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Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper


Some said he was crude. Some said he was crazy. Some even said he was a prophet like Daniel or Ezekiel of the Bible. Others labeled him a phony or even an anarchist bent on exposing the government. Whatever people said about him, for one thing sure, he was a patriot for his country, America:

“(Milton William) ‘Bill’ Cooper was a conspiracy salesman as sure as Willy Loman carried a battered suit case.  Perpetually hard-up for money, in many ways he recalls the mythic figure in the green visor who sits in an office at the end of  long, narrow corridor feverishly typing out every dirty joke you ever head, ten dollars a punch line. A.P.T Barnum of dread, Cooper lived by the darkening edge of his conspiracy stories and his capacity to find an audience will to hear and believed them. It was an ethic he practiced until the night of his death.”  (p. 31, PALE HORSE RIDER, italics and emphasis added.)

“If there ever was an American dream, this was it. Yet, like most American dreams, it was doomed. That was because Mystery Babylon, or whatever other force, had invented an alternative world that stole the authority for the Creator and created a society of men, imperfect humans, infected with ego and every other deadly sin. In short, fatally flawed people like Bill Cooper.”  (ibid, p.347, italics and emphasis added.)


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(PALE HORSE RIDER: WILLIAM COOPER, THE RISE OF CONSPIRACY, AND THE FALL OF TRUST IN AMERICA, Mark Jacobson, Blue Rider Press, Penguin Random House, LLC, 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10012, 2018, 375 pages, $24.30.)

Thus is some groundwork built by veteran author Mark Jacobson concerning the magical and tragic life of Milton William (Bill) Cooper, May 6, 1943 – November 6, 2001. These consisted of Cooper’s  encounters with what he termed Mystery Babylon; others would later call it the Military-Industrial-Complex and the Deep State, but it all, says Jacobson, was outgrowth of global controlling Mystery Religions such as “Brotherhood of the Snake, Order of the Quest, the Roshsniya,  the Qabalah, the Knights of Templar, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rome Crucis, the Illuminati, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, the Executive Members of the Council on Foreign Relation, The Group, the Open Friendly Secret Society, the Vatican, the Russell Trust, the Skull and Bones, the Scroll-Key, and many others (p. 123).

Many of these societies, says Jacobson, were beholden to the blue bloods of Wall Street…ꞌꞌbut whether they know it or not, they all could race their origin to the Brotherhood of the Snake.” Jacobson continues to quote:

“This was the way of the world, except the controllers of the New World Oder had turned Hegel’s dialectic on its head, Cooper said. ‘They determined the synthesis first, what they want and then create the two forces to  oppose each other, so they knew what they have to do to bring about that synthesis, while everyone thinks it all happened by accident.’”

Cooper’s stent in the military likewise taught him much about this Hidden World. There was Admiral Bernard A. Clary’s Top Secret file that Cooper had a “Top Secret, Q” clearance to which Cooper had access. Clarey was Chief of the U.S. pacific Fleet.

“Everything about the war was in there…one by one the scales dropped from Cooper’s eyes. He was not the defender of freedom he had so longed to be but, rather, cannon fodder in a hue knew things, terrible, dangerous secrets, hidden information that could change everything, even save the world from itself…For sixteen years, Cooper had not revealed what he’d seen while poking through Admiral Clary’s cabinet. It hadn’t been easy. Knowing what he wasn’t supposed to know had turned his life into a living hell, made him drink, and sent him in rages.”  (pp. 48, 52, 61, 79)  

UFOs were other big events in Cooper’s life, like what he and the crew of the sub USS Tiru saw in 1966: a huge metal craft larger than a football field that descended from the sky into the ocean amid giant gushers of water. It rose from the water and accelerated to beyond the horizon. The object did not disturb the sub’s electrical system or the gyro compass. It was saucer-shaped and had windows around the perimeter. It made no noise.

Jacobson quotes Cooper: “There was no doubt as to what we had seen. It was a metal craft, with machinery on and around the outside of it.” (p.76)

It was enough to convince Cooper he could be dealing with space aliens. He heard fantastic stories of UFOs in the Vietnam DMZ when in the military. But his viewpoint changed in late 1989. He suddenly saw UFOs as earthly-military-psy-ops.

“The presence of UFOs from outer space was one more fear tactic,” says Jacobson, “a trick to get a freighted public in line behind a one world totalitarian government. The most infuriating aspect of the subterfuge, Cooper reportedly admitted, was that he had fallen for it.”

It was an age of deception that abounded. As Cooper had said, you couldn’t trust everything you read. You had to do your own research to find the nuggets of truth. A case in point was the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, which many people were convinced that it was a hoax by Pierre Plantard. Report from Iron Mountain was another hoax (but had disguised seeds of truth) invented by Victor Navasky, Marvin Kitman and Leonard Lewis. There was no such thing as pure theories, all carried seeds of error; Cooper said to investigate on your own and with caution. It was also called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars or psy-ops (p.115). Shock Tests were the realization of the Red and Blue pills of Matrix movies, mentioned by Cooper, and in effect in accordance with Hartford Van Dyke, “a form of modern technological alchemy that predicted gold for a few, dross for everyone else.” (p. 119) 




Cooper left the Navy and ended his military career about April 1975. Shortly following that time, Cooper was riding his motorcycle on Skyline Boulevard near Berkeley Hills in the Bay Area when he was closely followed by a black Cadillac which knocked Cooper’s motorcycle hurtling him end over throwing Cooper to the bottom of an incline. Two men climbed down to look at him, one of them feeling his carotid saying that Cooper will one day be dead. In a second chase by the same “limo,” this time Cooper’s right leg was severely mangled and was replaced by a prosthetic.

Jacobson tells that while Cooper was in the hospital, two men visited Cooper, interrogating him as to if he would “shut up” or the “next time should be fatal.”  Cooper crossed his fingers and said he’d behave, but silently swore otherwise (p. 52).

To rightfully understand domination, you had to see it as the Secret Government did, a self-sustaining system called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWFQW): “The Illuminati’s declaration of War upon the People of America.” (p.115)

The psy-ops involved was like a “deployed time-release capsule at modulated speeds and patterns” as “encroachment on their lives,” controlled situations in a “constant barrage” of “Shock tests” similar to the Red and Blue pills depicted in the movie THE MATRIX: mass suicidal engineering on the part of the New World Order, quoting Cooper, “an ages-old underground current informs of the modern project in this modern era; life in our modern era is little more than life in an open-air mind-control laboratory.” (pp. 117-118)

The bedrock to this global Monster is identified through a network of hidden Secret Societies that create a “web” of Higher Mysteries down through the ages dating back to ancient Babylon spread universally amongst the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Qabalah, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and about twenty or more others (p. 123).

It became a stratagem using Wilhelm Fredrick Hegel’s Hegelian dialectic:  Status quo, the thesis, the antithesis, and the synthesis—a new standard of truth. That series of events could be climatic, however. Bill Cooper could plainly see them as they developed; maybe more like a Biblical prophet than a theoretician in some cases.

Jacobson writes: “Manifested in bogus divide-and-conquer dichotomies like Democrats and Republicans, manipulation of the Hegelian dialectic was the main tool of the Secret Government…like a snake shedding is skin, the New World Order established in 1947 would soon be replaced by another.” (p, 125)




Cooper’s greatest career was THE HOUR OF THE TIME radio broadcast on WWCR, which began on January 4, 1993, exposing the many facets of Mystery Babylon.

“If ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ exposed the contemporary blueprint for the Illuminati takeover of the planet, Mystery Babylon,” says Jacobson “went far deeper, tracing the ontology of the organization back to its origins.”

Cooper saw the hidden meaning and origin of mankind also in the Stanley Kubrick production of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie was clandestinely “far the Initiates and the Adepts of the ancient religion, those who could understand the ‘symbology’ of the ‘Mystery Schools.’’’ (p. 144)

In Cooper’s The Sacrificial King, Cooper showed how Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas was an important puzzle piece, not only in the Kennedy assassination, but seeing Dallas as a piece of esoterica at work (Disneyland, the ancient city of Babylon, the 33rd degree of latitude where multiple Fortean events happen) — the Plaza itself was named for newspaperman George Bannerman Dealey, a 33rd-degree Mason: phenomena called by C.G Jung as synchronicities and meaningful coincidences

Fellow conspiratologist and competitor Robert Anton Wilson rode his own pale horse, much like Cooper, opening a “door to Chapel Perilous” in a realm of experience that “cannot be located in the space-time continuum,” writes Jacobson, “it is weightless, odorless, tasteless and undetectable by ordinary instruments.” (p. 161)

Robert Anton Wilson wrote Cosmic Trigger and his Illuminatus! books. 

Rapper Killah Priest sometime in 2004 and 2005 renamed rapper Andrew Kissel (a Newark, New Jersey MC performer) as “William Cooper.” Priest was working with Black Market Militia, a Wu-Tang Clan satellite group, Timbo King Razah, A 60 Second Assassin and other entertainers that came to read the original Bill Cooper’s BEHOLD A HORSE and heard The Hour of the Time radio show, causing Killah Priest, says Jacobson, to exclaim: “He was a patriot, which I like,” quoting Kissel, “because I am a patriot. I am a proud American. This country was supposed to have been built to question authority, to hold the people in power accountable. Not to bite your tongue. Just to put it out there, right or wrong, let everyone else decide.” (p. 193)

In August 1994, Bill Cooper heard that black people were reading BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.  Fellow conspiracy theorist, film-maker and record producer Anthony J. Hilder informed Cooper that blacks who read BEHOLD A PALE HORSE began to see the “system” as the enemy: ‘“ …white men, particular white men__the same white men who were the enemy of all people, black or white,’’’ Jacobson quotes Hilder, ‘‘‘the news couldn’t get any bigger than that.’’’ (p. 203)


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On February 28, 1994, a military convoy of SWAT members half-mile-long was heading for Mount Carmel Center, Branch Davidian Compound, where about 168 people would be attacked. 

“That was the beginning of the fifty-one-day siege of Waco,” says Jacobson, “an event that for many, Bill Cooper included, would signal a state of war between the American government and its people.”


Life and Times WEAVER_RUBY_RIDGE_21220829_t470


Despite what infractions the government used to defend the massacre, Cooper said that reasoning was flawed. “But anyone who bothered to do the research knew that this attack was a long chain of events,” says Jacobson, “with roots that stretched back centuries…Cooper told the audience…You could never understand the present unless you knew the past.” (p. 212)

Randy Weaver and family considered themselves one of those “survivalists, homeschoolers, tax protesters, ‘sovereign citizens,’” protesters that recited Mark 13:14 and stand separated from an evil government. In 1989, Randy sold some illegally modified shotguns to BATF informer Ken Fadeley. To get a lesser conviction, they asked Weaver to be a “government snitch,” which Weaver refused to do.  The Weavers took refuge on Ruby Ridge.

Surrounded by five hundred federal government agents, many without insignias and in camouflaged dress, firing at the Weaver’s dogs who alerted about the trespassers, fourteen-year-old Samuel Waver was also shot with a bullet that ripped his arm from it socket. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver “right between the eyes” as she held her “eight-month-old baby in her arms.” A helicopter attempted to “drop a fuel bladder” on the cabin to burn down everything.

“And what had Randy Weaver done to deserve such treatment?” asks Jacobson. “He’d sold a gun that was too short. That was a misdemeanor as far as he knew.” (p. 213)




On April 19, 1993, the theory went, Tom McVeigh drove a Ryder rental truck with two and a half tons of ammonium nitrate drenched in diesel fuel and exploded it in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.


Oklahoma City Bombing 20th Anniversary


There were reports of “two separate explosions” involved, but that was pooh-poohed by authorities, and McVeigh was denoted as culprit number one.

“They sent out McVeigh, one more perfect human zombie in as a seemingly assembly line of them, to do their bidding,” says Jacobson. “…who know how many would die in the next ‘terrorist attack’?  (p. 257)


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Such “ploys” were used in the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers, says Jacobson, and Cooper made it plain in a June 28, 2001 broadcast of his The Hour of the Times. He ridiculed the CNN broadcast and story of finding culprit Osama bin Laden in his hideout.

“The fact was, Cooper told the audience, no one in the U.S intelligence services was really looking for Osama bin Laden,” says Jacobson. “They knew where he was. They had since the beginning of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Bin Laden, along with his entire family, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

‘“Something terrible is going to happen in this country,”’ Jacobson quotes Cooper, ‘“And whatever is going to happen__they’re going to blame on Osama bin Laden. Don’t you even believe it.”’

That “something” happened two and half months later on September 11, 2001 when two commercial airline flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center killing 2,996 people, including 343 New York City Fire Department personnel.

Cooper’s prediction came to pass (p. 80).


Final Conquest of Bill 55f2d86fbd86ef1f008b9a05-1536-1152


Cooper’s writing and broadcasting career was pretty well personified as Para-politics where Cooper saw evil monsters, says Jacobson, where the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave was under assault. Cooper spent his whole life fighting the enemies of freedom, he fought those in Vietnam, and he fought those as evil plutocrats in secret religions gong back of the beginning of history.

In his circle of friends and broadcast listeners there existed a segment of separatist militias and income tax “evaders,” in which Cooper officially joined the ranks of “tax protesters’ announced in a HOTT broadcast #28 on February 28, 1993.

Jacobson summarizes: “No, Cooper said, paying income tax was voluntary because the law said so. It was as simple as that…the phases ‘voluntary’ and ‘may enter’ carried the legal significance.”

“Cooper Hill” became a heavily-guarded fortress of sorts and Cooper would regularly protest any trespassers on his property. Cooper gave out a July 6, 1998 warning from his website against trespassers. On June 29, 1998, the FBI opened a file on Cooper.

Some of the so-called trespassers were the family of Dr. Scott Reynolds Hamblin, who visited “the Hill” (once called R.V Hill in their youth for bike driving). Hamblin also claimed to have property somewhere on the hill. Cooper saw him as an intruder and actually made threats, he also visualized himself as an official Neighborhood Watch member. The Hamblin’s, however, were no ordinary family, their ancestors had a long past history as legends to historical Mormon militias. The Hamblin’s filed a complaint to the Apache County Sheriff’s Office.

Cooper’s emotional health was far from perfect, having been diagnosed with a form of PTSD from his military service, perhaps one reason for his angry outbursts. Nine marriages later, Annie Cooper, worn thin by government warrants for Bill’s arrest, left in spring, 1999 with daughters Poo and Allyson, stranding Cooper on the hill. Even a short reunion with his daughter Jessica was suffocated when agents tried to entice her to “entrap” her father. In the end, all that Cooper had left was his adherence to his private code “not to give up.”

Jacobson quotes Cooper’s “A Public Notice” of July 6, 1998: “Therefor, a state of war exists between the citizens of the Union States and the corporate United States. We will be free under the Congressional Republican government guaranteed to us by the organic Constitution for the United States of America or we will be dead.” (p. 279) 




A Special Response Team planned a sabotage-style entrapment and arrest for November 5, 2001. They were to trick Cooper to come out of his home to investigate their deliberate pretext of being noisy trespassers. Decoy agents were hidden undercover in a truck; they then would come forth to arrest Cooper.

Unexpectedly, Cooper approached them in his truck instead of on foot; he shouted a warning to them:

“I’m calling the cops, I’m going to give you ten minutes to be off the property, or the cops are going to be here.”

The scene changed suddenly. Cooper attempted to drive back to his house to make the phone call as Commander Andrew Tafoya chased Cooper’s truck and the agents followed in the UC pickup. The “Tac Van” blocked Cooper’s path. Sergeant Charles Brown aimed his M4 submachine gun at Cooper’s truck. Sheriff Brian Hounshell did the same with his combat AR-15. Brown attempted to knock Cooper’s hands off the gearshift. Cooper threw Brown on his butt, but the truck went crashing into the storm-swept rocky terrain forcing Cooper to run on foot for his house. Deputies Joseph Allen Goldsmith and Robert Marinez, according to Jacobson, raced to stop Cooper who reached to his pistol and fired four defensive shots, one paralyzing Marinez. Goldsmith kept firing until Cooper fell died, exactly as he prophesied  –  on his doorstep (pp. 328-332).  

The agents shot Cooper’s watchdog, Crusher, though the dog was securely chained to a truck.

“The most recent high-profile addition to the Cooper Canon are the posting of ‘Q Anon,’ a reputed government insider who claim to have access to classified information on the on-going attempt of the so-called Deep State to overthrow the Trump administration,” announces Jacobson. “In February, 2018, ‘Q,’ as he is known to the followers of his ‘Intel drops,” wrote of his deep admiration for Cooper and his work. Sales of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE immediately spiked, landing the twenty-seven-year-old book at number 17 on the Amazon bestseller list” (p. 357).   

Since Cooper’s death, says Jacobson, Mystery Babylon was still determined to undermine the United States while bolstering the New World Order that was unmasked in 9/11, the Second Iraq War, the 2008 financial debacle and collapse, the “divisive elections” of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and he political split of National powers (p. 342).


Photos Extra Randy Curtiss Church 34016707_10212421578630746_1291840039952580608_n

Mystery Babylon


“With each tweak of the Hegelian Dialectic, the audacious dream of the American Republic,” says Jacobson, “laid out by the Founding Fathers in the Consultation, grew dimmer.”


Final Days Cooper cooper-pooh_small


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The Devil in the Details!





(Wolf’s Ravine)




Steve Erdmann

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Omar IAmone



 “In spite of all the danger, in spite of all that may be, I’ll do anything for you, anything you want me to be….” In Spite Of All the Danger, the Beatles, 1958.


“People are eliminated. Honey, you don’t know how many people are just eliminated, just on the operating table alone. They just need to be disposed of. And don’t ever believe what you read in the papers.  It’s all made up.” (Joe Shimon, a professional assassin and deep cover operative, speaking belatedly in life to his daughter.) 


The Boxenwolf (also known as the Buxenwolf) was from Germanic lore of the Schaumberg region where a pact had been made with the Devil himself. The victim can be transmuted into a wolf with the help of a magic girdle. The girdle was said to be a device from Hell. When he takes the form of a wolf, he enjoyed persecuting people. Even though he looked like a regular wolf, he is still able to think like a human but gained “wolf powers” as well. His senses were magnified, such as smell, sight, and he was able to run incredibly fast.

Stories and legends continued as to old and resilient as evil and the questioning of Power itself.

The Nazi Reich of the mid-century was an assimilation of Black Magic and these occult beliefs.

In 1923, a man known as Fritz Kappe created a terrorist group called Organization Werewolf. Their official banner looked a lot like a pirates’ old Jolly Roger – a black flag with white skull and crossbones (not to mention the semblance to Yale University’s Skull and Bones). At first, the group’s movement spread very quickly throughout Germany. Due to arrests by the Weimar government, the Werewolves never grew into an agency that caused any real threat: or so the popular conception went.  

It is likely that Organization Werewolf was created in response to Adolf Hitler’s desire for Germany’s youth to be like werewolves – cruel and harsh, people that wanted to destroy humankind (history books say that Hitler was obsessed with wolves and werewolves and wanted his men to be more like them).

The name was chosen after the title of Hermann Löns’ novel, Der Wehrwolf (1910). Set in the Celle region, Lower Saxony, during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48), the novel concerned a peasant, Harm Wulf, who, after his family is killed by marauding soldiers, organised his neighbors into a militia who hunted the soldiers mercilessly and executed any they captured, referring to themselves as Wehrwölfe. While not himself a Nazi (he died in 1914) Löns’ work was also popular with the German far right, and the Nazis reveled his work.

Werner Naumann, Goebbels’s top aide at the end of the war, sent out a noteworthy message by teletype to the Nazi Party’s regional propaganda offices in early April 1945. It called on the residual propagandists throughout Germany to devote their full efforts to building an underground resistance movement that would make Allied occupation insufferably costly. The Allies were in fact worried about the possibility of the Werewolf movement, but in the end, Germans were more than ready to have the war over and not much came of this final effort. (Werner Naumann, “Jetzt scheiden sich die Geister!” National Archives Microfilm Series T-311, roll 169, frames 1071-1074.)

Later, many historians came to believe that the German-American Bund supposedly went out of existence and that there really were no cogent groups such as Odessa after the war. There was mention of U-boats U-530 and U-977 and the 54 German U-boats that “disappeared” in a connection with a mythical Neuschwabenland. These tales were regulated to rumor and history’s junk pile. We are told that tales about the Nazi “time machine” technology – The Bell – wunderwaffe – was only a flagrant science-fiction-story.

Ironically, despite the myth’s historical actuality, mainline historians agreed to dismiss the legend and continue the disbelief down through the ages.






Somebody Here That I Cannot See

March 21, the celebration of the goddess Ostara, the evening of the kill shot.

The thud of a closed side entrance way to the Boxenwolf mansion denotes the young heiress’ exit. As she makes her way into the accompanying landscape of the property, a sudden hush comes over the territory, all wildlife becomes still and the wind stops as if upon command. Window light from the enormous manse intrudes upon the night while sharing the jet black darkness of many darkened rooms. The golden sheen of her long hair punctuates her passage towards the gradually rising mound several thousand feet into the property. Her swagger causes the strands to bounce sensuously from one side of her neck to the other. The nineteen-year-old’s erotic and unctuous rhythmic unveiling of her calf and leg through the slit of her gown is constant, disturbed every few seconds by her dodge over a hidden intruder-detection device. Her image recedes. As she gets closer to the mound, the sounds of night-time wildlife revive and quickly rise into a crescendo of sound. She opens a door at her destination that briefly reveals a yellow interior.

Suddenly, several feet away, a rectangular hangar door begins to slide upward. Just beyond it, posed bravely and daringly in the soft yellow-white light of the immense hangar, is a shining and suave Mercedes-Benz black limousine. It looks stark in the hygienically immaculate expanse of multiple pneumatic-operated floor platform/elevators. Their only accompaniment is the laboratory bays running around the inside periphery of the armory. The critters of the forest now sing in full force. For a brief moment, the girl stands in the breeze that is rippling her gown, exposing her youthful flesh and the sensuous curve of a pink calf of one leg. The unnaturally warm night air holds the unusual smell of mulch covering the budding flora growing beneath the earth that even these unseasonable events are also responding to her supernatural presence. Her sparkling blue eyes stare into and challenge the night. Gripped in her right hand is a mass of metal and wood. She swings the driver side door open, thrusts a rifle across the seat, and follows into the sleek interior.



“What music would fit the occasion, my beauty?” she asks the automobile. She says nothing for a minute as she starts the atomic miracle built into the interior of the black beast. “Ah yes, how about my favorite, good ole’ Ronnie Milsap, so appropriate.” She swings her hand over her head and the melody begins. The glowing dials and lights of the control panel accentuate her picturesque posture, pug nose, slanted eyebrows, small ears, and a small square chin. There is a stranger in my house; Ronnie Milsap (who is blind) is ironically singing that there is somebody here that he could not see! The automobile’s power source, a blend of Bugatti and graviton-quantum physics begins a graduated whine. Quickly, the structure of the vehicle commences evaporating into invisibility. A shimmering transformation moves along the automobile from rear to front, and in something akin to a large ‘pop’ the limousine vaporizes into the night, leaving only a few moments of the melody in the air…the singer can’t seem to find love in her ‘eyes’ anymore…the hangar door to the auxiliary research facility gradually slides shut.


They Brought Forth the Heiress’s  “Armored, Technologically Seasoned Vehicle, Saturated with Sophisticated, Superior Weaponry…”


Her omniscience having performed expertly, the teenager is soon perched high above St. Louis in a selected sniper’s nest. No Rules of Engagement for her: she ‘is’ the Judge Advocate General (she must control herself from going out on these vicious safaris). What a combination, she thinks to herself, a specially designed sniper scope and her marvelous brain to dial-up the shooter solution. The target had left his office and is making his way south on Broadway Boulevard. The target stops to swiftly dispose of a paper bag containing the pulverized remains of a stealth “transient material” spy device into a curb-sewer as trash. The shooter assembles the barrel suppressor and braces her weapon with the help of an armature. Both eyes open on the scope in a mystical deer’s gaze. The jeweled and sparkling city about and below her seems to freeze in a mosaic of multi-colored design and scintillation. She zeroes in on the target’s center of mass and then adjusts the dial for the head. As she settles into her final Engagement Position, the girl begins to hum more of the Milsap tune, but this time in German: There are suspicions that lead to questions, then alibis, and then to lies. Her silky hair slides along her cheek enmeshing with the tantalizing smell, not only of the wolf pheromones of her perfumed shampoo but the unusually embedded aura of rifle lubricant and the sweet smell of her leather sniper gloves. The humming ceases. A deadly moment of dreadful silence dominates. She stops breathing for a second. She jerks the trigger to the right, adjusting for the wind, maybe even a shift in gravity.

The victim’s head becomes a gruesome mass of the bullet’s shock waves causing brain, skull bone, cerebral cortex, subcutaneous tissue, and various dermis to expand forward and upward in a red-white halo amid streamers in a mangled mess of hurt. The body lurches inches upward and forward in the direction of the blast, then drops like a wet rag.

All the technical data in sniper school, about distance, moving targets, running targets, she says to herself, becomes embedded, not just in your brain, but also in one’s arms, hands, and fingers.

However, it is nothing like the dexterity of the Magic she is about to do now in hiding her tracks; life can be stranger than old wives’ folklore tales.

Somebody here, says Milsap, which we cannot see.


March 21, late afternoon, one year later, in the current year.

Axtilgeenix:  An ancient Gitxsan name meaning “he who walks leaving no tracks.”

Detective Lieutenant Wayne Harrington is afraid to answer the phone, even though he is a brave soldier of the Special Operations Unit. Every time it rings, it brings more dead-end information about a murder case in mid-St. Louis one year ago to-date. It had been hundreds of interviews, and multiple tests that had caused the case to languish in a pile of police paperwork that now confronted the detective. He is once again to review the facts and updates. Updates?  The term Cold Case File didn’t do this case justice. He thought of another expression: Dead End Waste Land.

Such exasperation is not unlike the inhospitably callous city of  St. Louis: To the north and east of the metropolis are the beige and chalk-white spires that race to the heavens on steel and concrete diagrid-skeletons and escalating terraces filled with heartless, arrogant, and cowering souls. The streets appear to be bare and unfriendly. Tiny black UAV micro-spy drones circle indomitably, gnat-like to and from the launch pad atop the nearby Police Department headquarters.

An expanded sky-walk from police headquarters, over Spruce Avenue to the Robert A. Young Federal Building, allows transport of homicide case files, easily moved to the recently purchased property by the Police Department: a heavily guarded conference room called the War Room. Special FBI Agent Jerold Schultz stands frozen aside the scenery, an office equipped with two desktop and several laptop computers, several telephones, a large meeting table in the center and one huge picture window from which the railroad yard below and the building line to the south could be readily viewed. Around the perimeter of the room, and on the table, are file boxes. Some of the manila folder contents are stacked haphazardly and spread across the table and several adjoining desks. The black silk suit and tie attiring the FBI detective appear to come alive when he suddenly breaks his stare to the rail-yard below.

“Okay Wayne, let’s see if I can put this all in perspective before I sign off on this review.” His silver-blonde hair and a silver-lined mustache denote his age, now a 20-year-veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He speaks with authority as a Chief Agent of the Critical Incident Response Tactical-Ops Investigator Specialist Group. He turns to look out the window again. He jiggles the coins in his front pocket. His fingers nervously tap the leather of his gun holster hidden on his belt. He abruptly slaps his gun and holster and gets back to the dreary business at hand in a final recitation of the chain of events.

 “Our victim was shot on the evening of March 21 a year ago by a high-velocity-what-appeared- to-be ‘smart frangible projectile’ – possibly a hand-made bullet – that left absolutely no trace residue or hybrid materials – nothing – by a sniper several blocks away from an upper-level office in the 593-foot Metropolitan Square building, of that we are absolutely sure?”

Detective Herrington quietly flips another manila folder onto a stack on the table. He sits in a chair towards the end. He has dressed casually: no tie, dress slacks, but an extra-large plaid shirt that barely covers his stomach. Bags under his eyes denote lack of sleep and a possible kidney problem. His round and pudgy face, as his co-workers conjectured, seem to portray his kindness and his integrity.


Detective Wyne Herrington Contemplates.


“That’s correct: no copper, no zinc, no nickel, aluminum, antimony, no Teflon…you name it. We cooperated with several laboratories, not just the Medical Examiner’s Office here. Legal medical investigation of all tissue, blood and blood splatter, at Quantico, other laboratories for backup. Neutron-activation analysis, energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometer….it’s all there…” Herrington waves his palm over the table.

The FBI agent continues, “And we know the shot came from a certain office in the Metro Square building because of the algorithm Quantico used on the beveling and tissue dispersal direction – not to mention what was caught on neighboring security cameras?”

“Plus acoustic evidence – Boomerang equipment and hidden street-audio-recordings – blood splatter analysis – the angle of impact – all seemed to pinpoint the Metro Square building in a cone of trajectory.” (A high-end computer-aided design and model that was established.) Herrington continues, “But there was no direct evidence that anyone was in the office at the time: no pertinent fingerprints, no aerosol evidence, the forensic crews went over that office with a fine microscopic-comb. No gunfire traces, no witnesses, no security violations…we hit hard on that.” Herrington hands a manila envelope to the FBI agent. He sits again. “My back is killing me,” the detective says in a grimace of pain.

Agent Schultz turns back to face Herrington, casually reading the contents: “A clear violation of Locard’s rule: ‘Any action of an individual, and obviously the violent action constituting a crime, cannot occur without leaving a trace’.” He stares blankly at Herrington for a good minute: “But also the laws of physics.”


Special FBI Agent Jerold Schultz Analyzes the Crime Situation


He is correct, Herrington muses to himself; a killer always takes something away from a crime scene and always adds something to it, but here the use of the word ‘always’ seemed incongruous. Oh yes, we live in an increasingly new, modern, technological age, he ponders to himself.

“Yeah, we brought in sophisticated, mobile equipment, mass spectral odor analysis, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometers, and so forth,” as part of the latest police equipment used on site. “We checked not just the one office, but all the adjoining offices, the outside ledges, and the window panes; we were practically camped out there for a week,” Herrington stands and arches his back and stretches. “We logged and interrogated every sentient being. Nothing on cameras…” Herrington stops and gives the FBI man a serious stare, as if he had just stepped out in front of a moving vehicle, his eyebrows rose for emphasis, “And how do you fire a rifle from within a closed office without damaging the window glass?”

“The shooter obviously owned the night!”

“To say the least,” Herrington agrees.

Beads of sweat creep over his forehead ridges.

Because of the increasingly bizarre nature of the crime, the Chief of the Homicide Division requested and received special funds. A massive dragnet and manhunt were instituted that very week and the downtown area was practically quarantined with a flood of special officers formed into a Task Force. Other agencies assisted on an emergency basis: The Bureau of Justice Assistance, The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, and other alphabet insignia. All persons with special rifle skills were located and questioned. It was continuous. A massive job that entailed multiple grids, ground, and dog-sniffing searches, along with countless interrogations. Because Metro Square is home to many attorney suites (commonly referred to as the Lawyer Building; St. Louis had a ratio of five lawyers per 1000 citizens), the Police Department consistently received threats by attorneys for harassment and invasion of privacy. The sniper couldn’t have picked a better spot for gumming the wheels of justice.


Other agencies assisted on an emergency basis


They utilized several criminal databases: The Criminal Justice Commission Statistical Analysis Center, the United Nations on Drugs and Crime Statistics, and others. None of the data had a direct solution to the crime; only vague suggestibility. After a briefing by the Task Force, The National Security Agency reported that surveillance satellites would not add to a solution. Spy satellites were called into use. Carnivore, Echelon, Prism, and Mainway satellites detected nothing useful. The NROL-75 spy satellite was in use over St. Louis that day: it recorded not a soul or machine that would give them a clue. The Police Department utilized micro aerial drones in St. Louis and surrounding areas, but no pertinent information as to mystery vehicles or persons. The paper bag that the security videos recorded the victim throwing into the sewer: its contents were located, at least, nothing in the Periodic Table of elements that would lead back to him – its self-destruction denoted a high level of technology.

As far as the victim’s background, police had nothing the Task Force could hang their hat on. A young, career-climbing attorney, he had made a prior arrangement to meet his girlfriend farther south of Broadway Avenue at a local grill and pub several blocks away. He was in good health. He left the office early in the evening. The Task Force traced all of his telephone and cell phone calls. All apparently were legitimate. Did he have any enemies? Well, you know, he ‘was’ a ‘lawyer.’

“We looked into his history. He was a Military Policeman in Afghanistan. It gets a little fuzzy at that point. Upon coming out of the Marines, he quickly went about supporting his career as an attorney. There was no response from the CIA as far as any intelligence connections. I’ll work on that,” says Schultz. The agent went back to observing the inbound and outbound railroad below. Shultz is shifting his glances from the outside scenery to his partner now and then, but his features in no way betray his successfully hidden, evil thoughts. Occasionally, there is the shrill frequency zing of a passing high-speed train. Mild snowflakes begin to intermingle with the smoke coming from railroad engines.

Herrington lumbers erect, arches his back and tightens his lips, “I tell ya, a few more cases like this one and I ‘will’ retire.” He runs his hand through his thinning hair, scratching his scalp for relief.

“Haven’t been well?” queries Schultz, glancing over to the detective. Beneath the silk of Schultz’s clothing are the hard, muscular swirls of a Spartan and athletic body. Herrington’s switching of his head side to side was his only reply. “Well, get me that summary – we’ll sign off on it – move the files back into storage for now, and let some other policemen use this office. Have the files shipped to my storage area in Virginia. We’ll keep an eye on it down at Quantico.” Schultz eyes the detective wryly. “You said there were some scratches on the victim’s back or some injury. Do you have the autopsy photos handy?”

“Sure, nothing’s changed on that; it was no injury, except one the victim’s nervous system created. The coroner and the examiners said it was a psychosomatic reaction…” Harrington locates and hands the folder containing the photos to the FBI man. “There it is, ‘psycho-physiological-mind-body-somatic reaction…’ caused at the time and from the trauma of the rifle shot, eh, like a pronounced rash or blushing…hydro-static shock….” (Herrington is having difficulty describing psychosomatic medicine.)

“No animal attributions? Someone says….”

“Nah, we had an expert in here looking at the photos. The marks only lasted a few hours and then went away. The expert was a carnivore biologist and behavioral ecologist, a forensic anthropologist,” Herrington tries to create a smile as his lips were contorted by his back pain, “someone joked about a wolf’s bite-marks. A joke? Someone had misspoken. It was nothing.”

The FBI man was acquainted with the photographic evidence from his previous visits, but he couldn’t resist looking at them one more time. Schultz’s gaze at the photos grew into a barely subdued look of astonishment. He recognized the vague outlines of an emblem he knew all too well. He tried not to allow his look of incredulity to betray his feelings to the other police officer.  He recognized what he was looking at because he had such an emblem tattooed on his ankle in his youth. Because of his tender age at the time, all that remained was a rough vaccination-like circle from surgery that was barely visible. This evidence, however, was all too clear to Schultz, if only to him alone: it was the parallel strikes of the double sig rune – the SS bolts – the runic insignia of the schutzstaffel!

Later, Herrington braces himself inside his trench over-coat as he leaves the building and heads into the increasing snowflakes and wind that lash against the downturned brim of his fedora hat. He rehearses a mental mantra to himself: “I only have a few more years to my retirement.” He sees how the unkind and inclement weather ensconces itself as compared to this time last year. He recalls that last March was rather warm and ‘quiet’- the ‘quiet before the storm.’ He reflectively muses how a battle is taking place, not just of technology, but also, of the supremacy of power itself. The rules of the ‘game’ are increasingly complex and byzantine. Herrington is thinking of scientist David Bohm’s comments in a book he is reading about the “widespread feeling of helplessness and despair.”

How sad and prophetic.


Photos Extra Det Fedora Three-Point-Lighting-600x337

″He reflectively muses  how a battle is taking place, not just of technology, but also, of the supremacy of power itself.”


In the following weeks, almost spasmodically, investigators of various types and ranks in the case –  die. Lieutenant Wayne Herrington dies in his bed from a heart attack. The Chief of Police is killed in a car crash. The Missouri Attorney General dies in an airline crash. Myriad technicians and news reporters alike also demise. An electrical fire destroys Schultz’s files on this case along with killing two visiting detectives; other unbeknownst but related deaths dance with questions of synchronicity, obscurity, and fate. Schultz, however, seems imperious to misfortune. Individually, each death had a certain amount of rectitude that leaves the deceased with a mindset of normality, but, like a slithering blood slick that trails all the way down to Quantico, the macabre body count is disconcerting but always becomes somehow unquestioned.


The Horrid Eternal Lair:

Wolfsschlucht (Wolf’s Ravine)

Once we have the power we will never give it up!” Heinrich Himmler, Nazi SS Leader; later, “It is our duty to take these children if we have to rob or steal them. It is our duty to take their German blood or destroy it.”

March 21, the morning of the ‘kill shot.’

Amidst the forlorn late morning fog in the cold March climate in the hills and ravines of Saint Albans, jutted on cliffs of the Missouri River, behind the mangled branches of towering oak, maple and the suffocating bulks of uncultivated evergreen trees, stands a 40-million-dollar-plus 20-room-mansion. The structure lies one mile from a massive estate-gate laced with the latest reconnaissance and voice recognition technology. The 15-acre estate is shorn of the springtime horticulture that long-ago laced and decorated the citadel. The domain smothers beneath woodlands hiding the cruel, Gothic face that was once a healthy and happy Manor. The House of Boxenwolf rejected the name of Watson in the 70s and took on the coat of arms and family crest of Boxenwolf on the same property. The Boxenwolf emblem hangs menacingly above the substantial 3-inch thick mahogany front door with its stiles and panels bulleted by a 19th-century snarling wolf-head door knocker.   


Springtime view of the Watson Manor.


Along the forest tree line, the shining eyes of wolves glimmer from lowered heads in fear and unwitting respect for the proprietors. Despite its horrid surroundings, the true value of the property is hidden beneath an unfathomable mountain of scientific and technical espionage labyrinths concealed beyond door chimes that herald Lao Arnaud’s The Buglers’ Dream.

(A history of the realm, buried in the muck and bustle of human activity, is one of the thousands of such asylums disguised about the planet. Many are shrouded with thousands of spy, DNA Reconnoiter, Black Hat and Black Ops devices typical of the Boxenwolf Empire. The regime often chooses special names, titles, and codes of hidden mystical significance.)    

The dim, barely audible voice of the late horror-actor Boris Karloff is but a creeping whisper floating in the lonesome corridors, hidden somewhere within and emitted from a classic B-movie-murder-film playing on a television in the bowels of its inner sanctum. The building’s innards are bathed in the aroma of cigar smoke from many tycoon meetings and overlaid throughout with the scent of basil and underpinnings of cannabis, myrrh and frankincense transfused all over the stony citadel. The movie is interrupted for a commercial break on drastically reduced automobile sale prices. The ad is themed by the barely-heard distant sounds coming from a boy’s television of a classic Beatles song of 1958, In Spite of All the Danger……“In spite of all that may be, I’ll do anything for you, anything you want me to be…..”



A telephone is ringing. A very elderly women trudges towards the incessant sound, one foot sliding ahead of the other in effortful, somewhat painful, movements encrypted with many years of haunted memento. Her haggard features portray profound life-worn expressions of fatigue, fear, dignity, regret, concupiscence, and, yes, horror and revenge that drips from grayed wrinkled flesh. In the shadowy and ghoulishly lit house, she somehow reaches the phone. As a Great Dame, she surrounds her world with rare and extravagantly exotic archetype materials as signs of her immense and boundless authority. Her left hand, almost transparent with age, grips the pure diamond and gold wolf-head knob of an exquisite hand carved stiletto-cane resembling flowing wolf fur. With each step, the staff clangs and echoes as it hits the marble floor. Slowly picking up the receiver in quivering hands, she raises it to her aged ear. A very trembling, low, but audible, juddering woman’s voice speaks into the jeweled, computerized antique-celebrity-decorator phone that is totally secured and completely severed of contact with any normal landline system:

“Yes?’  She speaks sternly with as much authority as she can muster.            

The caller resides in an attorney’s office in downtown St. Louis, one of the larger buildings occupied by so many attorneys it has become known as “The Lawyer’s Building,” a citadel of power.  A strong, rather youthful, and confident male voice responds:

“I’ve just spent 15 minutes dickering with your security receptionist! Hello? Is Justus Watson there?”

The old woman is momentarily stunned by the scolding; it is apparent the conversation had gotten off on the wrong foot and that this rapscallion thinks he has somehow connived his way [rather, was knowingly permitted] through her security apparatus. The centenarian slowly glances back to her servant partially hidden in the darkness of the hallway. The servant nods his head as his statuesque features rise and lowers in acknowledgment.

“No. No, he is not,” she lies.  Do you mean ‘Boxenwolf’? Who is this? How did you get this number?”

“It’s Bob Felding; I’m an attorney in the Office of the Chief Actuary Staff at the Social Security Administration,” he lies. “An application has been passed down to me for more intimate handling. It was only a cursory examination at the Inspector General’s Office. Ah, it seems…..Justus filled out a form improperly, we just wanted to get with him and help him correct a few things.”  (Bob Felding looks astute with professionally trimmed blonde hair, wearing a classic fit pinpoint dress shirt with black oxford shoes. Bob Felding also works on occasion as a CIA Block and Chain Cutout. His Intelligence privileges allow him to use disposable and destructible special CIA voice-to-skull transmitting equipment.) 

“He’s not here now; is there something I can help you with?  He’s my grandson.” The word ‘grandson’ is pronounced in aristocratic slowness.

“Oh, well, he’s not supposed to write any extra comments on the form; he’s written some messages at the top…”

“Oh, oh, well, what was that?”

“He must have misunderstood some of the questions….”


“Well, he seemed confused, I guess he got off track, he wrote, among other things, that he was born on 21st of July…”

“Well?” interrupts the Baroness, her cheeks sinking inward as blood flowed away from her face in the rise of anger beginning to rise and ripple through her body. She begins to fidget, crossing her arm over her breasts and tucking her hand beneath the drooping fat of her bent arm. She frequently glances over the shoulder to see if her servant would soon be in pursuit to her side. Nevertheless, she really did not need information as to why this call existed. She twirls her lavishly jeweled ring around her thin finger. She can hear Felding’s breath signaling his exasperation.

There is an interruption and a long pause along with an elderly cough for courage. She recollects the past, where in happier times, she would have spanked Justus’s mischievous butt. Now, she knows Justus was not being particularly malicious in this matter. Her brother, Ignacious Boxenwolf, is somehow aware of this special clandestine governmental project. The Boxenwolf Intelligence corps knows the telephone call was coming well before it arrived. There was, in fact, no application sent to this man. She will play along with this suspicious person. It is not the first time ‘spies’ have hounded her. She will throw him a curve, and give her staff time to investigate…this so-called ‘stranger’ in her house.

“Oh? Really? I….I….I…don’t recall this at all. You know, you know, I don’t believe he did!”

“No, no. We get misapplications all the time. However, everything seems to be wrong here…we couldn’t find a thing, a thing at all, in our databases. It was like he didn’t exist.”  (Felding releases a small giggle.)

Scuffling her feet awkwardly to show a stance of indignation and to muster a sense of protest, she grips the ivory-diamond phone, all color escaped from her hand under the pressure of her grip. Maybe she can throw the attorney off track.

“No. No. I hope not….I don’t think so….I know my grandson….there’s no indication that he contacted you… know all his friends…..”

“Ma’ am, he ‘isan applicant…”

She is jabbing the phone closer to her ear in anger, causing the earlobes to redden.

“I don’t think so, sir! I tell you!  He’s been living here for years….don’t you think his grandmother would know?”

“Well, yeah, I would think so…” The great scarcity in official records of any mention of the Boxenwolf family had previously crossed Felding’s mind, but he had no way to know that its universal eradication was due to hyperactive technology and memory dissolution. This matter will be forever seen by everyone as only a preliminary investigation. The complete history was not even revealed to him. Felding is relentless, however, as he fiddles with the settings on his hyper-technical detection device: an outgrowth of global science and DARPA experimentation.

“When would this ‘be’? How could this ‘happen’?”  Her feet move back and forth in nervous little movements, barely staying in her loose but expensive slippers.

“It happens all the time.”

“In other families, maybe, sir, but I tell you, you have no applicants from our family!

Felding continues weak, exasperated laughs. “Mistakes happen to all of us, everyone, lady; you, me, every single, breathing person!”

She gasps in shock at Felding’s brash attitude. “Are you crazy? Maybe you, young man, but I’ve handled major matters in dire situations for all my life…..this has nothing to do with us, and that is that!” 

(Life’s magic had often come in evil ways. For Lauren Watson – soon to be Boxenwolf – evil came as she had stood in the 1970 soil of Kenya, Africa. A youthful statue of picturesque female beauty, anchored in the best aristocratic heritage and education, muscularly sensuous with rose-ivory cheeks, exquisite ruby lips filled from healthy blood within. Her demanding blue eyes portrayed her majesty in her female safari skirt, hunting vest, tag boots and slouch hat that covered locks of brilliantly golden hair. Feet planted firmly and boldly braced for her shot, the 8 x 57 MM Mauser raised delicately, scope cradling her eye; she aimed steely at the swirling, lashing bushes. The native boy had come charging to her side, yelling frantically and pointing his finger in fear at the burly, bouncing mass of fur that became known as a shape-shifting monster of the Steytlerville region. It suddenly lurched from the thicket; “Wesens! Wesens! Bawokozi! Save us!” Without flinching, undistracted, undeterred she squeezed the trigger and a powerful, explosive crack riveted the air…the epitome of good warring against evil was suddenly lodged at the end of a rifle barrel.) 



Felding pauses. He suddenly finds himself confused and at a loss for words. “I am afraid you misunderstand me, I am speaking about ‘human’ beings, lady.”

 “And what do you think ‘I’ am; a courtesan from Mars? You, young people, are going to hell in a handbasket, you think we all are part of your den of iniquity, calling here, looking for your kind, thinking no one can unravel your mischief…”

Felding leans back in his adjustable leather seat, trying to regain some casual composure.

“He sent us an application, I didn’t ask him to.”

She realizes some technological expertise had to be obtained to call in on such a hidden telephone line; an impossibility. However, Felding connotes much more to her. She knows the type: four to six years of law school and practice gives them the illusion that they deserved salaries greater than the President of the United States. They even feel they outdistance the subterfuge displayed in the Dirty Tricks Division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The legal industry is rife with them. As they speak—unfortunately for Felding—the Boxenwolf security apparatus is functioning expertly: something that even the machinery of the U.S. Special Activities Division Directorate of Science and Technology could not compare with.

“Do you know what you are doing, young man? Do you know with whom you are dealing?”

 “Ma’am, I’ve dealt with all kinds of people in my profession.  I’ve been a Chief Audit Executive in Senior Management of the Internal Revenue Service.  I’ve had FPTE, IE, ETS, CAS work under me. I’ve organized and trained thousands in the IRS Large Business and International Division…..”

“Nonsense…!” There is again an interruption to her scolding.

“…..we’ve audited a 22,000 square metric factory in Saudi Arabia, and I am presently joining the Affordable Care Act – the Audit Team on the National Health Care…..,” lying,  he continues to probe; hoping little bits of information would come out revealing the true nature of the person he is dealing with.

The old woman’s face deflates into an ashen disgust. She knows the conversation has to take a different direction.

“Shut up, you pimple! You ant! We ‘own’ you…” Her voice holds a special quiver on the word ‘own.’

“I am highly educated, lady. I am no dummy. I’ve graduated from Yale and Harvard….” Felding has deliberately left behind all semblances to professional politeness and truth as part of his disguise.

A carnivorous smile comes upon her face. “You don’t ‘understand’, you impudent guttersnipe!  We ‘own’ Yale; we ‘own’ all of them, all of them! I’ve been educated beneath countless tenured professors in our secret bases around the world. Are you a Sharpshooter? I am! I’ve traveled in time and trained in the traditions of snipers: Simo Hayha, Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko,” and the list of historically renown snipers and sharp-shooters begins to unravel at length, and in rapid fashion, “And I’ve personally trained with U.S. Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock on the M-25 White Feather. I am more than an Ojibwa Warrior, trained by many governments.  We destroy ‘governments!”

Felding continues to gourd the old lady, despite the fantastic comments he was hearing; it was all vital information. “…not ‘the’ government, not ‘this’ government (caustic chuckle.)…it has too much ‘power.’” He continues assuasive chuckles; maybe, Felding says to himself, he could flush the story out of this old hag.

Power?” Her voice races to a sudden peak of irresolute anger; she pauses only briefly to muster a little strength and determination in her voice.  “I’ll tell you about ‘power’! (Her voice strings out the sound of that last word slowly as if punctuating it. She takes a deep breath and her causerie continues amidst a newfound strength and energy.) I have stood on many a catwalk looking down into the golden glare and searing heat of pristine melted gold poured from ladles in thousands of our gold foundries around the world. We have hundreds of Lutetium, Rhodium, and rare earth factories thousands of feet below the earth. I have sat before the scintillating canopy of hundreds of video screens in one of our Cyber Centers; tabulated visuals portraying the millions of RFID and bioresorbable spy-implant chips in our universal enterprise: charting the lives of billions of public human lives. Power?  (Her face is rubescent with anger) I do not believe I ‘can’ die, but if that fate surrounds me, I have the best cryogenic laboratory and scientists standing ready to resurrect me. That’s ‘power’! I have talked with CEO’s and CFO’s in over thousands of companies and Presidents of countries. Unbeknownst to them, we own Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat Energy Development, L.G. Group, Barrack Gold, Bankers Petroleum, Halliburton, SPDR Gold, Teva Pharmaceutical…,” her anger is punctuated from small blood trails as she scratches the ridges of her staff. She names companies ranging from Saudi Aramco to the Rand Corporation…



“You’re joking?” Beads of sweat are forming on Felding’s face. Seldom had he had to back down as an attorney in the courtroom, but he knows he is up against much more now than a courtroom-witness.

“I thought you were an ‘expert’ at the Internal Revenue Service? Why don’t you know?”  The old woman takes advantage of a silent moment.

“There is a lot you don’t ‘know’!” (She pauses to regain her breath as a token of control.) “Justus is just not in your league, he is working to be a member of a society that you couldn’t even comprehend, and you….you….you….hiding under the disguise of ‘social security’  – there will be nothing ‘secure’ about you, sir…..”

The heiress’ attention moves to the pulsating and flashing rainbow of lights on the security alert panel above the telephone podium; each color denoting a stage of security endangerment. To the far left, a button is a steady red: a denotation that a security matter must be attended to privately and personally. She has been waiting for the signal.

“Well, can you have him call me…?” Felding’s face has become a lineless mask of astonishment; a creeping assessment of the situation as critical: perhaps he did and perhaps he didn’t get the information he wanted, but he will make a safe exit now. 

“He won’t be calling you, sir. The secret will be kept!  Coute Que Coute!”

Lauren Boxenwolf instinctively knows that this meandering chitchat has to be ended. Once again, the Power that stalks those who challenge and threaten ‘Its’ divulgence will protect its history.  She ‘could’ completely disintegrate and wipe out his identity and history with a flick of the finger. This problem, however, will be a personal ‘visit,’ and for pure sensual pleasure, a direct hunt.

She presses a buzzer in the mega-gigabyte-memory telephone console-pad. It summons her security concierge, the Boxenwolf Enterprise Guard, and Maintenance Cadre. They will bring forth from the subterranean conclave an armored, technologically seasoned vehicle, saturated with sophisticated superior weaponry, her current-model-Mercedes-Benz-Classic-Black-Bison limousine.

“I’ve always felt there was something fishy about our misappropriations for the ‘social security’… (She deliberately emphasizes the pronunciation of the words.)…So many so-called powerful organizations think they are solely in control, I’ve been watching, truly watching...and now you have come to break my boredom, to milk my revenge…”

Her blood pressure rapidly rises–her brain is firing millions of synapse connections in passion. Visions of her past memories cascade into her mind, flooding her body with a sense of overwhelming revulsion. Throwing the wolf-head staff aside into the air, she drops the expensive silk robe off her body. Standing naked, she reaches for a young women’s elaborate and expensive slit-gown draped over the corner of her expensive leather Arm Chair.

“I’m going to hang up now.” The muscles in Felding’s stomach begin twisting and hardening.

“I know all about you!  I have your number: you are ‘mine!’  Do not try to come here. I’m over 120-years-old; doesn’t mean I cannot defend myself. I have a long-range, multi-shot, sniper weapon with specially equipped Crisp, Creep-free Trigger Pull …”  

A sovereign voice, some ghost off to the side and upward, is whispering. Her eyes jolt into a haunted gaze. Stunned, she slowly arches her head to look up to the invisible phantom speaking to her. Lips quivering, she moans to herself; her body beginning to shiver in an unexpected passion. She unexpectedly releases a small yellow rivulet of urine that runs down her leg; it laces onto her emerald, ruby, and diamond Javier Barrera slippers. It pools on the floor. Dazed, she looks at a rifle silhouetted from the hearth flames; it hangs with an armada of other expensive weapons near the cavernous fireplace mantle–the phone, slightly away from her mouth, she begins to barely whisper to herself in lustful sensuous tones of sexual arousal. Erotic muscles tighten and twinge as little known sexual zones release into an orgasm that suddenly racks her body…

“Remington M24 long-range, multiple-shot, extended…heavy-hammer-forged stainless-steel-Rem-tough-powder-coated-barrel…5-R-rifling…reduced-bullet- deformation-and-metallic–fouling–pressure-curves…high-bullet-velocity…long-barrel accuracy life…aluminum bedding block…highly sophisticated Boxenwolf tactile sighting options…bolt-action…H-S precision Aramid firing…specially created, hybrid frangible ammunition…crisp, creep-free trigger pull…”

Now dispossessed from her unseen lover, her attention is reclaimed fully to an evil task…

“…and I ‘know’ how to use it, yes, yes I do…” She has somehow glided into the dress and tightened the belt.

“Bye now. Bye…” Felding’s voice, laced with signs of fright and apprehension, becomes somewhat weak and trailing.

You weasel, scum, sneaking around…”  She looks at the Collegiate Gothic style front door with an expression that encompasses every bit of dark, malevolent energy she can muster. All her facial and body features are consumed in a voice that is a low, groveling witch’s moan…

“…a stranger, no more!”

As if a wisp of smoke creeping unpredictably through the palace, the muffled, distressing monotone of an announcer to a slash-horror movie trailer can almost be heard from the distant television program in one of the far dens:  “Run, if you must. Hide, if you are able. Scream, if you can….but whatever you do, don’t answer the phone.”

Disconnect; telephone hum.





C, Copyright, Steve Erdmann, 2019







Life’s magic had often come in evil ways. For Lauren Watson – soon to be Boxenwolf – evil came as she had stood in the 1970 soil of Kenya, Africa. A youthful statue of picturesque female beauty, anchored in the best aristocratic heritage and education.”

“Ah yes, how about my favorite, good ole’ Ronnie Milsap, so appropriate.”
The centenarian in the story.
.. There’s A Stranger in My House song by Ronnie Milsap. Copyright, 1983 by Universal-MGB Songs, Universal Music Publishing. 



Michael Barry Reid (born May 24, 1947[1]) is an American country music artist, composer, and former American football player,  born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Reid attended college at and graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, where he played defensive lineman  the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. He then spent five seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League, earning trips to the Pro Bowl after the 1972 and 1973 seasons, before retiring after the 1974 season. He subsequently focused on his musical career, co-writing several hit singles for country music artists, including Ronnie Milsap‘s “Stranger in My House“, which won a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1984. Reid later began a solo recording career, releasing two studio albums for Columbia Records. He charted seven singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart as a singer, including the Number One hit “Walk on Faith“.

“Milsap didn’t write his own songs, but he was a master at choosing them. He said that he and a friend, iconic producer Rob Galbraith, started their own publishing company. One of their favorite writers was Mike Reid, a former professional football player who would go on to have his own successful solo career.

“I’d sit and talk with Mike,” Milsap said. “He’d ask me, what kind of song do you want? I told him, I’m out on the road and the truckers always want to know when am I going to sing something about them.

“About a year later, he came back to me with ‘Prisoner of the Highway.’ When he played me ‘Stranger in My House,’ I told him, ‘You know I’m going to record that one.’”







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Rudolf Hess and Nazi Secrets

The Intrigues of Hess images






Steve Erdmann


Copyright. C, Steve Erdmann, 2019


Joseph P. Farrell has written many books on the secrets of the Third Nazi Reich and its continuance into a worldwide cabal of a Fourth Reich hidden through the political machinations and devices of this fascist corporatism.

Farrell concentrates in this tome on how this was played out in the life of the one-time Deputy Fuhrer to Adolf Hitler, who was third in succession to become head of state and government after Hitler and Reichmaschall Herman Goring. Much of Farrell’s book centers around Rudolf Hess’s mystery flight on May 10, 1941 to Great Britain, the questions surrounding the motives of the flight, the possibility of a doppelganger Hess, his confinement at Spandau prison, his death and possible murder, his incoherent and bizarre behavior at the Nuremberg trial, and the Nazi plans to complete a German annexation agreement on the Reich ownership of Antarctica. 


Nazi Hess Secrets Adolf-Hitler-and-Rudolf-Hess-around-1934

Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess


“…the Hess Mess is indeed a colossal, gigantic inexplicable mess,” says Harrell.  “There are no easy answers here: there are only uncomfortable synchronicities and question boarding on the absurd and bizarre, and speculative scenarios whose sweep and scope are truly immense, bizarre, and horrifying.” (p. 256.)

“Thus, the messiest aspect of the ‘Hess Mess’ is that it does spin out of control, wildly and very quickly, into associations and relationships with mind control,” also says Farrell, “Antarctica, Atlantis, into conspiracies of doubles and double-crosses, and into strange lore and myths, which Hess, no stranger to the occult, and as Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi Party, most certainly knew.” (p. 7.)

(HESS AND THE PENGUINS: THE HOLOCAUST, ANTARCTICA, AND THE STRANGE CASE OF RUDOLF HESS,  Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946,,, 2017, 266 pages, $19.95.)


Nazi Hess Secrets Book Cover 51a6Y+StTPL._AC_UL320_SR218,320_




Farrell introduces the reader to what might be characterized as “Spandau Hess” with events involving his impressiveness and possible murder of either the ‘real’ Hess or a substitute doppelganger. Relying on researchers such as Peter Radfield and others, Farrell suspects many of the guards and the nurse Aballah Melaouchi, as well as the several medical orderlies that might have been involved in the possible murder. There is mention of an electrical cord and probable strangulation marks on Hess’s neck (pp. 15-32).


Spandau Prison – 1951


Hess’s son, Wolf  Rudiger Hess, also questioned the discrepancies in the death of his father. British forensic pathologist and professor of forensic medicine, J.M. Cameron, was selected to perform the autopsies, and he had also found a suicide note. Wolf Hess requested his own autopsy of his father which indicated probable strangulation. Hess attempted to see his father, says Farrell, but was stymied, only being allowed to see his father through an open door and receiving peculiar and skeptical responses from his father.

“…we saw that there were unusual and possible connections between Ewen Cameron, the psychologist who would become such a central component of the postwar CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program,” says Farrell, “and who was the very doctor brought in by Allen Dulles to examine ‘Hess’ at Nuremberg…First, and most famous example, of Mind Control on record.” (pp. 89, 92, 93, 253.) 



“Such behavior is characteristic of victims of mind-control experimentation and techniques,” continues Farrell, “and it is not the last time we shall encounter that subject with the Hess Mess, far as we shall eventually discover, it is a consistent and egregious feature of the affair.” (p. 47.)




Wolf Hess spoke about mind-altering drugs in his father’s demise, as well as a mysterious affidavit dated February 22, 1988, telling of certain conclusions about “Western secret services.” The document told of political assassination, according to Wolf, in what Farrell captions as the “military-intelligence-national-security-complex.” (pp. 50-54.)

Much of the Hess mystery began in Hess’s background. In 1919, Hess joined the Thule Society which is an anti-emetic, quasi-occult lode in Munich, Germany. The Society had its own Kampfbund army. A noted member was Dietrich Eckart who helped formulate the Nazi money-laundering, X-funds theories of “debt-free money by-passing central banks…” 


Nazi Hess Secrets News2 13iht-oldmay13-hess-blog480


Barron von Sebottendorff had studied the Giza complex and the doctrines of esoteric Islam and also beliefs of Lanz von Liebenfels andGuido von Lest. These practitioners held the Aryan Purity belief in which Aryan’s were dispersed from the North Pole. Hess is believed to have sheltered these beliefs himself in the Party, although Hess had been forbidden to speak on this doctrinal background at his Nuremberg trial.

Relying heavily on the research of Picknett, Prince and Prior’s Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up and W. Hugh Thomas’s, The Murder of Rudolf Hess, and other searches such as Hess’s son Wolf Hess, Who Murdered My Father, Rudolf Hess?, Farrell examines the bizarre behavior of Hess over the span of his arrest, trial at Nuremberg, and the possible use of Mind Control and even a Hess “double.” (pp. 38-50, 113-115.) 

One suspicion was the May 10, 1941 flight by Hess to Great Britain was the bringing of “peace overtures” and Hess’s opposition to Operation Barbarossa, says Farrell. Another factor may have been a prophecy and preview of a German atomic bomb believed to have eventually detonated near October of 1944.  Hess’s flight may have also been to “seal the deal” of peace negotiations begun in Sweden, Switzerland and Spain (John Harris, Richard Wilbourn, Rudolf Hess: A New Technical Analysis of the Hess Flight. Farrell refers to secret meetings with General Karl Haushofer and his son Albrecht which concerned a “fusion” of the United States with Great Britain.

The most startling theory concerned “a coordinated coup d’ etat” which was planned to overthrow both governments, Britain and Germany.  (pp. 132-146.)




The Possible “peace faction” behind Hess was Sir Samuel Hoare, Lord Beaverbrook, British foreign intelligence MI-6 Sir Stewart Menzies, groups such as the ″Bright Club,” “The Link,” and other pro-peace factions. There were topics such as a German expansion of Lebensraum or the display of the Jewish problem and a possible “Jewish homeland.” 


Image result for rudolf hess.

Farrell suspects some kind of plan or ploy was instigated for a “more moderate coalition government.” (pp. 166-176.) This could have evolved into an “international bilateral coup d’ etat plot” of a Hoare-Hess “defacto and dejure treason.” (p. 173.)

“Hess not only was capable of being involved in such a scheme, but there may have been a quiet, concerned propaganda campaign,” says Farrell “to prepare the German people or his assumption of power with a more moderate coalition government, perhaps one, as we have seen, included Goring.” (p. 176.) 


Nazi Hess Secrets Montage wunder


Farrell explores further that Hess’s “peace plan” may have been a mechanism to also ‘warn’ the British about the on-coming ‘final solution’ of the Jews (p. 224).  Farrell lists the disclosures by Max Nordau (Pre-World-War-One), Rabbi Stephen Wise (Pre-World-War- One), Ben Hecht and Robert John (Pre-Hitler) mentioning of six-million Jews or people (p. 228).

The “Jewish Question” was broached by Wolf Hess, the Program Halifax, the Zionist Movement, Lord Victor Rothschild, and the Apostles Society, in what seemed to be groundwork primarily for “the Holocaust.” There was even mention of finding land parcels to where the Jews could be safely migrated to.

All of this appears to be “debris in the junkyard of the Hess Mess” (p. 232).

Another puzzle piece appeared to be an occult book which Hess took on his flight called the Black Book of Laoughcrew which told about Holy Objects and buried treasure.

Farrell further suspects Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess may have actually been part of an assassination plot of Hitler. “…the sine qua non of any negotiated peace in the West was the removal of Hitler from power,” says Farrell.




Farrell explores further the possibility of a “Hess double,” as told about in W. Hugh Thomas’s book The Murder of Rudolf Hess.  Indicatively, “Spandau Hess” had no war scars, and this newer Hess was a smoker.

Allen Dulles, OSS status chief in Zurich and later director of the CIA as well as the notorious member of the Kennedy assassination Warren Commission, asked MK-Ultra “mind control” expert Dr. Ewen Cameron to examine Hess. Various authors propose that Hess was a manufactured mind-controlled Manchurian candidate experiment (pp. 90-91). The alternative theory had been that someone performed as a convincing double. Surprisingly, Ewen Cameron was related to the Dr. James Malcolm Cameron who conducted the Hess autopsy.

“…Hess was eventually brought to the Tower of London under conditions of extreme secrecy, where he remained briefly, during which period he was drugged…Hess’s mental and emotional behavior appeared to deteriorate dramatically…the Hess who returned to Nuremberg in 1945 lacked the proper scaring from World War One wounds means that at some point during his stay in Britain, a double was substituted for the real Hess, who remained in their view in Scotland…any number of reasons for the creation and substitute of a double…” (pp. 194, 196).




“…There is evidence that Hess’s mission was about far more than just a plan for Britain’s consideration, one touching on all these subjects, from atomic bombs to the ‘Jewish question,’” says Farrell, “from European peace and order to Antarctica, for consideration.” (pp. 85-86.) 

Nazi Germany always had an inclusive interest in Antarctica ever since Hermann Goring’s may 9, 1938 expedition. Goring’s expedition was a first-step-plan to “annex” Antarctica into the Reich’s ownership, and that a post-war use was in store for the continent: Germany was “staking a claim” (p. 240). This maneuver was rejected by the Norwegian government, and this “dispute” may have come up in the “Hess Mess.” Picknett, Prince and Prior suspected that Hess’s flight also had the purpose to “conclude matters” of Antarctic ownership (pp. 250-251).

The United States was likewise mixed into the Antarctica mystery when an Operation High Jump utilized over four thousand people, an aircraft carrier, a submarine, aircraft helicopters, and special equipment to investigate the continent.


Nazi Hess Secrets Equipment 1_yIQft3gFFCxAU7XkZUdDQw


Admiral Richard Byrd was the leader of the operation and was accompanied by his son, Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Others involved in the operation were Rear Admirals Good and Cruzen, Vice Admiral Forrest Sherman, the Naval Chief of Staff Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal, who later became Secretary of Defense.

Operation High Jump had a destination of QueenMaudland/Neu-Schwabenland described as a maneuver of “an encirclement of conquest” as well as an “attack from three fronts” (pp. 241-242).


Nazi Hess Secrets HJ hollow3


The death of Admiral Richard Byrd’s son, Byrd Jr., bizarrely happened in September 1988 (on his way to a highlighted commemorative dinner for his father), shortly after being seen in the company of an unidentified man. Byrd Jr. had accompanied his father on the 1947 expedition (pp. 247-248).

Farrell is skeptical about the growing popular theory that a Third/Fourth Nazi Reich “fortress” was established in the bowels of the Antarctica wastelands, as he says he does not feel it was mechanically possible, indicating the problems that the Americans had in Project Iceworm and Project Century in Greenland[1].  Farrell, however, says the Americans were, indeed, looking for something (p. 245).


The Intrigues of Hess 3_south_pole_mysterious_antarctica_1


There are some contradiction and dissent for Farrell’ skepticism, such as the Chilean Newspaper account of a UFO attack witnessed by members of Operation High Jump; also the beliefs of the late investigator Jim Marrs who so vividly wrote on Antarctica and its Nazi occupation[2].  Other researchers believed that the Nazi discovered thermal vents and other reasons to establish an Antarctica base[3]


The Intrigues of Hess Horton-Wing-and-Arnold-UFO-Horizontal-650





“…the Hess Mess is indeed a colossal, gigantic inexplicable mess,” says Farrell.  “There are no easy answers here: there are only uncomfortable synchronicities and questions boarding on the absurd and bizarre, and speculative scenarios where sweep and scope are truly immense, bizarre, and horrifying.” (p. 256.)


The Fourth Reich artist conception of base 211 8393308


Photos Extra Marrs-Reich x400


“…the case is a wild roller coaster ride through a hall of mirrors enclosed in a fog of obfuscation of claim and counterclaim and a badly confiscated and contradictory narrative,” says Farrell, “a narrative also overlaid with wild postwar neo-Nazi assertions of Antarctica survival and UFOs and the usual academic attempts at debunking them.” (p. 5.)



Farrell gives much credit to authors and researchers such as William Stevenson, Gloria Vitanze Basile, Picknett, Prince, and Prior, John Harris and Richard Wilbourn, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Lynn Pickitt, Clive Prince, Stephen Prior, W. Hugh Thomas, Joscelyn Godwin, and many others.


Steve Erdmann, St. Louis, Missouri, 2019 


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Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n

Steve Erdmann, Investigative Journalist

Fascistic Corporate Control

Photos Extra 2Frankenstein BN-WU002_FRANKE_FR_20171228150152






Steve Erdmann


Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2018
Permission to quote small passages with full credits for journalists and reviewers
This was previously published at on October 3, 2018
It is reproduced here with permission.


Photos Extra TheThirdWay Cover 51NBa7ZKvvL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_ 

. ..

Joseph P. Farrell, historian, and a paranormal investigator, has explored the continuation and spread of Hitler’s Third Reich as a “Fourth Reich” continuum in a collection of books on the topic ranging from the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in 1947 to the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks. He continues in this book detailing the actual mechanism and philosophies of this International Cabal, its origins, creation and clandestine implications.

“Called the Nazi International or The Fascist International…a kind of extra-territorial international axis state comprised of elements of the militaries, intelligence approaches, propaganda and foreign ministries of the former axis powers and their Satellites, a crazy patchwork quilt…a common ideology and purpose! The ideology was power __ raw and naked powers – and a determination to oppose and ultimately defeat Communism and then the Wests’ major power, the United States of America.”  (The Third Way, pp. 1-2.)

“…the Madrid Circular of 1950…published in 1953, by a German-American, T. H. Tetens…strike one as being almost surreally applicable to the geopolitical and financials of 2015, and not of 1950, the year of its purported composition…a creation of a European community, inclusive of a customs union or common market…leave Germany as the dominant economic power…’third way’ between opposing Communistic and Atlantic blocs…German geopolitical influence on the world stage…” (The Third Way, pp. 3, 339, 340.)

(THE THIRD WAY: The Nazi International European Union, and Corporate Fascism, Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946,,, 2015, 355 pages, $19.95.)

Farrell quotes that T. H. Tetens’s Madrid Circular: “…sponsored contacts with radicalized Islam cist-terrorist groups, and even fostered their creation……the CIA, at the instigation and influence of the British, MI-16, overthrew the government of Mohammed Mossadegh and installed the regime of Shad Reza Pahlavi…regime of the Ayatollahs…on-going controversial nuclear program…jihad…another tool in the Nazi International’s arsenal…the Madrid German Geopolitical Center’s prescience…eliminate the British and Americans from competition…our ability to elbow…a new political order…” (T.H. Tetens, Germany Plots with the Krelim, New York: Henry Schuman, 1953, pp. 230-231; The Third Way, p. 27).

According to Farrell and these documents, Germany was to position itself in Europe and through various major powers, the, then, new European Union, NATO, IMF and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), heavily implanted with sympathizers to the Nazi Reich. “…the result of the bargains and deals struck with the Fascist devil by elements of American intelligence, at the end of the Second War World—Germany surrendered, but the Nazis did not.” (p. 2.)  

The continued Reich was achieved through the Nazi education system, National Socialism Fascism, hidden finance and the various exploitations, says Farrell, which would establish a “Third Way,” a middle synthesis that would eventually become a global paramount power.


Photos Extra ECM Hitler adolfeu17apr14-470967




The Reich immediately secured pivotal elements of power, spots in the Roosevelt Administration, also of Islam and the use of Jihad, the CIA’s infiltration of General Reinhard Gehlen’s spy network, the establishment of John J. McCloy as American High Commission for Germany, as well as the American lawyer Nazi conglomerate I. G. Farben (McCloy was instrumental in the pardon of 70,000 Nazis; he also was a member of the infamous Kennedy Assassination Warren Commission)..


Photos Exra Frankenstein 42803601_1952054921542089_3737162601730146304_n


Carefully planned “alliances,” including France, Great Britain, the USA, and the USSR, were manipulated to allow eventual recovery in the world community using pro-German business connections (T.H. Tetens, German Plots with the Kremlin, p. 218).


Photos Extra Hitler Marching ( httpsfineartamerica.comfeaturedhitler-tours-paris-in-early-morning-eiffel-tower-in-backhitler-tours-paris-in-the-early-morning-eiffel-tower-in-background-h


“Such plans could-be traced back to the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, and the Masonic guidance of the International Pan-European technocratic elite…through German elites of the Kaiserreich of 1871 to 1918 continuing through the Weimar period, the entire era of the Nazi Third Reich, to our present time. This would mean making some countries economically dependent and ‘vassal states’ of Germany…with German ‘garrisons and bases’ scattered throughout Europe, such as the electrical giant AEG (Allgemeine Elekticitats Gesellschaft).” (Later connected to the UFO Nazi Bell Story…SE)  (pp. 35-40.)




The Treaty of Versailles was circumvented early in the Weimar Germany through covert rearmaments using a “Rapallo Principle” or “template” and the Morgenthau Plan was scuttled and never implemented. The Bonn Federal Republic of Germany was to be used as a façade, behind which a new Nazi movement could be organized, penetrating existing political parties and the administrative machinery of the state. (T.H. Tetens, pp. 28-29; The Third Way, pp. 68-69.) 

Early Bilderberger[1] meetings were establishing the secret purpose as a coordinating body for the movement of Axis loot and other “X” funds laundered for use in Black Operations (p. 72). Former SS officer Carl Cerff was involved. Von Leers and other Nazis steered former Nazi colleagues in the Bonn Foreign Office.  

This German oligarchy actually went back to the days of Chancellor Theobald von Bettmann-Hollweg onto the German/American postwar plan for a United Europe. Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, Dr. Konrad Adenauer, Rheinische Merkur, Christian Democrat Helmut Kohl, George Kennan, Fritz Thyssen, and other sympathizers, worked towards a Third Way-Force United Europe that Nazi oligarchs dreamt about as a post-war cartel (pp. 72-77).

Such a mechanism was promoted by German Orientalist Max Freiherr von Oppenheim as a “joint German-Turkish Campaign, in-which Muslims would be incited to jihad.” (THE HITLER LEGACY: THE NAZI CULT IN DIASPORA, Lake Worth, Florida: IBIS Press, 2014, p. 67; The Third Way, pp. 84-90.)


Photos Extra Bilderburgers1 4D486A1C00000578-5850053-An_entrance_to_NH_Lingotto_hotel_where_the_secretive_Bilderberg_-m-9_1529110593664

An entrance to NH Lingotto hotel where the secretive Bilderberg conference was held. The large bubble meeting room can be seen in the distance over the roof of the building




The German-Nazi Force often used the utilities, manufacturers, and structures to clandestinely produce armaments and even atomic weaponry. Hitler Youth leader Baldor von Schirach, for example, used Iran to help build German armament factories and equipment. Krupp and Rheinmetall-Bosig used German-friendly Persia to produce armaments in the Town of Julich, Germany where they built they built the mobile 16.5 ‘Big Bertha’ siege guns or the 8” gun with projectiles, 7-ton shells that could reach the lower regions of outer space.  (pp. 90-92.)

The “Julich Project” was also connected to a nuclear research project referred to as ‘atomkraftwerk’ or the ‘atomreaktor,’ which was a fifteen-megawatt test reactor in a ‘kern forschungsanlage’ (nuclear research plant), subsidized by the Bonn Ministry (BBC-Krupp) for ‘re-Entwicklung’ (Institute for Reactor Development) producing enough Plutonium to achieve critical mass in 1967, also encompassing deuterium and tritium.

Oddly, in 1952, in connection with Alfred Krupp, the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, John J. Cloy, working also for the German I.G. Farben complex, pardoned Krupp from wartimes penalties, and had them supply the Uranium-235 to the American Atomic Energy Commission with Uranium-235 and further research in Krupp’s postwar Nuclear Projects (pp. 93-94).

Through the use of the Rapallo Treaty and Prinzip, the Federal Republic of Germany used various forms of ‘brinkmanship’ and ‘blackmail.’  Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, aided the West Germans in joining the European Defense Community, exhibiting many German factories in the expansion of 1954 ‘extraterritorial’ nuclear programs, such as when fascist dictator Juan Peron aided scientist Ronald Richter’s ‘fusion project.’ 

Through the use of “proxy states,” German nuclear scientists were conducting covert nuclear programs in conjunction with the powerful chemical cartel of I.G. Farben, one of several “covert cartelism or corporations” found similarly in South Africa, France, Israel, and other countries. Patents were smuggled through Spain. South Africa acquired the technical capability to produce and test nuclear weapons.

“One is looking at the footprint of the Nazi International, both inside and outside, of Europe,” says Farrell, “…confirms to the policy begun under the Kaiser…the rise and exploitation of radical Islam against Western geopolitical and financial interests…an extra-territorial ‘sovereignty’!”  (pp. 98-107.)  

Germany was party to the many features of 200 to 300 kiloton yield thermonuclear warheads secretly built through a Franco-Spanish-Germany consortium with the cartels or orchestrating technology transfers.

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) typifies the cartels and ‘combines’ that Germany and the new Reich used for “establishing and maintaining international and domestic political order” (p. 122). Herman Schmitz, the CEO of I.G. Farben, joined the board of the BIS, a corporation that often guided the “tapestry of licensing and patent swap agreements.”

The collateralization of outer space ‘ventures’ has also become part of the hidden system of finance established by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 (p. 133).


Photos Extra BIS Chart Cartel-1024x768




The goldiskont bank (gold discount bank) and the Reich mark were one such mechanism to “re-stabilize” Germany’s currency, get control over the Rhineland and the heart of Germany’s industrial strength. Included, were the New York international bankers who formed reparation commissions, Charles Dawes and J.P. Morgan, representative Own Young, the president of the General Electrical Company, various banking cartels, resulting in a 1928-1929 actual expansion of German production.

Much of this was accomplished through the Bank of International Settlements, the I.G. Farben cartel, and their plan for the survival of the Reich and the eventual reconstitution of Germany by means of “well-connected insider trading mechanism accounts with central banks,” often free of any oversight (pp. 137-146).

The Roosevelt Administration was part and parcel to the machinations of the ‘Sullivan Cromwell Circle,’ the Nazis and their inclusion of the BIS and its perpetuation of Nazi economic interests in the United States (pp. 148-150).

An effective “European Union,” with the BIS, now become The financial clearing cartel,  with the use of “gold cartels,” in an apex of a “completely hidden system of finance…secret fusion research…reverse engineering of UFOs…off the books.” (pp. 155-156). This would entail establishing a parallel international banking and clearing system, independent of western and American control (p. 159).




The looting, masking, and manipulation in various secret tactics of gold cartel funding, referred also as to “X” funds by Farrell, in Soviet, Philippine, Japanese, and other nations that were used for clandestine funds of covert operations and “bearer bond scandals” (pp. 160-161). Farrell quotes extensively about the Bearer Bond counterfeits and forgeries, here is one source: “Something real that is occurring on a highly covert and secret level within the Western international and financial systems.” (Peter Levenda, THE HITLER LEGACY, pp. 271.291; The Third Way, pp. 161-165.)

The alchemy of this growing “Nazi-cartel blueprint’ of patent law, political coercion, unification, over-turning the structures of Versailles, into a European-wide German-led Farben-Nazi-Master who was also aimed at the commercialization and cartelization of outer space (pp. 172-179). Enmeshed in the invention of a new currency dictating the transformation of the supply and demand, adding the concept of ‘corporate personhood,’ resulted in the German dominance of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, and the Deutschmark, realignment of the D-mark.

Christian Democratic Chancellor Helmut Kohl did much to accomplish a “German-led European Union,” as did Dr. Bernhard Benning, Dr. Philipp Beisiegel, Dr. Carl Clodius, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Montagu Norman, Thomas Harrington McKittrick, Dr. Walter Hallstein, Chancellor Willi Brandt, Dr. Heinrich Hunke, Gustav Koenigs, Chancellorin Angela Merkel, and many others that had been and currently are dedicated to the “resurgence of a German-dominated and led European Union.” (pp. 207-216.)  




Farrell goes into detail of the scientific characterization of the seventeen-miles-long Large Hadron Collider near Geneva Switzerland: A monster of the “cosmology cartel” that apparently has grown in the very “Reichprotektorat” Nazi ‘think tanks’ that existed in their postwar “cartels and corporations” (pp. 236-240) invented to explore subatomic structure of “extra dimensions” of gluons, quarks, ups, downs, and  further strange particles.

CERN is clouded in all kinds of mystical symbolism, as Farrell also points out, occultist- archetypes and emblems denoting something much more mystic and sinister than one would normally think.

Once the reader gets past the rather heavy scientific descriptions of the CERN complex, he or she is left with questions as to the esoteric goals of the cartel behemoth: Why its committee is a separate “sovereignty” and what are its goals and intentions?

“…the Collider opens the possibility to some secret project within it; the fact remains that the Collider itself is symbolic of the ancient alliance between physics and finance,” says Farrell, “…cartel and trust arrangements of the ‘Rhenish capitalism’…wartime plans of the Nazis…” (p. 272.)


Photos Extra Subase Nazi sub-biosphere-2

Hidden Bases About the Globe




Farrell ventures even further into the discovery of Russian spies in our government, the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, and the Russian use of clandestine laundering and transport of stolen secrets through “black suitcases” and other interesting devices similar to the operation of the Reich Cartels.

“In 1989-91, the Communists throughout Eastern Europe, as in the Soviet Union, adopted the ‘Third Way’: the acquisition of false political labels to mask their continuing covert Communist, socialist orientations.” (p. 337.)


Frankenstein Movie Still
(Original Caption) Boris Karloff, Colin Clive and Dwight Frye in a scene from the 1931 Universal Pictures production of Frankenstein.

What role might the presence of Communists and Nazis within the federal government have planned behind the scenes?

“…a great conflict between these two ideologies and their partisans with American government were being played out, perhaps unbeknownst to all but a few of the principles in the drama…the implications of hidden systems of finance, Nazis, and UFOs, for that comprehensive  history of the postwar period of American politics, one encompassing and integration of all these factors…” (pp. 335-336.) 


Farrell owes much credit to the research of Peter Levenda, Christoper Simpson, Anthony Sutton, William Manchester, Adam Lebor, Rodney Stich, Warren F. Kimball, Christoper Storey, Barbara Rogers, Zdenek Cervenka, Anatoliy Golitsyn, Matthias Kuntzel, and so many others mentioned in his book.




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[1] Bilderberg meeting is an annual three-day forum for informal discussions designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. The pioneering meeting grew out of the concern, expressed by leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic, that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on issues of common interest.
“The first meeting took place in Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954. Representatives from economic, social, political and cultural fields were invited to hold informal discussions to help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting ‘Western nations’ in the difficult post-war period.
“Throughout the years, the annual meetings have become a forum for discussion on a wide range of topics – from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment and from ecological challenges to the task of promoting international security. In the context of a globalized world, it is hard to think of any issue in either Europe or North America that could be tackled unilaterally.”


Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n

Steve Erdmann. Investigative Reporter



“The Martian Revelation” with Gary Leggiere






Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

An expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts, he is acknowledged as a Master of Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Masters Association and has taught at Oberlin College, and  Hunter College, the City University of New York. In 1992-93, he worked in the Behavioral Science Department of The International Center for the Disabled.

Robert Morningstar is an FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. In 1992, Robert exposed the doctoring/alteration and hoaxing of the Zapruder Film.

His work is cited in major books on the JFK assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Assassination Science” by Prof. James Fetzer.

Morningstar was a featured speaker at the Secret Space Program Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo lunar anomalies and UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on on the Moon.

Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of UFODigest, which exposes the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon and its cover-up to our constitutional liberties. Robert is regularly heard on many national and international radio programs, including Red Ice, Far Out Radio, The Outer Edge, Future Theater, Dr. J Radio Live and Skywatchers Radio.





The Mars Effect: How Mars’ Close Passage Exerts Geo-Magneto-Electric Effects Inducing Electrical Forces in the Earth’s Core


Mars on July 25, 2018. 20″ Cassegrain (4500 mm), Baader FFC, IR-RGB filters. IAS-Observatory, Namibia.



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A Yang Family Tai Chi Master’s Instruction Manual 

Below are detailed instructions for the opening movements of the Yang Cheng Ming transmission of the Yang Family Tai Chi Form.
Yang Cheng Ming Tai Chi Chuan 
A Yang Family Tai Chi Master’s Instruction Manual 
Part 1
 Preparation Posture 
Yu Bei Shr
Raising the Power
Ji Shr
Yang Family Tai Chi Master Robert Morningstar
Below is a detailed description of the opening movements of the Yang Family Short Form  Tai Chi Form of the late Grandmaster, Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, to whom this book is dedicated.
Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing
This manual is written for those Tai Chi adepts who wish to Master the ancient art of  Tai Chi Ch’uan.
 “Preparation Posture” 
Start by facing in a direction designated “North”
1.  Compose yourself in this manner.  Stand still with your feet touching at the heel.  Face toward the North, standing quietly, with a 45 degree (45*) angle formed between your feet.
Imagine 3 paralllel lines passing horizontally through 
a.  The eyes and ears, which are held level on the horizon
b.  The plane across the shoulders  
c .  The horizontal plane of the hips


“The Supernal Form”


The Wang Form

 A Simple and Precise Definition of The Wang Form


 The Sign of the King
(Figure 1)

Top – Plane of the Eyes & Ears
Middle – The Plane of the Shoulders 
Bottom -The Plane of the Hips 
 To Be Maintained Always Parallel to Each Other 
Align the center point of the forehead (The 3rd Eye) along a central line passing through the nose, the tip of the chin, the sternum (Heart Chakra – Jung Syin), the navel (Dan Tien) and the public bone (the pubic symphasis).
The body should held erect, with the spine extended upward with no hollows (like a long bow).  The body should feel suspended from above, as if being held hanging from above by an invisible string or a silver chord attached to the Crown of the Head.
The eyes and ears should be maintained parallel to the horizon; always looking forward, with both eyes centered and leveled on the horizon.  The eyes should be open but held slightly veiled, sometimes described as, held at “half shade.”
The body’s weight should be divided 50/50 into both feet, while maintaining a clear and steady weight distribution of 70/30 in each foot (70% in “The Bubbling Well” point<aka the ball & toes of the foot, with residual 30% lightly touching in the heels.)
This is the simplest, most concise and most precise definition of the geometric alignments and proportions of The Wang Form, the core principle and cornerstone of Yang Cheng Ming Tai Chi Ch’uan.
These core principles of The Wang Form are to be maintained at all times.
These principles contain the essence of “The Tai Chi Form.”
With Heels of the Feet Touching @ a 45 degree angle
with 70% of the weight  concentrated in the Balls of the feet
and 30% of the weight in the heels.
2. Keep the spinal column upright and erect.
3  Stand with heels touching, forming a V-shape of 45 degrees. 

 70% Right Foot Wt.\ 22.5*      |    22.5*/ 70% Left Foot Wt.

     \          |         / 

   30%  Heel Wt.   o|o  30% Heel Wt.


  Figure 2 

Stand with the Feet at a 45* (degree) angle 
(22.5 * + 22.5*) 
with Heels touching lightly.
4. Place 70% of your weight in the balls of the feet. The heels should touch each other and rest light on the ground with remaining 30% of the body weight at rest.
Beginning Tai Chi 
Preparation Posture 
Yu Bei Shr
Opening the Form
5. Begin by flexing and bending the Right ankle deeply, as you bend the Right knee as you shift your center line to the right side, moving your tail bone sideways until it is directly above the right calf and over the right foot. 
Sink all your weight (100%) into the right foot with 70% in the ball of the foot (Bubbling Well point) and only 30% in the heel.
6. As you shift your weight to the right side, turn the hips and torso to the right exactly 22.5 degrees,  leaving the left ball and toes on the ground as pivot points.
The heel of the left foot will naturally follow the motion of the hip turn and it will swivel out 22.5 degrees (pivoting on the left toes) and thereby bringing the left foot to point North.  See Figure 3 below.
Allow the left heel drift away using gravity to extend the left leg sideways, parting the foot to a shoulder width distance away from the standing and planted right foot.
                                Toe Pivot|                |      <22.5* / Toe Swivel
                                                  |<Shoulder Width>/  
                                                  |                                  /
                                    <22.5*  o Heel Swivel         o Heel Pivot
                                                             Figure 3
7. Let the left leg extend sideways to a shoulder-width distance, with heel leading the toes out, and now pointing straight ahead (North).


            |  <22.5*
      |<Shoulder Width>/45* 
                                                  |                                  /
                                                  |                                 /
                                                  o (Heel)                  o (22.5* Heel pivot)
Figure 3
8. Shift 100% of your weight into the left foot by shifting the pubic bone to the left using gravity to slide sideways until the pubic bone is centered over the left foot.
9. After shifting weight to the left foot completely (100%), turn the hips to the left, pivoting the right foot ON The HEEL (0) to the left for 22.5* until all the toes of the foot are pointing North.
Swing your hips back to the middle, with the body facing North and with the body weight divided and distributed as before.
10. The teeth should be held  together, without clenching the jaw, touching lightly and the tongue should be rolled backwards or pressed lightly against the upper palate.

                                                 /\                                       /\
  | <Shoulder Width>  | 
   |  <Shoulder Width>  |  
                                                 o                                       o
10. When you have completed the turn and corrected the alignment of each foot to point each directly to North, form and hold your arms in a shape like a horseshoe shape and take a deep breath. 
Inflate your body like a balloon until you swell up in the shoulders and the armpits.
Raising The Power
Ji Shr
11. As you exhale, notice that the shoulder release naturally sinking as the air departs your upper body.  
At that moment, let the arms fall inward like 2 pendulums until your hands are over your feet (aligning the middle finger of each hand with the middle toe) of the corresponding foot, 
Without loosing the momentum of the fall, . and then move them forward, as you take a deep breath, let the wrist flow forwards impelled by the weight of the elbows’ drop, as they roll in and turn down to hang for a moment pointing downward raising both hands (palm down) wrists lip, and timed to arrive at shoulder level, to level out with a small flexion of the wrist allow the hands to float up to the wrist level, ending the movement with the hands horizontal and floating like a lotus leaf on a pond.
Time the rising of the hands to horizontal position  to coincide with ONE FULL Breath from the time the wrists begin to move forward (above) to Inflate your whole body, once again like a balloon).
12. Exhale as you allow your elbows to fall evenly and smoothly downward and backwards, drawing the hands back toward the shoulders as you do so, maintaining hands horizontal for as long as possible.  
Do NOT allow the elbows to ride back behind the ribs.  In fact, turn the elbows outwardly on each side before the reach the rib cage, keeping them forward of the rib cage as both arms return to the “Bow Back” and “Horseshoe Arm” position.
13. As you swing the elbows down  and out alongside the rib cage,  allow the hands to sink like parachutes through the air as long as possible, as the elbows are unhinged evenly to allow the  forearms to fall and spread apart as if sinking through water.
Sink your body weight into your  feet, riding gravity as the motive force, as you take a deep breath, filling your lungs with air, again like a balloon, until the hands are down, suspended by your sides, with hands, wrists and fingers loosely dangling.
 “The Beautiful Lady’ Hand.”
The curvature of the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers at the beginnng and the end of Preparation Posture (Yu Bei Shr) and Raising the Power (Ji Shr) should conform in curvature to “The Beautiful Lady’ Hand.”
Ward OFF Right 
14. Bend the left ankle, flex the left knee maintaining the kneecap over the middle bone in your foot (The 3rd metatarsal) as if you were riding on an ice skate blade).
Shift weight using gravity (by relaxing your legs and drifting/sliding your tail bone sideways, shifting completely to the Left side until your tail bone is directly over your foot and 100% of your weight is centered on the left foot, weight distributed with 70% in the ball of the foot and only 30% of the weight in the heels. 
<Note: This 70/30 weight distribution in invariable throughout the form, except when spinning on the heel during  certain prescribed moves.  Details later.>
15, Turn the hips to the right 45*, swiveling/pivoting on the right heel, turning your right foot 90* (degrees) to the right.
16. Relax the right ankle, allowing the right foot to fall on the floor flatly, then gradually and slowly shift 100% of your weight into your right foot by shifting your tail bone to a position over the center of your right foot.
17. When you do this, your left heel will move naturally with you and the motion will swing the left heel in to realign your left foot to pivot on the toe 22.5 degrees to the left.  Release the toe hold”and let gravity swing the left leg under you by bending the knee to swing the heel in using pendular motion to let it fall alongside the right right heel to finish with the feet touching lightly at the heels and the feet angled at 45* as in the beginning position.
18. When your heels come together, your body should be in a position identical to the beginning posture.
19. The Tai Chi student or adept can now repeat the entire sequence described above repeatedly in a “loop” several times in a row so as to master the movements, and to derive the benefits of circulating the “Ch’i (life force) through the meridian system while learning the meaning of “maintaining perfect alignment” constantly throughout his practice of Tai Chi Ch’uan.
20. Begin again, as described in Point 1 above and following throughpoint 20 for as long as possible to master this movement before continuing to Chapter 2 – Ward OFF Right / Ward OF Left)

Facing in the original direction (designated North) repeat the entire sequence:

1. Align The Wang Form with the planes of the eyes,  shoulders and hips always parallel, with an imaginary line passing horizontally through eyes and ears, keeping the 3 planes level with the horizon and parallel to each other at all times.
2. Keep the spine upright and erect.
3  Stand with heels touching forming a V-shape of 45 degrees.
4.  Repeat the sequence of motions (from point 4 through 19) as       
      described in detail above.
Please practice this sequence at least ONCE or Twice a day.
 “Practice makes perfect”

Time-Entanglement and the Supernatural

Time-Entanglement and the Supernatural

By Robert Torres

(Copyright 2018, Robert Torres – All rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

nietzche eye.jpg

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you,” — Nietzche.

clock - Spacetime.jpg

Time-Entanglement and the Supernatural

I read this statement in the context of quantum entanglement:

“that as the observers we become part of a quantum system – we are becoming one with the observed. “

More like-minded scientists are coming to the realization that we are the cause of many of our own and unique personally-generated perceptions and phenomena.

Did you ever feel “like you’ve been here before” or maybe you know what’s about to happen, or maybe even something does happen and it seems like it was meant to be?

These things happened to me many times over and they were so weird that I was compelled to look for answers.

Déjà vu, Precognition, ESP, Synchronicity are just a few of a number of often memorable events that standout and we might categorize them as “supernatural” because there is apparently no logical or natural explanation for them.

But what if science had the answer all along? 

I mean, if it happens all the time to so many of us, then how could we still be calling it supernatural?

It should be natural right?  And I’d like to believe it’s real and that we’re remembering real events out of time –> “From the future” directly to us.


Yes!  Through what I’ll call neural or “neuronal entanglement.”

So my idea is pretty simple and yes after much research, others have thought of almost the same thing too – “almost.” Although it is science based, much of the mechanisms involved like the science itself are still mysterious. And it has to do with entanglement but not just of subatomic particles – “neurons.” And even though it works the same way, because they are neurons they are directly connected to your consciousness.

Photos Extra House in woods ( httpamayodruid.blogspot.com201302crossroadsin-irish-folklore.html ) 393024_100313100145896_1543754325_n

How you think, your memory, space, time and much like many have proposed before as theory like “Entangled Mind” author Dean Radin, who believes entanglement can explain ESP. He suggests as I do, the connectedness of everything in the universe and like Bohm that everything is one with no separation. Also much like John Wheeler’s extreme one electron theory but I suggest just as many hypothesize that the entanglement is also through time as well as described by physicists at the University of Queensland “time-like entanglement.” Only I believe this characteristic includes the ability to not only exchange information from past to future – but also back to the past. Like my own article called “Is Communication from the Future Already Here?

Greer's Greatest Warren Humanoids ( httpbadufos.blogspot.com201507the-rendle-sham-case-phony-and-phonier.html ) LarryWarrenAliensCNN

The late and brilliant theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler believed it is and he has some very interesting conceptual writing on reverse causation or “retrocausality” in his updated double slit experiment aka “delayed choice.”

When I began to think much of this through, originally entanglement hypothetically bypasses the spacetime dimension completely as if it wasn’t there. This means instant superluminal communication (faster than light) at any distance. But according to some of our other physicists it also breaks the time barrier by being able to communicate into the future. With Wheeler believing the future can affect the past.

Greer's Greatest Ghost Machine ( httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiThe_Ghost_in_the_Machine ) 220px-TheGhostInTheMachine

So if we account for these characteristics together we have our own entangled neurons communicating with each other faster than the speed of light at any distance through time. 

And if you think that I’m stretching then it’s like George Orwell said:

“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them!”

Of course many believe we can’t be entangled on such a large scale (above sub-atomic). Even so for others like me, we only need to observe. And every single one of these so called new age theorists are doing the same. Let’s not forget that the supernatural can’t be explained by science and everyone agrees on that. But many of us believe in things like Synchronicity, precognition and ESP because it’s an observed human reality.

You will begin to see when you come to the realization that all of most of these fringe topics are not accepted. Tesla said: “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” Tesla was hands on – believing much of theoretical physics lacked, observed reality. Tesla also said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of existence.” — Nikola Tesla.

How important then is quantum entanglement? To science it could mean everything or the hypothesis of supernatural abilities (psi / chi) it could mean everything as well. If we are talking about entangled neurons then within the field of the often apparent paranormal or supernatural forces it may actually just be a natural part of reality.

Among those who believe, it’s just part of our normal consciousness – it is the way it is.  Others, however, think it’s a leap.

Glitches in our individual timelines are also a consistent part of the natural order happening more with some than with others. Why?

And the fact that with synchronicity they come along with purposeful meaning? 

Still, as to that, only the Universal Mind knows the answer. 

If you believe Einstein, he makes it simple! Believing in determinism or that everything in the universe, including every human act is pre-determined and there is no free choice. Even with his science of time as a dimension, it only becomes more solidly fixed. Spacetime or Minkowski’s “block time” gives us fixed points of our individual life lines.

If we could travel time then we can always come to these fixed points which are arbitrary but will always be unchanged. Yesterday at 3:00 pm you were exactly here and this occurred or 15 years ago it doesn’t matter because it has already passed and you can’t go back to change it he believed. Everything that happened already occurred and our memories will always remain the same as part of our timelines – entangled forever.

This article was written using excerpts and concepts from the book “Synchronicity and the Secret of the ONE” available at Amazon by the author Robert Torres.

Flat Book 600.jpg

Robert Torres aka Bobby T is the author of several books including “Synchronicity and the Secret of the ONE” and others using a pen name. He is a published singer songwriter of “Then There Was Rock” and artist. Torres has done work for many well-known national US companies as a freelance. He has also worked as a magazine editor, technical, music and content writer, consultant, web designer, promotions, computer multimedia technical production and the list goes on. Torres has written as a freelance contributor for many online sites and offline magazines, like: The Epoch Times, Mindscape, New Dawn, Phenomena magazines. Truth Theory, The Mind Unleashed, Wake Up World, Enlightened Consciousness, Learning Mind, UFO Digest, Disinformation, Waking Times and many others.

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