me in a rigid brace back and rigid neck brace, (I wore the back brace for over 11 years) and I suffered headaches from that car wreck. I moved from Las Vegas Nevada to Colorado in September 1979. In December 1979, Tom Castello visited me in Colorado and talked to me about the infamous Dulce Base. In January 1980 my doctor suggested I should have an angiogram to find out why I had these headaches. (Meanwhile, the CIA, FBI and other groups visited my home, many times, looking for Tom Castello.) I agreed to take this medical test, but the small Colorado town I lived in didn’t have a medical facility, he suggested to a different town in a different state, roughly 80 miles away. In early February 1980 I scheduled an appointment for that medical test. And now you can understand the following events.}
Abducted from my hospital room? I would have laughed if someone suggested it might happen… the thought is ludicrous, things like that never happen in federally owned hospitals, right? But don’t laugh yet – because sometimes Fate gives you a big shock, a wake-up call. Looking back wondering could I have prevented the horrid experience of three men abducting me from my hospital room in the middle of the night. Let me go back and attempt to explain what happened.

My Colorado doctor promised it would be no big deal, a simple angiogram to determine why I had severe headaches; it was hardly more than a Cat-Scan or X-Ray of my brain, a simple one hour medical procedure. My doctor suggested it would be best if I would agree to an overnight stay in the hospital because they want the medical test at 6am, and I lived over 80 miles away, in a different state.

I checked into the hospital at 9pm. At bedtime took the little white pill the nurse gave me after she assured me it would allow me to sleep well, and the doctor wanted me rested for the angiogram in the morning.

I don’t how long I’d been sleeping when I felt the palm of man’s hand firmly over my mouth. I struggled to clear the sleep from my mind and to see the thin face of the man leaning over my face. I grabbed his hand, trying to pull his hand off my mouth, but he was strong and determined to keep me from crying out. “If I remove my hand off your mouth will remain silent?” the man asked. Looking into his dark sunglasses I silently nodded my yes. I was a small trim five foot woman, so it was easy for the two other men to lift me off my bed and strapped me firmly on a gurney, and draped me with sheets. The third warned me to remain silent, if I wanted to survive. The man dressed in black had a large dark wool scarf wrapped over his other hand, and I suspected a weapon was wrapped in that scarf. I saw no one in the halls; it was if the entire hospital was sleeping, except us.

I didn’t say a word to the men, just stared up at the other two men dressed in hospital scrubs, trying to use will power my mind to remember their faces, and the third – tall gaunt man wearing a black suit, dark sunglasses, black necktie and matching hat. He looked like character from a bad 1940s detective movie. But this was the wrong era, today it was the second month of 1980 – and this man looks out of place. The three men rolled my gurney down the hall to the elevator. Inside the large hospital elevator I felt the surge as we dropped several floors.

We entered a cavernous room that looked like a storage area for mixture of medical equipment; I saw three X-ray tables, and four MRI machines and other medical equipment I didn’t recognize. I watched nervously as we approached the last MRI machine, it was a little wider and higher than the others, and I noticed someone had moved the table to the left, allowing the gurney – and me – to be push through the round entrance of MRI machine. The men ducked to enter the MRI machine. To my bewilderment, the wall opened and the three men pushed me through the door into a well lighted hall, and the wall silently closed again.

It was then I felt the sting of an injection needle in my left arm and my heart started racing. My mind struggled to remain awake, and rejected the concept of forced to sleep. I tried to fight off the injection’s solution, it was a powerful drug, almost instantly I felt a little confused and dazed, and in a few seconds more I felt as if I was floating, in my mind I thought the hospital walls were melting around me. My last conscious thought was the Men-In-Black were abducting me from this hospital! God help me, what did I do to deserve being this abduction? And then the nothingness of drugged sleep.

I remember waking up slowly, keeping my eyes closed, calmly listening to the rhythmic clicking of the wheels down the very long underground passage; I opened my eyes and watched as dim overhead lights clicked in and out of view in the narrow corridor ceiling. “What a strange dream,” I thought “I am dreaming of a tunnel, how odd.”

“She’s awaking up Doc, want me to put her back under?” one of men in hospital garb asked.

“No, we are almost there,” the MIB agent mumbled.

In the few seconds it took to utter those few words, I was fully awake and frightened – and I knew this was no dream! I felt the coldness of fear in my chest, and I turned my head to my right, to see the MIB agent tautly sitting beside me. I noticed his sallow skin, the prominent boniness of his face, the hollowed wide cheeks, and the jet-black hair jutting from under his hat, I knew he wore a bad toupee. The two men in hospital scubs looked average in size; the both wore cropped brown hair, and were muscular in build. One man had small brown eyes that were too close to his nose; the others had blue eyes, and had a surgical scar at the base of his throat. Now that I remember the abduction, I wanted to escape the three men sitting only inches away, but I remained strapped down, going underground in a tunnel and only God knows where I’d end up. I didn’t know how long I slept from that injection; it could have been minutes or hours. I turned my head and looked at the 1940s man, “Please, where am I? Where are you taking me?”

I looked at the MIB expecting a response, but said nothing in return; never even indicated he heard my question; he just totally ignored me, as if I didn’t exist.

I took a deep breath and struggled with the braided canvas-like restraint, hoping I could wiggle my hands free, but the straps were sturdy, I had no chance I could escape. I felt the wheels of the electric cart start slowing down, and to my horror I watched a huge grotesque humanoid approach the cart. He wore a copper colored uniform, but just past his wide shoulders I noticed what looked like tan wet leather wings, with thick veins in sight. In shock I couldn’t speak, but just stared at the reptilian face with ridges on his cheekbones, forehead and skull.

“Is this one you told me about Doc? Isn’t she the one from Nevada – the female that have seen our race before?” the reptilian man asked. His voice was raspy and rumbling, with accent was heavy from an unknown language. I couldn’t believe he was so large, it is just a guess but I think he must have been nearly eight feet tall with a barrel chest. He was right, three years ago; in 1977 my son and his friend and I witnessed a reptilian in Nevada.

“She’s the one. I knew you’d want to see this one, she’s been a major headache for us for weeks,” 1940s man replied and took off his dark glasses, cleaning the glass with his handkerchief. He looked up at me and I looked directly into his eyes, suddenly I felt a wave of fear because his entire eyes were black, with no white parts of his eyes, not one section of his large eyes that didn’t gleam a jet black. I don’t know what frightened me more – the reptilian giant or those solid black eyes. The MIB called ‘Doc’ helped me off the gurney and escorted me into a roomy but Spartan room, the furniture was plain, two maple wood library tables, one elongated wood box and a half dozen of padded brown office chairs. Not one picture or documents added interest to the plain drab rock walls, but beige tiles on the floor sparkled from a recent coat of wax, I considered that floor was the most decorative part of the room.

During the long dreary hours I spent in that underground facility, they placed photographs and images and objects on the table in front of me, they never explained why they wanted me to see these items, and they didn’t request comments regarding them. Later, they asked questions about Tom Castello, questions about my family, my children, my sibling and my parents, I never really answered those questions about my family, they already knew all about them. They seemed more interested in intimidating me with comments like rather or not I wanted to survive these questions. To this day, I am not allowed discuss the details regarding the threats or how they threatened me, but I can confirm I was in fear for my life. They warned me to never reveal the details of these questions, or discuss the other bizarre events I witnessed inside that facility. I am not at liberty to confirm or deny the name of the underground facility. They warned me that either I will sign a document they had already prepared for me, or I will never again see the blue skies of the surface of Earth.

I noticed the paper alleged to witnessed by “my personal physician” – at least that is what the document stated, but I do not know that “doctor,” and never met him in my life; he wasn’t even one of the three men that abducted me. The reptilian humanoid stayed in the room the entire session, but he did not question me. Once or twice men wearing the same copper uniforms glanced into the room or hesitated a few seconds at the door, but didn’t enter the room.

I was thirsty, hungry and tired, but they three men, the 1940’s man called Doc and two other MIB in suits questioned me. They were the only three people in suits, everyone else wore uniforms. I was supplied a warmer uniform rather than my thin nightgown, for that, I was grateful.

The two men in scrubs from the hospital may or may not be workers in that hospital, after they took me from the hospital room and transported me to this underground facility in a western state, I never saw them again.

These three MIB questioned me about Tom Castello, and demanded answers, sometimes they threatened to kill me, or even worse, to silence me – medically. Being maimed or tortured is enough to strike fear in your heart, I didn’t know exactly ‘how’ they meant to silence me, but before that 24 hour session ended, and I fully understood what he meant.

Being at least slightly intelligent, I offered to trade my information for their information, I didn’t really wanted any information they might have, I just said it in an effort to buy time, to find a way to get out of this abduction alive, because they were getting angry with me. I kept telling them I didn’t know anything – and they knew better. They partially agreed to trade, mostly to find out what I wanted. Without hesitation asked for the ultimate truth – the Secret of Secrets – who are the ancient gods and who are the aliens that float through Earth’s skies.

It took them about 15 minutes for them to clear the information I demanded – the UFO truth – then they carried a thick Manila envelope in his hands, the MIB said “ok, I’ve got the information in my hands, now you tell me what I want – where is Tom Castello and how do you contact him?” I looked at him, and laughed – you can be very certain he didn’t my laughter one bit.

I freely admit I was frightened, it was a faked laughter, but I didn’t want them have the satisfaction of knowing I was terrified, “Oh please, I promise you I was not born yesterday, and that is a very weak and pitiful trick. I told you I would trade for information, I didn’t say ‘you lie to me, and I’ll believe anything.’ You better get serious gentlemen, because I am not going to fall for that worn out trick.” I folded my arms against my chest and then added, “You know all about me – so you know I am natural psychic, when you tell me the truth, I will know it, and if you know try to trick me, I’ll never tell you a thing.”

The three men mumbled together quietly for a few minutes near the door of the room, but they knew I was dead serious, they knew I was born psychic and can see the colors of human aura. They knew I would know if they lie, because their aura turns the color a muddy reddish brown and the outer edges of the aura gets tinged with a sickening pea green when someone lies.

They decided to tell me – all of it, and looking back on that event, I truly wish they didn’t tell me anything. But you can’t “unheard” things you heard, once you know something, there is no way you can pretend you didn’t know. For the rest of your life you must be responsible for that knowledge.

In this case, the MIB agent just opened up and told me the ultimate horrid truth. For the next hour they talked about the horrifying truth and I felt sick to my stomach, betrayed spiritually, and angry. The more I learned, the more upset I felt. I didn’t want to hear any more, I wished I never heard it – but it is too late, know I do know. Everybody claims they want to know it all – but when you learn all of it – you wish you could go back in time and unlearn it.

Everything I thought was true facts – was dead wrong. Evil was good and good was evil, and every aspect of this life is a joke.

The MIB agent placed a bible on the table and opened one or two references in the spiritual book, offering to prove his words. I closed the book.

I wanted to escape the bitter truth – now that I learned the truth, I didn’t want to hear it. I turned on the MIB agent, lashed out like a wild animal. I slapping him, the other men grabbed me and I pushed them away, and took off running down a long hallway. I knew they’d catch me, because there is no way out, but still I felt the need to calm my mind a little. I needed to digest the disturbing information they told me. I know I asked for the ultimate truth, but I didn’t know that horrid truth, I thought it was strictly information about aliens – the secret of the aliens. I was wrong. I ran as fast as my short legs would move, but after a few minutes two men caught me from a side door, and escorted me back to back to the first room.

I was surprised when they gave me a glass of cool water and allowed me to rest for a few minutes, thinking silently. When I rested a few minutes, the man they called ‘Doc’ told me they knew how I felt, and that everybody feels that way when they learn the truth. They almost seemed sympathetic towards me. They refilled my glass of water, and let me just sit there for a few more minutes, and then they wanted Tom’s information. I looked at the MIB agent and I sipped the water, and then replied – “Look, I’m sorry but I don’t have any information about Tom. I kept telling you over and over, but you don’t want that answer.” That was a fact, they didn’t like it one bit.

Once again, they tried to warn me, to threaten me, kill me, or worse, to maim me and other frightening tactics. I stayed firm and repeating the same thing, Tom left, I haven’t seen him since early December 1979. They tried getting loud and when the more they yelled, the quieter I got, after a heated hour or so, I refused to talk at all. They injected something into my arm to force me to talk – but instead of making me talk, it made me vomit, and I still didn’t talk. They gave me “one more chance” (as they called it) I was exhausted, had nothing in my stomach except that one glass of water, and they had removed me from the hospital almost 23 hours ago. I felt the urgent need for sleep and food.

“Cherry, I can keep you here in this base, or release you try to cooperate with me,” Doc said.

“I’ve never said these words to anyone Doc, but you go straight to hell.”

“I gave you a chance – I rarely do that – but you had to be unreasonable. For the rest of your life you will regret your lost chance. You will remember this for the rest of your life Cherry, but you will never tell one about it.”

He sat in his chair staring at the floor for a few more seconds and then nodded his head, gestured to a table nearby and three men again strapped me down on a gurney again. I said nothing while they injected an amber liquid into my left arm. Once again I saw lights melting and then blackness.

I heard the sound of crisp steps walking near my bed and with an effort, I opened my eyes, I knew they returned me the hospital, and I judging from the large room with filled several beds, this must be a recovery room.

The nurse stood beside me and it was obvious she ask a question. I looked up at her and I knew she was she was speaking to me, but I couldn’t understand her words. I glanced around wondering if they MIB placed me in a foreign hospital, but nurse’s words were more than just a different language – it appeared she were uttering total gibberish. I attempted to reply to her, but I seemed to have forgotten how to speak, I was astonished. I tried a few more times, but each time all I managed to so be moan or groan, not one clear word. I could think clearly, but no words.

Using my left hand I searched around in the sheets trying to find my right hand, it was numb, and couldn’t feel it at all. I thought it had fallen asleep and was numb, but when I finally managed to pull my right hand and arm onto my chest, it felt like a heavy log. I rubbed my arm trying to coax feeling into my arm and hand, but after a few more minutes I felt a sinking fear in my heart and I knew my right arm didn’t work. The fear magnified when I attempted to move my right leg, and it didn’t respond at my efforts to turn and sit up. Quietly, desperation took over and I cried like a baby for the first time in many years. By then, I knew I had suffered a major stroke, and I know it was from the hand of the MIB.
A few hours later, after I recovered from my sudden storm of tears, I managed to pull my right leg to the edge of the bed, and I attempted to stand up and walk to the sink, it was in sight, just a few seven or eight feet away. I needed to wash my face, in hope it might clear my thoughts and the hope the little walk might do wonders, and restore my worthless right limbs. I stood up carefully, took one step and felt my body collapse to the floor. I felt like a limp ragdoll, and another wave of fear hit me when I discovered I was on the floor and had no way to get up. I inched towards the bed, hoping I could use the bed to help pull myself up and get back in bed. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t get up.

I don’t know how long I stayed laid on the floor, it felt like a long time, hoping someone would come and help me. I dozed a few times on the cold hard floor, but I could only turn flat on my back, or try to sit up, but I couldn’t get back onto the bed. I was weak, and dizzy and starting to shake from the cold floor. Finally I heard someone enter the room to bring my evening meal. He placed the tray on the table and left, in another minute or so, he and another attendant and together helped me get off the floor and into bed.

I was aware, fully aware, but couldn’t speak, and couldn’t understand anyone. I found out I wouldn’t read or write either. I remember Doc’s warning that I would regret my chance to give him the information. I knew I was in grave danger, but I couldn’t speak, couldn’t walk, and I suspected Doc was still watching me.

The next few days were just a blur, and they kept me drugged, and what was worse, they put me in a strange room, a room hidden off a broom closet. I don’t expect everyone to believe this; looking back it still horrifies me remembering that bizarre room, I can only testify that everything is 100% just as I claim it.

That hospital room looked like something from a science fiction movie, with two way cameras with a small monitor screen beside my bed and overhead rods with hand grasp levers to help me move position. I rarely saw anyone, only when meals arrived. Later, when I was able to speak and ask questions, I found out I was missing from that hospital for 23 hours, and they claimed I left during the night, without telling one. The nurses claimed they searched for me in the hospital, and after not finding me, they assumed I left. What is worse, they decided I left on my own, and were baffled when they found me in the recovery room. When they found me in the recovery room, I couldn’t say a word, and I couldn’t understand the words of the medical team. I wanted to explain I had been abducted, I no way to communicate what happened.

I stayed there nine more days, I would have been longer because the medical facility told my family I had checked out, and no one knew exactly what happened to me. My teenage son, Marc, refused to give up and kept looking for me. Even after the hospital claimed I left, Marc searched for me in every room, and finally noticed a broom closet, through the glass door window if the janitors broom supply room, Marc saw another door and on the door it claimed “private” – he entered that room and found me. Quickly, he got my things together, helped me dressed and sneaked me out of the hospital. I’m alive today because my son – at age 15, drove over 80 miles in a borrowed car and refused to believe I left the hospital willingly.


by Cherry Hinkle

For the real “Peter Piper” and his “brother”


There are dark secrets of under the Apache town of Dulce, New Mexico.

A certain person that claims to be a member of the elusive Committee of 12, an obscure intelligence group, which is working to educate the public about the joint alien/repton threat to America.  This person talks a lot, but is not brave enough to put his own name on any piece of paper, so it is up to one elderly lady – me – to talk about it.

Please be notice that I am not a “weenie” and I am using my real name, not some fake title like colonel or commander or supreme glorious leader.  Unlike like these cowards with fancy and fake titles, I’m not hiding under assumed names.  This will be a mish-mash report of tidbits found online and other sources.  It is interesting, if nothing else.

There were over 650 attendees to the 1959 Rand Symposium.  Most were representatives of the Corporate-Industrial State, like: The General Electric Company; AT&T; Hughes Aircraft; Northrop Corporation; Sandia Corporation; Colorado School of Mines, and others.

Bechtel is a super-secret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. I have read that Bechtel is really a part of the so called ‘shadow government’ or at least a strong working arm of the CIA.  It is the largest Construction and Engineering outfit in the U.S.A. and the world.

Also, I read that the most important posts in the U.S.A. Government are held by former Bechtel Officers, I did not contact these leaders and asked about their previous jobs. Maybe so – maybe it’s just a lot of talk.  However they are supposed to be part of the web which links the Trilateral plans, the C.F.R., the Order of Illuminati and other interlocking groups.

But then, there are several researchers think I am part of the this powerful group.

Wow. Can you imagine that?  Me, a housewife in Nevada, wouldn’t that be great?

I could be jetting here and there, controlling UFO groups, being part of some secret government organization that sets up plans for aliens and humans. {Sigh}  I wouldn’t mind, but how would I find time to control the world when I have to do the laundry and make sure dinner for you hubby is on time.  Know what I mean?

Why would any intelligent UFO group consider me as a dangerous and powerful agent of the shadow government?  Can you imagine the faces of the REAL shadow government when they read that some UFO researchers are afraid of a five foot tall gentle and reclusive lady in Nevada?

Friends and nervous researchers – I am not part of anything – no secret groups, no shadow people groups or I’m not part of ANY real government.  I don’t know how he came up with the idea, but the well known researcher that started that rumor KNOWS there is not even a hint of truth there.  OK, now lets get back to the report.


Mind Manipulating Experiments – The Dulce Base has studied mind control implants.

That is true and the devices they use are now in use world-wide; they use bio-psi units, even the so called “Date Rape Drug” started in the fourth level studies of Dulce; E.L.F. devices capable of mood, Sleep and heartbeat control, that too is real and also known as biofeedback and other similar devices.

D.A.R.P.A. (everyone knows the letters mean:  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is using these technologies to manipulate people.  They established the projects, set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings.

It is part of the MK- ULTRA Program, and that too is well known, and started in the fourth level of Dulce Base. 

Related projects are studied at Sandia base by the JASON Group. They have secretly harnessed the dark side of technology and hidden the beneficial technology from the public.  One of the secret things behind the JASON name: July August September October November – look at the first letter of each month. Interesting isn’t it?


Other top secret projects take place at Area 51 in Nevada: Dream-land; Electromagnetic Intelligence; Code EVA; Program HIS (Hybrid Intelligence System); Infrared Intruder Systems; Project BI-PASS; Project REP-TILES, and others.

Between the Nevada Test Site and the New Mexico secrets projects, the USA secret stuff is REALLY big, and If you are really ready to spend more than ten minutes of researching just actually look at the vast secret government facilities that are visible on the surface of those two states! (much less the even larger underground facilities!)

The secret studies on the notorious “Level Four” at Dulce include human aura research, as well as all aspects of dream, hypnosis, telepathy, and related research.  Through study and experiment they learned to manipulate “the bio-endoplasmic body.”  They lower your heartbeat with delta waves, induce a static shock, then they reprogram the brain, via a brain computer link.

They can introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind, and blow your mind.

You can enter the facility with one mindset, and leave with totally different points of view, different religious mind set, and capable of working as a secret agent, unknown to your family and friends; you could enter the place as a gentle and meek man, and leave as a top agent hit man – a paid assassin for Dulce.  That’s a Spooky thought.

Notice the amount of new “sudden men” that suddenly “go nuts” and kill a group of people? Do you want to guess where that started?

We are entering an era of technological psychic ability.

The development of techniques to enhance man/machine communications; Half man, half nano-man; Nano-tech; Bio-tech micro-machines; PSI-War; electronic dissolution of memory; radio-hypnotic intra-cerebral control; and various forms of behavior control.  Now they can create these people, AND they can control them all over the world, from space.

Surviving the Future”

Well, I wish you “Good luck” on that one – The Dulce facility consists of a central hub. the Security Section, the deeper you get, the stronger the Security.

There are over 3000 cameras at various high-security location – that was in 1979, their methods their cameras are more advanced and for frequent in 2011.


Now, you can’t even see the cameras, they are so small.  Think about the tiny phone/cameras everywhere, hats with cameras built-in, look at your tiny camera on your laptop that is looking at you right now?  Not very big is it, and yet it can see and record everything you say or do, BOTH directions.  In other words, it is not just when you turn on the camera, that camera is always on, recording, listening….

There are over 100 secret entrances near and around the small town of Dulce, NM, many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake.

Again that was back in 1979, so that information is out of date.  Want to guess how many secrets in that area now?  Not may, these days they have been changed, moved…. if you had a secret room and you knew everybody from all over the world would be looking for your secret room, what would you do?  Yep. You would make sure no one could find it.

Inside the Dulce Base – Security officers wear jumpsuits, with the Dulce symbol on the front, upper left side. The ID card has the Dulce symbol above the ID photo. government officials use cards with the great seal of the United States. True.

The phantom board: above the law Most meetings of the Dulce board are held in Denver, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico.

An unnamed former U.S. Senator has full knowledge of Dulce, as well as seven astronauts – that are no longer living, they get rid of witnesses, you know.  He was among the group that included a number of very prominent government figures who toured the base.

In 1979, a cattle mutilation conference took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This meeting was used to locate researchers and determine what they had learned about the link between the cattle mutilation cases and of course, how much the public knew about the alien interaction with the world governments.

It is dangerous to know too much

So, I don’t know much, right?


Cherry Hinkle

New Mexico, USA

March 1st, 2017





Steve Erdmann

Copyright, 2017, Steve Erdmann. Permission given to quote for review and advetising purposes.

“…secrets that could benefit mankind, that are being withheld to give an economic adventure to a greedy few, or secrets that control groups in order to subjugate the masses, I will gladly reveal…there exists technology that goes way beyond anti-gravity and allows for travel anywhere in space and time.   If this concept is too difficult to wrap your mind around, for your own mental comfort you could consider this book to be a science-fiction novel.   But if you do the research, as I have done, you might realize that much of it could actually be true.”   (Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, p. ii in the Foreword and p. 194.)

(Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, Herbert G. Dorsey III, Herbert G. Dorsey Publishing and Outskirts Press, Inc.,, 10940 S. Parker Road, Unit 515, Parker, Colorado 80134, 2015, 203 pages, $16.95.)


Dorsey tells the reader that he has had a “broad education in Electrical Engineering and Physics that go beyond what is taught at the university level.”   He has investigated “free energy” inventions and even spoke to people “that worked on ‘black projects’…these inventions, in the past, have been vigorously suppressed.”

                                                         SECRET SCIENCE       

There existed a “secret science” used in “black projects” that is not taught at the university level, says Dorsey, and incorporated back-engineered extraterrestrial technology:

“As far as a secret space program goes, do you really believe that the U.S. government would land men on the Moon in the 1970s and then never go further?   If so, you really don’t understand how the secret part of the U.S. government really works.”

Dorsey chronologizes a long, tortuous history of this “secret science,” beginning with John Worrell Keely and his science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP), his “Vibratory Disintegrator,” which could dissolve atoms “as easily as molecules into Aether.”   Eventually, Keely claimed to have overcome the force of gravity, as described in the April 13, 1890 Philadelphia Evening Telegraph as an eight-pound airship model.

“It must be stressed that Keeley’s theories were based on years of experiments that he actually conducted,” says Dorsey, “not on purely mathematical constructs, as so many theories today are created.”

Author J. Allen Danelek wrote in his 2009 book The Great Airship of 1897 that the worldwide airship reports from the 1880s to 1890s “was the work of an unknown individual, possibly funded by a wealthy inventor…built in secret to safeguard from patent infringement as well as to protect investors in case of failure.”   (pp. 6-7.)

Dorsey advances to tales of the Secret Aero Club and member C.R.A Dellschau (1880-1923).   The Club originated in Sonora, California and, in 1858, was headed by George Newell and the Nymza organization. Their craft purported to have used a “NB gas” with antigravity properties.  Dorsey continues into the Keeley airship flights of 1896.  About that time, the inventions of inventor Nicola Tesla were taking center-stage.

“About this time Tesla was approached by members of the secret Nymza organization of New York that oversaw the secret Aero Club out west in California,” says Dorsey.  “Tesla may have shared the secrets of his electrical antigravity craft with them.  If so, it all was kept pretty secret.”   (p. 11.)

Inventions realized by Tesla included a “wireless power transmitting station called Warden Clyffe,” “a vertical takeoff aircraft,” “an electrical antigravity craft,” and, in 1895, “time alteration.”   Later, Tesla worked on a “Tesla Shield” (Thomas Bearden), as well as participated in the “Philadelphia Experiment” (Project Rainbow) that eventually resulted in the disappearance of the U.S.S. destroyer escort Eldridge on August 12, 1943.


Dorsey writes about the German government placing spies close to Tesla to learn his secret technology.   One such spy was a George Scherff, actually George H. Scherf from Dolitzsch, south of Leipzig, Germany.   His name was altered upon his migrating to the U.S.   Scherff had the alias of Prescott Sheldon Bush.  His son was known as George Herbert Walker Bush—later becoming Director of the CIA and President of the United States (The Bush Connection, Eric Orion, 2003, Amazon Digital Services, LLC).

“Using his double identity, Scherff/Bush stole Tesla’s inventions, sold them to the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) through his vice-presidency and directorship under the alias of Robert Sheldon Bush,” says Dorsey, “to be forwarded to Paul Warburg (banker), Fritz Thyssen (industrialist) and I.G. Farben (the largest conglomerate of chemical companies in the world)—the latter two being industrialists loyal to Hitler’s Nazi Party.  Some of Tesla’s discoveries would later be used by the Third Reich in their secretive flying saucer program.”

theuniversalconsortium-photo-of-george-scherff-1938groupnaziseditarrowsandtext800w-copyPRESCOTT SHELDON BUSH

Tesla utilized a Dynamic Theory of Gravity using “Aether,” combining a high voltage and a high frequency alternating field mixed with a high static voltage field, according to Poynting’s Theorem.   Tesla used these to propel his “electric air ship.”

The Nazis incorporated all Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and Victor Schauberger’s antigravity and vortex implosion technology. Schauberger called it a “Repulsine.”

“Most of Germany’s flying saucers were still under development by the war’s end and not regularly used in combat,” says Dorsey.  “Many were destroyed so as not to fall into enemy hands and others were flown away to secret bases in Antarctica and Argentina.  However, some of the saucer technology and the technicians that developed them were captured by the U.S and Russia and has been kept secret from the public ever since.”


Dorsey takes us on a rapid-advanced excursion through scientists and science that enfolded what he called “secret science” that “at no time” (was) mentioned or taught at “universities or even mentioned.”

Thomas Townsend Brown, Rudolf G. Zinsser, George Sagnac, Ernest Silvertooth, Dayton Miller, Dan. A. Davidson, Joe Parr, Tomas Bearden, Theodur Kai Uza, Howard Johnson, Richard Willis, Edwin Grey, John Bedini, Donald Smith, Stanley Meyer and Bob Boyce are a few of the scientists “outside” the normal arena of “space-time” science.

Gravitator-electrokinetic fields, Joe Parr Gravity Wheels, Extended Electromagnetics, and Floyd Sweet Specially Conditioned Magnets were the bedrock of the secret science.

“There are many more ways to trap the ambient energy of the medium of space, whether one calls it Aether, virtual particles, or dark matter.  And convert it into useful energy,” says Dorsey.

Secret science further connected to the manipulation of time.  In 1975, Tesla made breaches of time and space with highly charged, rotating magnetic fields.  Later, Electrical Engineer and past head of the Department of Communications in Canada, Wilbert Smith, was involved with the secret Project Magnet to investigate “ways to tape the Earth’s magnetic field for propulsion and energy.” (p. 51.)

Tesla’s experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere would lead “to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Time Travel Projects.”

Russian scientists Nikolay A. Kozyrev, Dr. Spartak, Gennedy Shipov, Dr. Vadim Chernbrov, Albert Veiaik, along with scientists David Lewis, Eric Julien and Dr. David Lewis Anderson and others, says Dorsey, experimented with “time control technology.”


Most of these experiments became incorporated into Nazi German science and the creation of the Vril Society created by Medium Telepath Maria Orsic who converged into the Thule Gesellschaft and the All German Society for Metaphysics.  These efforts continued through to the 1920s when scientists invented the Jenseitsflugmaschine (JFM).


“By 1922 development of a working prototype was underway,” says Dorsey.   “Meanwhile, Germany saw the inception of the National Socialist Party and Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, fueled in part by the Utopian visions of a new world order inspired in part by the Thule and Vril Societies.”

Professor Winfried Otto Schumann and Maria Orsic were considered the seeds for German Flying Saucers.  Quickly followed through the 1930 and 1940s were the Jenseitsflugmachine 2 (JFM2), the Rundflugzeug (RFZ), and the Vril and Hannebu disks.

It is here that Dorsey begins to enter what many might call a “fog of believability,” telling of questionable facts and somewhat unproven speculation (which he carries to us in likewise manner to the end of the book), such as a claim that the Nazis sent a Vril 7 “Jager” to planets around a sun called Aldebaran by means of a “dimension channel independent of the speed of light.”   There was also the Vril 7 “Giest” in 1944, in which Maria Orsic flew telepathically using a Mind Control Head Band.  Dorsey deals much more realistically with his knowledge about ‘unknown’ science, rather than his worrisome history on extraterrestrial liaisons.

(Dorsey claims to have developed an intuitive sense of what is true or false by developing a fine perception of keeping an open-mind and a healthy amount of skepticism; however, by the lack of hard-citation of verifiable sources, one might question his ability to show proper ‘skepticism.’  Forward, p.ii.)

The Nazi SS took command of the German flying saucers. The “Replusine” worked with diamagnetic levitation forces___Repulsin A and Repulsin B.   A bio-submarine was called by the SS: the “Foreller.”  There was also the Flugkieivsal, the RFZ1, RFZ2, the SSE-IV (Entwiekiungsstelle 4), the RFZ-4, the Haunebu II Do-Stra, and the Hannebu III.

Much of this technology was flown to secret Nazi bases in Argentina and Nue Schabenland, Antarctica, using JU290s and JU390-“Flying Trucks.”  One-hundred-thousand Nazis escaped to Argentina with gold.   As part of an Odessa operation, a base was created around San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. “Many underground bases and above ground roads, bridges and an airport were constructed there.”   The Nue Schabenland and the Nue Berlin bases were carried on in the Antarctica.


The end of the World War II saw several related scenarios.  Dorsey, by his inclusion, somehow endorses them:

# A massive bombing raid in 1944 on a critical ball-bearing plant at Schweinfort by over 150 British and American bombers had one quarter of the bomber contingent shot down by ten to fifteen “Nazi discs.”   If the Nazi discs had been fully operational, it would have been worse.

# In 1947, a U.S. military expedition of an aircraft carrier, a submarine, 20 surface ships and 4,000 elite navy troops, called “scientific expedition Operation High Jump,” as led by Admiral Richard Byrd, unsuccessfully attempted to invade the Nazi Antarctic base, but was pushed back by Nazi disc aircraft.

# On March 17, 1945, Maria Orsic and her Vril group went to a Messrschmitt hanger in Augsburg to man the Vril space ship. On March 18, a large circular-shaped flying craft was spotted by Lt. Col. Walter Fellenz, Brigadier General Henning Linden, and others, of the U.S. 7th Army advancing on Munich; the craft quickly disappeared.

From this juncture, Dorsey enters into stories of how various alien civilizations began to visit Earth and establish various “liaisons” with human governments.   Of course, Dorsey does not get into the nitty-gritty procedures of laying out hard and objectively provable details to each story (other than some popular references and sources), and, at various times, challenges he readers to investigate for themselves and to use their own common sense.  Dorsey does the same thing concerning claims of “time travel” and its associated science and stories.  Often, Dorsey would point to government “censorship” and suppression of the facts as another complicating factor.

What follows are quick and somewhat meatless chronologies, of which the reader will need to read the book and begin their own analytical adventures.  Dorsey does portray them, however, in dramatic fashion.

Dorsey says that a “recent history” first-meeting took place on July 11, 1934 between U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a U.S Navy vessel at Balboa, Panama.  The aliens were what has become known as “Greys” (a common feature of aliens since 1947), but they (themselves) were controlled by “Reptilians” (those outlined usually by researcher David Icke) from the Alpha Draconis star system.   An “unconstitutional” agreement was created for “obtaining extraterrestrial technology” in exchange for allowing “human abductions” in an alien genetics program.   Roosevelt refused alien cooperation that would recreate the Earth into a paradise if earth-people would give up war.   “Roosevelt refused.”

The same offer was given to Adolf Hitler by the Pleiadians in 1934, asking that Hitler “not (to) attack the Jewish people,” but Hitler broke the agreement upon getting “some technology.”  “The Pleiadians pulled out of the treaty in 1941.”   The Greys reinstituted a similar “treaty,” but this time the “German Aryan people” were exempted in trade for people “in the concentration camps.”   (Historically, this is highly unusual as an “Aryan” race of people is debatable.)   (pp. 80-81.)


A “peripheral” index of Dorsey’s historical renderings tells of some fantastic happenings:

# The February 25, 1942 “Battle of Los Angeles” told of where anti-aircraft guns fired “flack shells” at a saucer-shaped aircraft which eventually disappeared.

# Army Chief of Staff George Marshall created a Highly Classified Unit (IPU) within the Army’s G-2 Intelligence Agency.

# Richard Helms acted as an advisor to the MJ-12 secret group and was a contributing editor to the “red book” compendium on extraterrestrial activity supplied to the President.

# According to Dan Burisch (a biologist at Area 51 Sector 4) and Arthur Neumann (a physicist at Livermore Laboratories) the occupants that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 “were from the future of our own planet.”  (Burisch’s claims are hotly debated – SE.)



# The Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) was created under the National Security Council to coordinate government-wide psychological warfare strategy.   The PSB war also used to debunk UFOs to the U.S public.

# “The Greys were given an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation,” says Dorsey.   “Some Greys were later taken to Unit S-4 at Area 51 and to (to) an underground base at Indian Springs, Nevada.”   (p. 98.)

# Dorsey claims “contactee” “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier could have contacted and photographed Plejarens from the planet Erra.  “It is located in a dimension which is a fraction of a second shifted from our own dimension…”

# Former MJ-12 member Dr. Michael Wolf told that there are many ET groups visiting the Earth—Zeta Reticulums, ETs from the Altair Aquila star system, races from Orion, the Federation of Worlds, and many others   (p. 114).

# Hitler, Roosevelt and Eisenhower had made faulty and misguided treaties with the Greys that “led to Hell on Earth” by Mind Control by aliens.   (pp. 121-122.)

# On January 24, 1953, Eisenhower established the Advisory Committee on Government Organizations, in which MJ-12 was head by the Director of Central Intelligence.  “Later, Eisenhower would regret that decision, as he realized that the corporations which the CIA cleared to work on secretive back-engineered alien technology were becoming more powerful than the U.S government itself and came beyond government control.”   (p. 139.)

By 1958, MJ-12 decided that “antigravity research was to be highly classified under National Security and any corporation with military contracts would keep the research and development ‘black’ if they wanted to do further business with the military.”

“Officially, these ‘black projects’ are called Special Access Projects (SAP).  In the DOD Manuel titled National Industrial Security Program Operating Manuel…measures taken to keep secret the existence of unacknowledged programs…there is no actual Congressional oversight of how tax-payer money is being spent…antigravity technology being developed was being kept secret and there were the inevitable, occasional, but cautious leaks (pp.140-143).”

# “One technology developed by ACIO is called (the) Blank State Technology (BST).  BST is a form of time travel technology that allows history to be rewritten…changing history is a complex operation that requires the ability to correctly forecast the desirable outcome from tampering with the time stream.”   (pp. 150-151.)   (ACIO – Alien Contact Intelligence Organization…SE.)


“The public space program via NASA is merely a ‘smoke screen’ to hide the real but secret space program,” says Dorsey.  “Why waste your time and money on rockets to get into outer space when you already have antigravity technology?…The secret development of the German flying saucers into improved U.S flying saucers…Solar Warden is part of a secret extraterrestrial treaty agreement with the Stat Nations___the organizations of advanced intelligent civilizations in space___and the United Nations.”   (pp. 156-165.)

Dorsey talks about the “time travels” of Edward Cameron, Andrew Basiago, Michael Reife, and Randy Cramer.

“So there exists technology that goes way beyond anti-gravity and allows for travel anywhere in time and space,” says Dorsey.   “If this concept is too difficult to wrap your head around, for your own mental comfort you could consider this book to be a science-fiction novel.   But if you do the research, as I have done, you might realize that much of it could actually be true.”


“So, by the early 1960s, the U.S had its own operational anti-gravity flying saucers and other types of space craft which were developed in secret ‘black projects’ largely financed through Waivered Unacknowledged Special Access Projects with money diverted from other military programs.   By 1962, the Russians and the U.S jointly landed on Mars and by 1964, they had established a base there.   By the late 1960s, the CIA was also operating time travel and teleportation technology in Operation Pagasus.”    (Secret Science and the Secret Space Program, p.197.)



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“Scherff had the alias of Prescott Sheldon Bush.”




Mysterious Scrapbooks Found in a Dump Reveal Secret Writings of NYMZA.






One of the first actions taken by the CIA was to initiate the creation of an inter-agency government group called the Psychological Strategy Board.   July 18, 1951 – Gordon Gray (right), being administered the oath as the first Director of the new Psychological Strategy Board by Frank K. Sanderson (left),  while President Harry S. Truman (center) witnesses the event.